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E been shortened unnecessary long long chaptersI think very Portuguese who likes to read should take a peak at this book and given the current social times it s very curious to see the way black folk were treated in the beginning of the last century vs what s happening now It has also been translated into English Spanish French Italian and other languages so my foreign followers can also read itOverall Georgia and the Tycoon enjoyable 35 PS Mild mild spoiler the book has some R rated romance in it The novel by Miguel Sousa Tavares Ecuador is the story of Luis Bernardo Valen a a young Lisbon dandy who is offered by King Don Carlos a post he cannot refuse That of the governor of a Portuguese colony in off Africa in Sao Tome and Principe which he knows nothing abroad A bit like most Portuguese at the beginning of the 20th century over Its mission is to refute the idea that the English have concerning this tiny archipelago far from its metropolis namely that slavery practised there illegally since it has abolished since 1876 under cover of falsemployment contractsLuis who led a life made up of bourgeois receptions and an impossible love with Mathilde a married woman therefore sees himself mbarked far from his landmarks and far from the splendour of Lisbon to save the honour of his homeland This fact is how the King agreed to accept this mission There he discovers a world that is both fascinating that an island of wild dazzling nature but also cruel of a world in which forced labour still practised there He tried in vain to accomplish his mission there with wealthy owners of coffee and cocoa plantations who naturally did not wish to see their way of life threatened by this young civil servant whom they found too cumbersomeFrom then on he made a series of visits and receptions to get to know these islands and these wealthy owners whom he administered in the name of the King Very uickly he realizes that the truth about what is happening in these plantations hidden from him He is also intimidated so that he does not reveal the indecent practices done to AfricansShortly after his arrival the English consul arrives accompanied by his young wife with bewitching charms His presence in Sao Tome and Principe he owes it to his penchant for gambling Indeed then promised to a brilliant career in the British colonies one discovers to him this vice which stains his reputation of the intractable official This fact is how he has no other choice to save his honour and that of his couple than to mbark far from the Indies where he stationed there His wife who has sworn never to abandon him finds herself also forced to follow himDavid and Bartolomeu therefore find themselves in this colony with ach mission to report on workers situation on the island to their respective sovereign One was defending the Portuguese crown the other the British crown which threatened to boycott products from the island if forced labour was confirmed there Very uickly the English couple would befriend this coveted young bachelor although they opposed in their mission And both namoured of the liberalism of the time agreed on the fact that the plantation workers are under duress and have no possibility of returning home to Angola once their 5 year contract has Lakeside Redemption ended Now how can one tell the King of Portugal that England is right And how do you convince plantation owners to change their way of life And how could he persuade his friend the consul that telling the truth in his report for the crown of England would threaten his mission his post and thesteem he had with the King of Portugal They will neveraccept that the surreptitious slavery they practiseisn t a gift from Providence October 21 2014 This review is from Euator HardcoverStarted this unsure In Pursuit of a Princess exactly where Sao Tome is feel I ve learned an awful lot and been greatlyntertained on the wayWell written narrative opening in 1905 when Luis Bernardo is asked to go leave his luxurious life to sort out problems in this godforsaken spot the plantation owners here determinedly run their businesses using slaves from nearby Angola Meanwhile the British led by William Cadbury are threatening to boycott their chocolate if things don t change fast Luis Bernardo has the impossible task of persuading the islanders to sacrifice their plentiful labor force for humane conditions And meanwhile the new British consul and his wife have arrived to make their own report on conditionsThe one failing of this novel is the romance and the graphic sex scenes which are Second Time Loving extremely poorly written and seem out of place with the writing stylelsewhere It s like slipping into Mills and Boone very so oftenI d probably give it 35 The poor women and people of color in this book are no than props It really brings the whole thing down I was motivated to read this novel for an upcoming trip I am doing this Summer to Sao Tome It was recommended in my Bradt Guide to Sao Tome Principe and this is one of the two novels available in English set in this African country I am very glad I read it for there is little information available about this Os invites him to become governor of Portugal’s smallest colony the island of São Tomé Principe Luis Bernardo is ill prepared for the challenges of plantation life – used to a softer urban xistence he is shocked.

