Free ebook Two tone Story by George Marshall –

Free ebook Two tone Story by George Marshall –

The book is writing in a very refreshing and open style that made it easy to read Well worth a read George Marshal s The Two Tone Story is essential reading or anyone interested in the good ship Two Tone and all who sailed on her not just Rascal for the accuracy of the story as told by George but also because it is written with the love and perfect understanding of a truean rather than a journalist giving us a story The Two Tone Story is not just the story of the bands but also of the badge covered Harrington and Sta Pressed wearing Another Day of Life fans of whom both George and The Beat led the way onto the nation's dancefloors Prepare to partyTHE TWO TONE STORY was George Marshall'sirst book His love of 2 Tone began in 1979 and has now lasted over 30 years.

Vers the height of 2Tone in 19791980 but the build up and aftermath too It is a comprehensive account What Would You Like? full of interesting information that it was oknot really sure what I was expecting Pretty thin on the ground asar as depth and insight a chronologystill doesn t take long to whiz through and one upside it got me to listen to Nelson Mandela again top track I grew up listing to a lot of two tone music the specials the beat etc and this book was a great insight into the 2 tone label From its humble beginnings in Coventry to the bands that made it onto the label. This is the story of the rise and Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, fall of 2 Tone and British ska Complete withull discography THE TWO TONE STORY takes you back to the days when bands like The Specials Madness and.

George Marshall é 7 Summary

An excellent source on 2 Tone and The Specials This book is a permanent Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, fixture when I recommend reading material to anyone curious about the subject I especially enjoy that this book includes information importantor record collectors and a discography If anything this booked ended too soon I love the Two Tone movement and it lives on today I Friend Foe feel that the Specials created something really special with this music and inspiring other bands to do so This is a greatun read The Two Tone Story by George MarshallThe Two Tone Story by George Marshall not only co. 1979 The dawning of a new era The 2 Tone era An era that was to see good old black and white dance music walk all over the colourful circus of pretty aces that rock n' roll had become.

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