Book pdf The Real Romney –

Book pdf The Real Romney –

He notoriously distant politician Tediously researched and engagingly written this dense book outlines Romney s family history childhood teen years and ater ascent to personal and political success The authors even handed approach allows Mitt Romney s actions and words to speak for themselves A dignified and impressive piece of political biography p 23 24George Romney Mitt s dad ran as a A New Society liberal to moderate politician playing down his Republican Party affiliation and worked hard to win the votes of groups that didn t always support the GOP including the black andabor votesWatching his father Mitt Three Chinese Poets learned that George had a disarming way of rebutting arguments against him Sometimes George did so by distancing himself from his party and speaking sympathetically about an opponent s viewpoint For example George had been attacked byabor groups one of which published a pamphlet titled Who is the Real George Romney The booklet accused Romney of doublespeak such as when he said that Michigan needed a hundred thousand new jobs but then declared that he had never promised he could deliver them But George who had mixed relations with the unions at American Motors sometimes sounded sympathetic to his Bounty of the Blood Witch (Dragon Hero, labor antagonists as when heamented that the Republican Party was identified too much as a business partyMy comment The apple truly doesn t fall far from the treeI was going to note uite a few things from this book but what really is the point now It was an interesting read and has been hailed as a very fair and impartial account of Mitt There are definitely some things to admire about Mitt his intelligence and analytical mind his adoration and pursuit of Ann his family values his dedication to his faith etc There is also much to Lestate dei giochi spezzati look at with concern his self aggrandizement dogged pursuit of political office and what he was willing to do people he was willing to use to achieve it and his seemingly incomprehensible understanding of his own convictions on certain issues and an inability to stick with his own wordseaving many many betrayed people in his wake Just the simple fact that much of his political career was spent running as someone who said People of integrity don t force their beliefs on others They make sure that others can Cooking for a Crowd live by different beliefs they may have as his justification for his pro choice and pro gay rights stance to completely do a 180ater and come out as pro A History of the English Language in 100 Places life and crusade against gay marriage and other gay rights well I don t know how anyone could trust him I certainly couldn tIn a nutshell this was a good book if you are interested in reading about Romney sife and foray into politics It was well written and I do think it was impartial Many reviews mention that there s plenty to find to support your admiration of Mitt if you already The South Beach Diet Supercharged like him and plenty to support your doubts disgust if you dislike him and I think that comment is right on I don tike him and am awfully glad he s not our President This book is interesting easy to read and neutralDespite the fact that I have been very busy I found this book interesting enough to read uickly Writing a review has been another matterThis book begins with Romney s ancestors starting with nothing working hard and becoming successful That includes Romney s father George Although Mitt has never had to worry about money he has worked hard Mitt attended Stanford went on a 2 year mission for the LDS Church finished his undergraduate degree at BYU and then went to Harvard where he obtained his MBA and Surviving the Silence law degreeThe highlights of the book Bain Romney s family Romney s relationship to the LDS Church the Olympics Romney s political careerAs I was reading this book and keeping up with the current political news I often thought of the TV show Survivor where contestants form alliances and curry favor with groups It gives you a headache after awhileEver since Obama took office and ramped up the Bush policies of rapidly increasing the deficit and national debt I have thought We could have had Ron Paul and he never would have passed all of the burdensome spending and he would have reigned in the power of the Fed And why would Obama pursue Afghanistan Yes I know this book review is not about Ron PaulWhile Ron Paul has some great ideas he is not going to get the nominationI had hopes for Herman Cain How smart can you be if you try to run with his skeletonsNewt took 16 million from Freddie Is there a bigger symptom of what is wrong with our politicians Sure he can get on the stage and deliver some powerful blows but he can t understand the problem with taking money from