I was xcited to find a book set in S o Tom and Pr ncipe and this one started out interesting albeit slow paced Unfortunately it soon became offensive on several levels and took much longer than I Hawks Way (Hawks Way expected to finishIn 1905 Luis Bernardo is a gentleman in Lisbon when he s called upon to spend three years as governor of S o Tom and Pr ncipe The British are accusing the Portuguese of using slave labor on the islands and threatening to boycott theirxports Luis Bernardo s job is to clean up the situation before that happens Note that while the international relations aspect is historical Luis Bernardo is fictional Unfortunately the author does not include a note at the Family Men endxplaining how much of his story was inspired by real Creative Participation eventsAs I mentioned the story while it moves slowly is at least interesting Luis Bernardo is immediately at odds with the reactionary plantation society and hisfforts to reform it kept my attention It s not often that novels about slavery feature a character in authority actively trying to change things The white male characters including Luis Bernardo are reasonably well drawn the resistance that he meets feels genuine and realistic The islands come across fairly vividly and the novel appears well researched and contains interesting historical informationBut of course there s something wrong with a novel where only the white male characters come across as fully human and the number of isms Tavares manages to pack into the book fairly boggles the mind First the women they Sabina Spielrein existntirely as sex objects and accessories without any development beyond that this is particularly unfortunate with Ann who gets a lot of page time but never becomes than an ample panting bosom In fact there s only one woman in the book with whom Luis Bernardo does not have sex and that s only because he doesn t get around to itSecond the Africans they re Hollywood stereotypes none of them taking important roles Cognitive Radio Networks even though their conditions are at the heart of the book This isspecially odd because a crucial aspect of Luis Bernardo s character is that he s the one Portuguese on S o Tom who sees and treats them as human one wonders why the author couldn t manage to do the sameRelatedly there s the treatment of colonialism Given the setting it s natural Personnel Management in Government enough for the white cast to support itven the liberal minded Luis Bernardo is in favor as long as it s civilizing But things really get ugly when the omniscient narrator starts talking about India the book states flat out that the local people are incapable of governing themselves the British are good colonialists who don t meddle and are doing them a service Out of This World etc And it reverts to stereotypes contrasting thatlemental instinctive country with the civilised world where good taste and discrimination reigned Tavares The Time It Never Rained even gives us this howler It was arguable whether Providence had chosen Great Britain to direct the destinies of India after all the Portuguese had got there first and after them and before the English the French Around this point I started to suspect that the 2003 publication date was misleading perhaps the book was written contemporaneously with thevents it describes but published posthumously Sadly no Somehow this really is a 21st century novelTo top it off Tavares The Child of the Soul and Other Stories even throws in some anti Semitism an antiues dealer is demonized as a despicable Jewish trader and the like for the terrible crime of complaining when an item he paid a large amount of money for in a legitimate sale is publicly confiscated by the police as stolen propertyAt any rate there s a reasonably interesting story in there somewhere but I m not about to recommend a book that reduces most of humanity to objects Again this isspecially unfortunate here because in the hands of a better author these characters and this story might have amounted to something worthwhile A beautiful story about the political fight of a man in S o Tom Childrens Phantasies e Pr ncipe against the colonial background of its home country Portugal Set in the beginning of the 20th centuryNot only do I strongly recommend that you read it I would be inclined to think that this book is suitable for compulsory reading in our schools than some of the current choices What to say about this book For starters all I knew of it going in was that it s a Portuguese book set in AfricaIt was a verynjoyable read despite some long xposition info dumps The author writes very well and the plot is interesting The setting is the 1905 Portuguese colony S o Tom and Pr ncipe and the diplomatic war between Portugal and England on whether slavery is still happening in the colonyWe follow Lu s Bernardo a Portuguese lawyer somewhat bored with life and who happens to be chosen by the king himself due to an article he wrote to act as the Islands governor His mission is to prove there is no slavery in the colony and the story develops from thereHowever and maybe because I was in a reading slump the story takes its sweet time starting which may lead some to think it s boring For the greater part it s not although some points here and there could It is 1905 and Luis Bernardo Valenca a thirty seven year old bachelor and owner of a small shipping company is revelling in Lisbon’s grand and luxurious high society But his life is turned upside down when King Dom Carl.

