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Nonetheless The synopsis at Waterstonescom reads as follows 1916 Calcutta A man pauses for breath outside the ruins of Jheeter s Gate station knowing he has only hours to live Pursued by assassins he must ensure the safety of two newborn twins before disappearing into the night to meet his fate 1932 Ben and his friends are due to leave the orphanage which has been their home for sixteen ears Tonight will be the final meeting of their secret club in the old ruin they christened The Midnight Palace Then Ben discovers he has My disappointment in this book can be described in three words Insufficiently explained superpowers Didn t really like this oneI m not really sure whyMaybe it s because I didn t like Benor maybe it s because I wasn t particularly interested in the storyI liked all the other charactersthoI have to admit that I ve skimmed through the last 40 pages I just don t understand why Jawahal had to make everything so freaking complicatedLikestop being so dramaticdudeThe endingon the other handI actually really likedIt was a good conclusion to their journey The only reason that I am giving this book a star is because I happen to be a Zafon s fan But seriously now Calcutta 1930 no disrespect at all I hated the Chowbar society members all of them and I was sympethtic to Jawahel villain but Zafon my man this thing sounded like a movie from Bollywood I mean a necklace that is split in two twins names written backwards I was waiting for the time when they all sang and the book went musical I understand that it is meant for teenagers and that The Moth Diaries you wrote it back in the 1990s But some things are better left in the past there is no reason to bring it back again whenou have written the angels game and shadow of the wind nevertheless any book that is written by Zafon has to have uotes that are epic like and the ones that have appealed to me are there was a time was when i too was Misconduct (Birmingham Rebels, young and did all the thingsoung people are expected to do marry have children get into deptbecome disappointed and give up the dreams and principles Hollywood Education you have always sworn to uphold In a word I became oldtactics are the collection of small stepsou take to reach a position strategy the steps Steps Through the Mist you take when there s nowhere left to go in the book of life it is perhaps best not to turn back pagesthere are two things in lifeou cannot chooseThe first The Missing Brides (Missing, your enemies the secondour family sometimes the difference between them is hard to see but in the end time will show Jan, Jans en de kinderen 11 you that the cardsou have been dealt could always have been worst life dear son is like that first game of chess by the time Dudo of St Quentin you begin to understand how the pieces moveou ve already lost Who are the lunatics asked Jawahal The ones who see horror in the heart of their fellow humans and search for peace at any price Or the ones who pretend they don t see what s going on around them The world Ben belongs either to lunatics or hypocrites There are no other races on this earth You must choose which one to belong to In my Drittes Reich und Zweiter Weltkrieg yearlong course to read everything of Carlos Ruiz Zafon I am now into his recent YA novels each that have a similar theme to them I loved the uartetuintent of novels that comprise the Shadow of the WindCemetery of Forgotten Books Series I also loved Marina There are four of these novels left the first is the Prince of Mist This second one called the Midnight Palace is also named Niebla 2 But I have no idea who Niebla is nor how the books might be connected Even though they are extremely similar in nature and style There is a Niebla 3The Midnight Palace does divert from the usual style as it is set in Calcutta not Spain But all the rest of the other elements are there Children in danger due to a dark spirit from the past usually that falls into a familial generation line of past wrongs and misdeeds mixed with mental illness There are haunted mansions fire a child or children sought for death There are dark tunnels mixed with old legends It was a dark misty poorly constructed kind of a mess It was hard to follow and I didn t uite like it My guess is that the last two novels will resemble of the same But I guess we will see. Ad de los palaciosLa gente ue puebla sus calles sabe ue la verdadera historia fue escrita en las páginas invisibles de sus espíritus en sus maldiciones calladas ocult.

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Love authors who aren t afraid to put their characters and readers for that matter through the ringer and Mr RZ is definitely not afraid to do this I was afraid however because I m sure he has a list of all my worst nightmares and just throws them all in to spite meAnd then there are his characters Even though I did get a bit annoyed by the fact that the adults are conveniently absent throughout this whole story I loved that the children are the focus of the book With such a colourful cast it was easy to imagine Locas yourself in that dilapidated house and I liked how his children actually act like children too Too often in MGYA books the children are impossibly mature but in both of the books I ve read by Mr RZ his characters are still children in the best sense full of wonder full of imagination and members of secret clubs that reuire a password and only permit special girls to joinMy favourite character was Ben with his love for complex puns and his love for writing plays that are described as a phantasmal piece of gibberish in which everyone died including the stagehands HaI know I seem to have written a lot without actually saying anything so I apologise I enjoyed this book a lot than I did The Prince of Mist because there seemed to be a lot depth to the story and the setting was absolutely gorgeous I d definitely recommend this book to people who don t need to know every single thing and who can just sit back and enjoy the book for what it isJust because I m not one of those people doesn t mean thatou won t be Give it a try just for his prose if anythingYou can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog here Obsessive followers of my reviews come on I know there s loads of Smoking Lovely you out there may have noted that back when I reviewed Carlos Ruiz Zaf n s previous YA novel The Prince of Mist I said I wasn t going to bother reading this And it s true I wasn t But then I came across a copy in the library and couldn t resist giving this a try knowing it wouldn t take me long to read I m uite glad I did as The Midnight Palace is much better than its predecessorLike The Prince of Mist this book was originally intended for the teen market but the English translation is clearly being aimed towards the author s adult fans again it comes with a foreword extolling its appeal to readers of all ages The story starts with Ian now entering old age recalling hisouth in a children s home in Calcutta specifically the adventures he enjoyed with a tight knit group of fellow orphans who called themselves the Chowbar Society Flashback to 1932 when the seven friends are on the cusp of turning sixteen and leaving the orphanage to make their own ways in the world An elderly woman arrives at the orphanage with a girl of their age the intriguing Sheere and so begins a fantastical rollercoaster ride of an adventure It s odd that this is supposed to be the second of a trilogy as other than some elements of fantasy and a seemingly indestructible bad guy it has very little in common with The Prince of Mist One of the things that annoyed me the most about that book was that it was so vague completely failing to establish any sense of time or place and providing very little explanation of the villain s origins Here the setting and era of the story are clear from the beginning and the evil Jawahal is given a backstory that s perhaps too detailed raising rather a lot of uestions Naturally since this is YA fiction it does all get a bit silly much of the climactic action is really daft but I didn t exactly expect shining literary brilliance so that was fine But I did genuinely like the ending which seemed oddly melancholy and downbeat for a teen bookA decent little read for fans of the author atmospheric exciting and easy to get through in one sitting Maybe I ll read his next YA translation due May 2013 after all I don t think that I enjoyed this book as much as I did the first one from the trilogy However if I read this when I was Second Sight younger I would have absolutely adored this book As in all books by Zafon I loved this one It had its little uirky um where d that come from moments but I loved it. L principioEn la víspera de cumplir dieciséis años Ben Sheere sus amigos de la Chowbar Society deberán enfrentarse al más terrible enigma de la historia de la ciud.

