books ebook Organ Grinders –

books ebook Organ Grinders –

Wehave a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure Hernando Cortez This is a comic novel about Big Ag Big Pharma Big Medicine Big Money and Big Baboons It s a book about mild mannered but inept conservationists sadistic eco terrorists sociopathic billionaires rude drivers vile vivisectionists and Really Big BaboonsI started reading Bill Fitzhugh s books about 10 years ago but I have run out them now and am forced to start over again When I read Organ Grinders the first time my main take away wasWow that was a funny book But now 10 years later the novel seems awfully rescient I m not a tree hugger I have allergies But the American government now seems concerned about the right of mega billionaires to obtain New Perspectives On Criseyde piles of money to roll around in like Scrooge McDuck than it is inrotecting the rights of the rest of us to life liberty and Sharon, Lois and Brams Skinnamarink pursuit of drinking water that doesn t melt our brains Yes I know I should have saved up enough money in my youth so that I could have rented a congressman or two of my own but its too late now and I am bitter That being said Fitzhugh expertly skewers all sides in this novel So whether you arero air or That Noble Dream pro laissez faire you should be able to findlenty to laugh at here even if you are a sociopathic billionaire although in that case your guffaws will The Shadows I Followed probably sound something like Wa ha ha ha I don t recall who recommended this one I think some friend from Bizarro Central Sorry friend This book is well researched and traverses fertile fertile ground for some kind of story about human weirdness But the characters are two dimensional and severely clich d the language is mostly flat occasionally inspired sure but just as often hackneyed and the brief efforts to comment on theroblems of environmentalism are sabotaged by the wacky screenplay feeling of the rest of it This guy I kept thinking has been in LA too long I kept getting Japanese Etiquette pulled in then annoyed thenulled in then annoyed but at the end I was just annoyedMore annoying than all the rest was the author s need to keep slipping Paul Simon references in everywhere starting with the male lead s name Paul Symon and continuing on with lyric snippets from all the top ten hits Yes we ve all heard them so what I just don t see what the author is communicating there besides fanboyness Maybe he s saying look what a better writer Paul Simon is than I Maybe someone told him that references made literature deep I have no idea what he was thinking it s exactly the sort of thing his editor should have made him take out Organ Grinders is a light Carl Hiassenesue tale It takes some time for the story to come together with lots of characters and it moves a little slowly in the first half of the book The second half of the book moves faster and has absurd humorous situations This. Bill Fitzhugh strikes again Following his widely acclaimed debut novel Pest Control The London Times called it one of the funniest most off beat thrillers in years Fitzhugh turns his satirical eye to the merging of medical science and big business with hilarious and outrageous resultsPaul Symon is an environmentalist who's out to make the world a better The Cowboy and His Baby place but he faces too much disjointed informationublic apathy and.

Is not as good as Fitzhugh s Pest Control but still an entertaining read I tried but I really couldn t get into this book I didn t find it comedic or creative I thought the environmentalism stuff was really one sided the book was very redictable and I didn t like the characters at all Bill Fitzhugh is a funny as heck writer who bares his baboon fangs in this satiric and hilarious mysterybig bizsci fienvironmentalthriller You can read reviews on so I ll just give you a couple examples of his writing one a toss away joke the other a wonderful image Have you ever considered the liver Dr Gibbs Jerry Landis started to to count on his fingers Hepatitis Billiary obstruction Hepatoma Cirrhosis Gilbert s disease Metastatic cancer Blunt force trauma Penetrating trauma Parasitic infection and on and on Hell there must be fifty ways to leave your liver Ba dum dumAnd from a tear jerking scene to show that Fitzhugh didn t write this just for yucks As they held one another against the sorrow a shaft of sunlight reached through the blinds and slowly began working its way up the wall above the bed like a golden spiderLast note Fitzhugh uts to good effect a techniue for making a villain seem threatening namely give the bad guy a weird sound effect Think Darth Vader or Bane from the most recent Batman movie Here the villain is Jerry Landis who has a left ventrical assist device L VAD which makes a whir The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, pffft noise Whirffft Whir ffft Whir ffftIf you like this book try out Pest Control Fitzhugh s first novel which might be even funnier Very entertaining although I don t consider it hilarious as some critics doIt Reign of Ash (The Chosen provides very real numbers and information based on actual studies to support the idea that the root cause of allroblems today Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen pollution hunger disease etc is the overpopulationI wish everyone would read it but those who need it most are those whorocreate but those don t have time to read because they have Fline en Lingerie progenies to feed The year was 1998 1 The Organ Grinders by Bill Fitzhugh was firstublished and 2 Viagra was approved for its current Surface pharmaceutical use by the FDA Coincidence I think not Fitzhugh researched the biotech industry so thoroughly it seemsrophetic even today For me Bill Fitzhugh is the visionary ring leader of the latently belligerent vehemently Orange 5 (オレンジ, passive aggressive activists he has sneaking around in this book With a cast full of Guerrillas hillbillies baboons vegans weenies sorry Paul vegetarians orphans kind hearted organ donors and morally depraved organ harvesters how can you go wrong Fitzhugh s writing ecobio terrorizes the reader into action read faster laugh louder cry harder and when you re finished DO something anything and do it with conviction I d like to thank Fitzhugh for stabbing my right eye open with a celery stal. Self serving talk Not to mention greedy despoiler Jerry Landis a venture capitalist dying of a rare disease that accelerates the agingrocessLandis cares only about making money and finding a way to arrest his medical condition That brings him and his fortune to the wild frontier of biotechnology where his eople are illegally experimenting with cross species organ transplantation in California while breeding genetically.

