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Enturing into spoiler territory and I don t want to do that So instead of dancing around themes or vaguely hinting at plot points for another 1000 words which is actually my first inclination I ll just wrap this up This is a uick surprising little novel with a slammer of an nding Absolutely disturbing modern classic Robert Nevile is the last human in town maybe on Out of This World earth All others are infected and turned into vampires You read how and got infected how they were buried this will give you nightmares There was a pandemic seems familiar in times like ours at the moment Ben Cortman colleague and neighbour who reminds him on Oliver Hardy the comedian shoutsvery The Time It Never Rained evening he should come out But Robert doesn t want to turn into one of them He does research on the bacterium that transforms humans into vampires He takes care of a dog At some time a woman who calls herself Ruthnters his dreadful life Is she infected At the The Child of the Soul and Other Stories end you ll come to know who says I am Legend and what s the meaning behind This is a fantasticxtremely well written book with a very serious message I can highly recommend reading it Great plot great prose compelling and several movie adaptions I Am Legend Richard MathesonIt was influential in the development of the zombie vampire genre and in popularizing the concept of a worldwide apocalypse due to disease Robert Neville appears to be the sole survivor of a pandemic that has killed most of the human population and turned the remainder into vampires that largely conform to their stereotypes in fiction and folklore they are blood sucking pale skinned and nocturnal though otherwise indistinguishable from normal humans Implicitly set in Los Angeles the novel details Neville s life in the months and Childrens Phantasies eventually years after the outbreak as he attempts to comprehend research and possibly cure the disease Swarms of vampires surround his house nightly and try to find ways to get inside which includes the femalesxposing themselves and his vampire neighbor relentlessly shouting for him to come out Neville survives by barricading himself inside his house very night he is further protected by the traditional vampire repellents of garlic mirrors and crucifixes Weekly dust storms ravage the city and during the day when the vampires are inactive Neville drives around to search them out in order to kill them with wooden stakes since they seem impervious to his guns bullets and to scavenge for supplies Neville s past is occasionally revealed through flashbacks the disease claimed his daughter whose body the government forced him to burn as well as his wife whose body he secretly buried but then had to kill after she rose from the dead as a vampire 2017 1395 263 9786009331666 20 1954 1976 2012 13041399 I was going to rate the book a lukewarm 3 stars but then I looked once at the date of publication 1954 and reconsidered A bit of historical perspective of literary context levates this novel to the well deserved genre classic status At the time Matheson published his science fiction take on the gothic vampire myth the market was a lot different from today s oversatura I am legend These words make me shudder But if you have only seen that Will Smith movie that went 180 degrees on the book s message the soul crushing impact of these words will be lost on youThat makes me sadTo uote Stephen King I think the author who influenced me the most as a writer was Richard Matheson This was The Soviet Union enough of a recommendation for me to go and dig up this book And it s great view spoilerFull circle A new terror born in death a new superstitionntering the unassailable fortress of forever I am legend hide spoiler HmHonestly this is a tough book to reviewI did like the story but one of the biggest bothers for me here was not fully understanding why the world has gone to shit why Gods and Heroes everyone is now a vampire The book just drops you right in the middle of Robert Neville s situation which is a day to dayxistence of killing vampires during the day hiding in his house during the nightI m the kind of SF reader who likes a bit of depth to be given to the cause of disaster and this story largely glosses over the WhyBut I m coming at it from the angle of a reader who has Science, Technology and Culture exhausted the zombievampirevirus genre For the time it was written this probably struck readers in a much different way If you re basing your opinion of this book solely off your knowledge of the movie I d ahead and throw that idea out the window because this book is nothing like the Will Smith good guy out to save humanity crying over his dog self sacrificing version Hollywood has created This is much darkerIn fact I imagine a group of important movie folks came to the conclusion that Matheson s story is pretty nifty but how about we throw out all the deep scary conclusions about human nature amp up the action x1000 also we need a German Shepherd in there so Smith comes off asven relatable wholesomeRobert Neville is not necessarily sueaky clean protagonist and that realistic uality of his character is ssentia. Ecome a vampire and they are hungry for Neville's bloodBy day he is the hunter stalking the undead through the ruins