SPOILER ALERTI was very disappointed in this book I liked Prince of Mist but this book was not nearly as good and I didn t think Prince of Mist was greatFor one thing Grandma does not want anyone telling Sheere that her father was a bad man But Grandma was the one who for her whole life has been telling Sheere that her father is a good man But she knew his spirit was hunting his children to kill one of them So why did she build him up in Sheere s mind in the first placeHow can Ben and Sheere have a mystical connection because they were twins separated at birth Why did Dad kidnap Ben s friends and tie them up Why didn t he just kill them all and then kill BenWhatever happened to their father s home Why did he build it so weird How can they believe one minute that the bad guy knows they are there because the miniature train starts going around the tracks and has three miniature figures of them inside and then the next minute feel they are safe enough to go to sleep in separate roomsAnd why is it the girl always has to be the one sacrifice herself The story was not that interesting It was difficult to follow Explanations were given in character speech going on for pages Couldn t the author find a way to show not tell I was actually kind of angry by the end because I really wanted to like the book and find it creepy like Prince of Mist I don t understand why VOYA had it as a starred review The cover art is great thoughProduct DescriptionIn the heart of Calcutta lurks a dark mysterySet in Calcutta in the 1930s The Midnight Palace begins on a dark night when an English lieutenant fights to save newborn twins Ben and Sheere from an unthinkable threat Despite monsoon force rains and terrible danger lurking around every street corner the oung lieutenant manages to get them to safety but not without losing his own life Years later on the eve of Ben and Sheere s sixteenth birthday the mysterious threat reenters their lives This time it may be impossible to escape With the help of their brave friends the twins will have to take a stand against the terror that watches them in the shadows of the night and face the most frightening creature in the history of the City of Palaces Those places where sadness and misery abound are favoured settings for stories of ghosts and apparitions I think I can sum up my disappointment in this book in a sentence Fantastic ideas that are described in breathtakingly beautiful prose but never explained properlyThis isn t going to be a long review because I had the same problems with this book as I did with The Prince of MistThere was just not enough explanation and it might just be me but I couldn t get over that I m trying so hard not to delve into spoilers but so many crazy things happened throughout which would have been brilliant and were certainly uniue had I just been given a reason as to why they were happening Without this I just couldn t believe it and I wasn t sure that I understood the majority of it I don t mind suspending my disbelief and I love magical realism it s my favourite kind of realism but only when what s happening makes senseAnd to me anyway parts of this story didn tBut anyway enough of the negative stuff let s move on to the positivesBecause there were tons of things I liked about this bookFirst up I ve said it before and I ve said it again I love love looooove how Mr RZ constructs a sentence Seriously his prose is just absolutely stunningI ve never been to Calcutta and I don t know what the streets look like or how the mist rolls off the Hooghly River but with passages like this The further he went the the station made of glass and steel seemed to melt into the city a jungle of marble mausoleums blackened by decades of neglect naked walls once coated in ochre blue and gold their colours peeled away by the fury of the monsoon leaving them blurred and faded like watercolours dissolving in a pond I am instantly transported there Just gorgeous I also think that aforementioned problems aside Mr RZ definitely knows how to tell a thrilling story Even though I didn t understand a few bits the ending was so gripping I ve said before that Calcuta 1932 El corazón de las tinieblas Un tren en llamas atraviesa la ciudad Un espectro de fuego siembra el terror en las sombras de la noche Pero eso no es más ue

Download Read El Palacio de la Medianoche –

Carlos Ruiz Zafón was a Spanish novelist Born in Barcelona in 1964 he lived in Los Ángeles United States since 1994 and worked as a scriptwriter aside from writing novelsHis first novel El príncipe de la niebla The Prince of Mist 1993 earned the Edebé literary prize for young adult fiction He is also the author of three young adult novels El palacio de la medianoche 1994 Las l