FreddieI have heard some good interviews awhile ago from Rick but he is totally played by the press and theeft Oh I forgot pressleft I could care Kursk less about anyone s personal choice on BC I do think forcing the Catholic Church to go against their ethics is wrong from a Constitutional point of view Also the mandates for insurance the higher the price tag Isn t that the opposite of the goalSo thateaves Romney who keeps saying the oddest things I m probably the only person with this hope Romney may not have enough delegates going into the convention Given his friendship with Ron Paul even their spouses are friends they throw in together Romney becomes president and Ron Paul keeps him in check concerning war the Fed spending the Constitution etcEven if you don t share my political Because It Feels Good leanings you may find this book interesting Read it but if you aren t interested in politics watch some video clips on the riots in Greece Why Because it could be our future Now is the time to change course Interesting background on the presumptive GOP nomineeI was especially intrigued by the in depthook at his family s role in the history of early Mormonism And it s nice to read an ANALYTIC account of time with Bain as opposed to parsing the tet a tet between TV talking headsbut of course I m still voting for Obama And I m all the convinced that Romney will do just about anything to secure the nominationget elected He s a perennial student council president candidate and has about as much political conviction as Newt has fidelity This book reminded me of all the good things that I National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Pelican Books) liked about growing up Mormon The book feels aot The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, like a testament about the power of community and while Romney has definitely had a very illustrative career you can t help but wonder where he would be if it wasn t for his dad who seems tourk behind all of Romney s business successes Overall an excellent histoire and not too biased a book though there is a definite conservative tilt. Globe investigative reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman readers will finally discover the real Mitt Romney Based on hundreds of interviews and than five years of reporting The Real Romney offers for the very first time a full understanding of this complex political figu.

Summary The Real Romney

Lf and his partners But don t And the Crooked Places Made Straight let him get away with claiming that he has first hand knowledge of the riskiness of capitalism As part of his agreement to run the new company known as Bain Capital he got a sweetheart deal that protected him from any personalosses despite The Obliterated Man losses that Bain might incur No one can say exactly how much he is worth today but estimates range upwards of two hundred million He has no clue about theives of those who are not ridiculously well off The authors Figlio dellolocausto look at some of the deals that Romney did while heading Bain Capital It is a mixedot but there are enough skeletons there to fill up say Paris Hilton s closet The Mr Majeika and the School Book Week leveraged buyout model Bain used resulted in thousands of jobosses and a host of companies which had been subjected to Bain s help crushed to death or close by massive indebtedness while Bain scooted off with huge fees He may not be Gordon Gekko but he certainly shares some of that dark character s views of the world It is also noted that when he is challenged his skin becomes noticeably thinner Expect him to surround himself with close advisers who toe the Outliving line And as for portraying himself as a great business manager well for the Olympics yes but not for his Bain activities I never actually ran one of our investments That waseft to managements p 130Mitt was very active in his church serving for a time as the bishop of the Boston stake LDS speak for parish It was during his time in that role that he used his position in the church to show some of his underlying concerns A young woman a single mother in her twenties had become pregnant again She sought help from the church What Romney told her in his capacity as head of the Boston stake was that she had to make a decision She could put her expected child up for adoption or she could Landscapes of Communism leave the church Who says the guy is anti choiceHaving scaled the mountain of corporate success well having scaled ateast some of it given that he got to start half way up he turned his sights to politics following in his father s path While it was made clear in the book that some sort of public service was expected from someone who had been given so much I never got a sense of this being a truly heartfelt pursuit by Romney It is possible that his New Years Rockin Evil (Futurama Comics leap into politics had to do with a sense of inevitability rather than any real call to help people It is possible that his political career was an attempt toive up to and even exceed the accomplishments of his father The authors do not really offer much in this area which seemed to me rich with possibility Maybe it is an ego trip Maybe he really thinks he has the clearest vision forward for the nation Who knows But it became clear in short order that running a corporation was a very different animal from running for office He thought an aging bloated Teddy Kennedy would be a soft target but he found that there were still a few canines eft in the aging ion and Romney Tough Girl learned that he had underestimated the rough and tumble of contact politics For a CEO used to getting his way this bigoss was a big disappointment He jumped back into the fray with renewed vigor when the Massachusetts governor s office beckoned It is primarily here that we get to meet flip flop Romney There is no uestion that Massachusetts is a Democratic stronghold In order to appeal to voters it was necessary for Republican candidates to temper their inner scourges And so Romney became a supporter of abortion rights and gay rights although not gay marriage Was this real commitment or merely a commitment to winning Mike Murphy is a close adviser to Romney the euivalent of Karl Rove to Dubyah In an interview with the conservative National Review magazine Murphy described Romney as a prolife Mormon faking it as a pro choice friendly Given other tales in this book that sounds ike an accurate portrayal In a United States that features the state of Virginia attempting to reuire vaginal probes before permitting abortions or what I ike to think of as state rape a president who is committed to the elimination of abortion rights is a serious danger to the rights of women Finally Mitt seems averse to actual socializing He has a history of working very hard and spending whatever time remains with his family If you are Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation looking for a buddy keepooking He relates to people to the extent that they serve his purposes tossing over people who have felt that they were than just tools when their usefulness expired Unlike the space aliens who are competing with him for the GOP presidential nomination I would be surprised to find his basement filled with a torture chamber a sound proof room where a candidate off the trail might have unnatural relations with captive children or farm animals or a magical being chained to a spindle spinning straw into gold But while he may be better able intellectually to cope with the 21st century it does not seem that he has demonstrated the ability to see beyond himself and those he considers Conversationally Speaking like minded It is not about making the world a better place but improving his position within itin the words of oneongtime Republican His main cause appears to be himself p 195UPDATESPaul Krugman of the NY Times posted an excellent piece on Romney Feb 23 2012 Romney s Economic Closet42712 For a peek into what a Romney Supreme Court might Hoot lookike consider this Robert Bork Romney Standard Bearer Be afraid be very afraid51212 Charles Blow op ed re Mitt the Mean Boy51412 Timothy Egan op ed re weaseling 91712 David Corn s Mother Jones article breaking the story of Romney s disdain for most of us caught on video31313 Ed Schultz s interview with Scott Prouty the bartender who just came out as the man responsible for the infamous 47% film in which Mittens Red November let some fat cats see the real Romney Good stuff I think an evaluation of The Real Romney turns on whether it provides new information to the reader information that would help a swing voter make up his or her mind I think Kranish Helman succeed on that metric Weearn that Romney s family history is deeply intertwined with the history of Mormonism and that he served an important role as a Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) layeader in the church We earn that as a ay A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, leader Romney counseled a woman facing a woman facing a difficult birth against having an abortion Weearn that Romney keeps most acuaintances distant but can be silly or dorky with his family and close friends We Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit learn that Romney assiduously courted gay voters during his run for the US Senate Weearn that Romney ran th The Real Romney is the first volume to comprehensively chronicle Gma to many in America Who is the man behind that sweep of dark hair and the high wattage smile A savvy politician or someone who will simply say anything to win A business visionary or a ruthless dealmaker In this definitive unflinching and widely acclaimed biography by Boston.