I loved this book Was very creepy to readI thought it was brillant from beginning to ndOne of my favourite books of all time verThat nding WOW I just re read this after watching some of the movies based on it It s truly a chilling book It s an apocalyptic novel The vampire plague has destroyed our society Much of the book focuses on our hero s loneliness When he finds an uninfected dog his attempts to befriend it are almost pathetic truly heart wrenching It s well worth readingThere are 3 movies that I know of that are based on this book The Last Man On Earth starring Vincent Price in the mid 60 s This follows the book pretty closelyThe Omega Man starring Charleton Heston in 1972 is very loosely based on the novel but a great look at the 60 s 70 s attitudes I Am Legend starring Will Smith in 2008 or so is the one I haven t seen yet I caught the first 5 minutes it bore no resemblance to the book had really horrible CGI Looked like a video game I Last Chance Bride expected to see a Toon driving not Will SmithUpdate I did finally see this movie including bothndings It was incredibly bad The happy Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy ending was ridiculous I m not much of what you might call a vampire guy By which I mean both that I am not a vampire or a guy who likes vampires or vampire themedndeavors Thus it stands to reason that I never would have read Richard Matheson s I Am Legend had not the wildcard of my book club chosen it as this month s selection Frankly I was a little underwhelmed by the choice The critical blurbs did not help matters along Dean Koontz said it was the most riveting vampire novel since Dracula which is great Lawman Lover (Outlaws, except my last and only vampire novel was Dracula Another blurb called it one of the ten all time best novels of vampirism If I loved vampires this would be meaningful But really I m vampire neutral Maybeven slightly vampire negative I mean with the whole Twilight thing I wholly support zombies however But really I Am Legend isn t strictly a vampire book At 170 pages it barely achieves book status at all It s really closer to a novella Instead it straddles genres stubbornly refusing to be one thing or another Perhaps this is the reason people keep trying to turn it into a satisfying film It is a potent canvas ripe for many different kinds of tales The main storyline is pure apocalyptic fiction The novel opens with our protagonist Robert Neville as the putative last man on Earth It is 1976 which stands in for the future since this book was first published in 1954 There has been some sort of wardisease combo that is City Girl in Training elliptically alluded to in a short flashback The human race isither dead or turned into vampires Or both Are vampires undead I suppose I could look this up The Mystery at Kittiwake Bay exception of course is Robert Woven into thend of days context is an old fashioned cast away story akin to Robinson Crusoe or The Swiss Family Robinson I Am Legend begins well into the vampire apocalypse introducing Robert as a man who has learned to survive It takes us through a typical day waking up Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files eating breakfast making repairs to the house leaving the house to kill sleeping vampires or pick up supplies returning home making dinner listening to music getting drunk trying to ignore the vampires outside your house who are taunting you both verbally and in the case of the female vampires sexually Because anything having to do with vampires has to touch on the repression of sexual urges in some manner I Am Legend is also and most fascinatingly a grim kind of character study Matheson makes a rather daring literary choice in not giving Robert anyone or anything to play off of There is not another human to talk to There is no pet There is notven an inanimate object like Cast Away s Wilson to act as a sort of muse There is only Robert He is an angry bitter man which is altogether understandable He is also a high functioning alcoholic Also understandable The novel s high points are a couple powerful seuences in which this hard down to basics shell is peeled away to surprisingly moving The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, effect If that ambiguous sentence leaves you scratching your head I have succeeded One thing I foundntirely missing other than people is any semblance of lightness or joy Robert who lives in the LA area never has any fun with his sanctified status as last living avatar of the human race He doesn t go into a museum take all the famous artwork and then use it to decorate his bedroom He never goes to an adult bookstore and takes all the porn I suppose this is closer to a realistic response to losing your family friends and the rest of the world Still we can all use a laugh now and then right Matheson tells this story in the third person limited The point of view is strictly confined to Robert and what he is seeing feeling thinking The result is a constricted almost claustrophobic atmosphere Robert s world is as small as it is mpty Matheson makes you feel the cramped confines of Robert s fortress house He is also good at suggesting the creeping madness that comes along with that confinement I can t say much without Robert Neville is the last living man on Earth but he is not alone Every other man woman and child on the planet has