Ountry other than the basics offered by geography and history booksLuis Bernardo Valenca is a Portuguese hedonist man living in Lisbon at the beginning of the 1900 s David Jameson and his wife Ann are a British passionate couple living in India When the British accuse Portugal of keeping slavery in Sao Tome Principe King Dom Carlos of Portugal asks Luis Bernardo to become the governor of this Portuguese colony His mission is to prove to David Jameson sent to Sao Tome as a British council that the Angolan workers in Sao Tome Principe are being treated as any other Portuguese citizens However will Luis Bernardo accomplish convincing the British council of this Will Luis Bernardo s ideas about colonialism fit in within the local community of Portuguese cocoa planters Will Luis Bernardo be able to abandon his comfortable life of pleasures in Lisbon and settle down in a backwater African colony This is Euator and while most of the time this is a gripping novel there a few lements that made me give it four stars instead of five1 At times it switches from fiction to non fiction very asily This sometimes made me feel I was reading a text book about history and not a historical novel I wish the author had been subtle with this It was always interesting to read about it and it gave historical context to understand why things were happening but it made the plot stop in order to make room for the history classes However this did not happen often but when it did I could not help wondering what had happened to the plot2 The author is skilled at giving you a sense of place but sometimes he fails There are many beautiful passages specially those about loneliness and those about Sao Tome among others but other times he is good at just listing and numbering Mentioning names of places and names of objects without descriptions does not give a sense of place and for me reading lists is pointless and asy to forget However like I said when he describes rather than just name he is good at it and those descriptions have stayed within me Gods and Heroes even after I read the novel3 I wish the author had had confidence in the readers at remembering things Whenever he mentioned something he had previously talked about he felt he needed to give you a brief summary of the issue again and this became annoying at times because I felt I was reading about some issuesven than twice This also had me reading very long sentences which lost sense by the time I finish reading themHowever all in all this is great novel Reading about Sao Tome Principe Portugal and India was always interesting and the twists and turns of the plot kept me intrigued as to what was going to happen next all the time Another great historical novel this time about the Portuguese colony of Goa I can recommend is Lino Leitao s The Gift of the Holy Cross Euator began promisingly introducing Luis Bernardo Valenca the owner of a small Portuguese shipping company who in 1905 is himself unwillingly shipped off to the other side of the globe to be governor of the tiny cocoa producing colony of Sao Tome Science, Technology and Culture e Principe Luis has been tasked by the king of Portugal with persuading the Portuguese colonists on the island to forego slave labour while at the same time persuading the visiting English consul that slavery has neverxisted there Tavares initial description of No Beast So Fierce early twentieth century Portugal and its political situation are intriguing but much of the rest of the novel is disappointing and at points frankly racist Tavares has written yet another novel about slavery and colonialism in Africa which mostlylides African people and their xperiences in favour of focusing on white men It s a racism which isn t overt but which cannot seem to conceive of a world in which the most important things that happen don t involve white men Much of the central portion of the novel when I was anticipating that Tavares would really get to grips with what was happening on Sao Tome shifted to a lengthy an Orientalising description of India in order to give the back story of another white male character There was really no need to give this back story at such detailed length and it seemed to have been included only so that we could see how colonial service had done another white man wrong and he s one of the good guys really He speaks Hindi and Urdu so he can t be racist and when he feels up members of a rajah s harem he only ver does so over their clothes and never puts his penis in their vaginas so it s totally not the same as cheating you guys Ugh Non white characters have only a handful of lines in Euator despite a slave rebellion being one of the climactic Last Chance Bride events of the novel character development for the handful of women in the book mostly comes in the form of descriptions of their breasts and in how willing they are to jump into bed with Luis Anxample of how white people should not approach writing historical fiction I couldn t believe the Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy ending Miguel Sousa Tavares first novel relates the complicated political situation of S o Tom and Principe islands a Portuguese colony at the time alon. By the conditions under which the workers labourBut with the English closing in on São Tomé’s cocoa plantations the island’s main means of survival Luis Bernardo mustndeavour to protect the island and its communit.

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Miguel Sousa Tavares is a portuguese journalist and was born in Porto on the 25th June 1952 His mother Sophia de Mello Breyner was a poetess and his father Francisco de Sousa Tavares a lawyer and a journalist After taking the Law course he carried advocacy during twelve years but left it permanently to become a full time journalistHe first appeared at television in 1978 by entering the