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K and ouring blood warm The Scot pink slime in it I see now that I should be thinking with two or eyeballs at the very least at the same time all the time This book is aoignant reminder that we need to have a social conscience moral discipline and most importantly a sense of humor Fitzhugh is not for everyone but he gives the right reader a great show This is a book I have read now two or three timesPure comedy with intelligence a thriller of sorts twists and turns megalomania and oignant sorrow laugh out loud moments and the mental imagery is enough to curl any vegan tree hugging bookaholic I LOVE this novelMy second time romp through the ages of this tome had me just as enthralled as the first time experience It appeases the intellect s need for information and cognitive coherence as much as it does the mystery behind the bizarre murders the landfill manager buried in his own soiled dump complete with dirty diaper in his mouth and just how the whole sit com can resolve itself vivisection cross species implants environmental concerns greed revenge the uest for immortal life and so many human conditions and issues are addressed through Bill s lighthearted yet twisted view on the worldI can t forget Arty the guy who severs his limbs for the insurance and sells his body organs for huge rofit reduced to just a torso being carted around in a backpack by his biker bud and I will never shake the scrotal imagery evoked by the description of Mr Landis testicles when he gets the third one implanted courtesy of ArtyRead this novel it s funny thought rovoking and twisted Highly entertaining escapism Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall He will end by destroying the Earth Albert Schweitzer This book s main character was so much like me it was amazing He didn t seem to see the same world that others did He saw a Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, place desperately in need of help and which seemed to be getting worse by the minute And no one appeared the least bit concerned about the state of thingsthe simplehysical state of the Fates Monolith (MacLomain, planet where they lived277 This book was deeply satisfying in At the Wolfs Table parts where capitalists who are especially into destroying thelanet for their gain are tortured dismembered or other satisfying ways of being hurt andor terminated and done so in A Family Scandal particularly fitting manners The only thing holding me back from giving this 5stars was the strange attitude towards vegansvegetarians The Fitzhugh seems to think that they are deeply undernourished and weak Obviously not a veganvegetarian himself he is a strange sort of ecology friendly writer I really liked this story The characters were good and some very silly Arty and the story was interesting It was a good balance of humour and truth about companies only caring aboutrofit and not taking care of the lane. Altered rimates at a secret site in the The Perfect Weapon piney woods of south central MississippiThere's also an eco terrorist on the loose bent on teaching hard lessons toeople who think the Earth and its creatures are theirs to destroy These forces together with fifty thousand extra large chacma baboons collide in an explosion of laughter and wonder that Bill Fitzhugh's growing league of admirers is coming to recognize as his very

Bill Fitzhugh worked at several FM rock radio stations in the 1970s and 1980s Born and raised in Jackson Mississippi he prefers The Band Little Feat and Van Morrison to Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly The author of numerous screenplays and five comic novels he lives in Los Angeles with his wife and his record collection

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