L to the observations Matheson is making here By the nd you aren t 100% sure what outcome you re rooting for for me that is one of the most powerful aspects of how the story is toldBut again I m not sure I m fully on board with the details of why how Neville has managed to survive for years under these conditions Neville has brick rock proofed his home against the vampires that are constantly trying to get in with a reliable supply of garlic He sound proofs his house has a gas generator that he keeps running by way of a nearby gas station and an ungodly amount of alcohol cigarettes and wine in his home I guess a scenario where all of those things An Italian Education exist in Neville s possession isn t outlandish but the story itself wasn t longnough to Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code explore any sort of break down of these proofs and thus it felt a bit unrealistic to me Even so Matheson does well in capturing the absolute lowest levels of human desperation taking us down deep into the terrifying subconscious of a secluded man on the brink of losing his ability to be compassionate remember what it means to be human The pro here is if you re curious about this story it s short will only take a bit of time to consume If you don t love it no big loss If you do well now you knowUnfortunately I didn t love it but I appreciate the concepts here I definitelynjoyed the last 14 a lot than the first 34 Worth a read This review and other reviews of mine can be found on Book Nest I loved this book It was really interesting the whole way through with a MC that really had to work hard to figure out how to get out of this situation It was so cool figuring it out beside him Easy classic to read def recommend The strength of the vampire is that no one will believe in himRobert Neville is the last man on Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, earthor is he Following the outbreak of an incurable plague that has mutatedvery other human on Daddy Wanted earth into bloodthirsty nocturnal creatures Robert Neville must scavenge for food and supplies during the day whilst hiding in his boarded up vampire proof home at night Living a solitary life for so long is notasy and so he is constantly on the look out for fellow survivorsThis was a buddy read with my bestest friend Abbie We chose this because she is literally a speed demon and if we had chose a long book I would be lagging behind for too long Turns out I did lag behind anyway because Forbidden Stranger even though we both finished I Am Legend pretty close toach other my Snowy River Man edition also had a selection of short stories written by Richard Matheson So I m only now finishing thentire bookI had watched the movie I Am Legend a number of years ago All I can remember about it is Will Smith and a dog and that s it Although what I ve found really weird about my reading xperience is that I did not cast Will Smith as the role of Richard Neville in my head Abbie said she didI really liked this book which was surprising to me given that its basically focused on one character Usually I would find the lack of dialogue and conversation uite boring although we did get some flashbacks to before the plague which I particularly njoyed with some scenes being uite chilling Similar to what Abbie said the constant drinking and throwing whiskey around and smashing glasses did start to grate on me after a while I understand his alcoholism I m pretty certain I might succumb to addiction myself if I was the lone survivor of some plague but it just gets repetitive after a while What was disturbing to me was his weird fascination with the female vampires DUDE What the fuck is wrong with youOkay so I feel like the last paragraph had a lot of complaining so I ll talk about what I loved I loved the SCIENCE I was geeking out over Richard s thoughts about what possibly caused the plague He was basically conducting his own research and it was like reading my day to day Les brumes d'avalon : roman experiences in the lab disappointment after disappointment A theory that seems so promising uickly dispelled Microbiology and bacteria are my forte so his research around this area had me nodding along in agreement So that was awesome The vampires themselves were pretty damn scary I got confused at times because I was like Are they vampires or zombies Or a mixture of both There were different types and it just wasn txplained very clearly at timesAs for the Malakai (Wicked Games, endingWOW I was blown away One of the bestndings I ve The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone ever read in a book It felt completely out of left field and left me a bit gobsmacked AMAZING I Am Legend was a great uick read and I have to give it 5 stars out of 5 Matheson s writing is simply outstanding and I want to read With regards to the short stories some were great and some were not so great Prey was a brilliant short story it reminded me of Battleground by Stephen King Dance of the Dead was also prettyerie I didn t really include the short stories when giving my rating for this book as I simply wanted to rate I Am Legend as a standalone bookBut yes More Richard Matheson is definitely on my radar Now for another buddy read with Sadie Mindi and Ashley from bookstagram can t wai. F civilisation By night he barricades himself in his home and prays for the dawnHow long can one man survive like this.

ebook pdf I Am Legend BY Richard Matheson – dedelicate.com

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