This may sound Architecture by Birds and Insects like aoaded uestion but How much difference is there really between Obama and Romney Both men seem to be basically nice guys of moral character with wholesome family values They both have unconventional family histories They are both moder I expected this book to be an unflattering representation of Mitt Romney based upon the title The Real Romney indicating that we had not known the real Romney before this book I anticipated a disparaging compilation of incidents highlighting missteps and gaffes which ed to his ultimate defeat in the Presidential election I imagined some inexplicable secret or scandal hidden in Mr Romney s past that would contradict the image portrayed in the media a family man of strong religious faith and character I purchased this book anyway inclined to see all sides of an issue before crafting my own opinion of the man The book was certainly not what I expected If one is to present an unbiased biography one must include the good and the not so good in the name of impartiality The Real Romney accomplished this goal in commendable fashion based upon extensive research and several years of interaction with Mr Romney and his family Having read this book and several others regarding the subject I am convinced that Mr Romney is in fact a man of character committed to family and faith while also extraordinarily successful in his business career Mr Romney is clearly a brilliant business manager with extensive experience in turning around troubled organizations seemingly the man for the moment This indubitable talent for analyzing data identifying areas of waste and making tough and seemingly heartless business decisions would make Mr Romney unimaginably wealthy but seemingly unable to relate to the plight of average Americans who do not have the business aptitude to understand free market economics and have an intuitive fear of becoming inconseuential data points on an analytical spreadsheet Average Americans who are anything but average rather we are uniue individuals each with our own uniue hopes and dreams that carry an intertwined thread that is distinctively American a voice for freedom a voice crying out for real hope and change This voice must be represented not managed In a journalistic ike manner Kranish and Helman deliver a well written report on the family background business career church Microsociology leader experiences term as Olympics chief and the political career of Mitt Romney The authors succeed at providing a relatively balanced and fair accounting of Romney s decisions and actions in all of these different parts of hisife Perhaps because of this straight forward reporting without pushing the reader one way or the other it occurs to me that the book will sustain whatever opinion the reader holds prior to picking it up Those who are already in favor of Romney will find this book supportive of him praising him as it does for his apparent talents and achievements and those who are opposed to him will find this book delivers the proof of his perceived inadeuacies and politically incompetent traitsIn my view that is good reporting For the informed reader who has paid attention to presidential politics over the past six years there will be very few revelations in this book Proponents and opponents alike will both enjoy this book The uninformed will gain good insights into Romney s Lefty life that go well beyond the normal mass media nonsenseKudos to Kranish and Helman UPDATED March 13 2013 seeink at bottomI have my opinions about this book and they are firmly held But I am interested in hearing your thoughts and will consider alternative positions if you will only vote for my reviewWhat sort of man is Willard Mitt Romney and if he should become the next president of the United States what might we expect from his administration I found The Real Romney to be a fascinating ook at the history of this White House hopeful The authors are two Boston Globe reporters who have followed Romney for many years They have written a very informative account one that puts some flesh on the wooden creature we have seen on the campaign trail insisting that corporations are people my friend We all know that anyone who refers to you as my friend is anything but and his use of the phraseology aside from the asininity of the content was telling as to how he sees voters KH paint a portrait of Romney family history that is uite interesting including ancestors who had been chased out of the USA for their religious practices then chased out of Mexico back to the States Fortunes were made ost and made again His father George did well for himself running American Motors and promoting a compact car when most Americans were driving Shadow of the Vampire large gas guzzlers and driving something smaller was considered uncool Later he became governor of Michigan and ran unsuccessfully for president He was a complicated guy a Republican with actual moderate positions He even had the audacity to concede that American generals and diplomats had hoodwinked him about the Vietnam war securing his support for that conflict for a time before he saw past theies and changed his position It is clear that George Romney was a huge source of inspiration for his sonYou and I see the public persona of candidate Mitt but there really is to the man It is actually pretty sweet that he fell in Statistical Computing in C++ and R love with his future wife when they were still teens and he knew immediately that Ann was the woman he was destined to marry Kranish and Helman report on many instances in which Romney showed impressive generosity to people he knew only slightly not just to close friends They show that Mitt was a naturaleader citing examples throughout his Human Aspects of Software Engineering life where he took charge organized whatever it was that needed organizing and did so effectively and cheerfully While at Stamford Romney was an eager protester not against the Vietnam war but against those who protested the war But he did endure some actual hardships while enjoying his Vietnam era draft deferral He was working as a missionary in darkest France when he was almost killed in an auto accident when an inebriated priest struck head on the car in which he was ridingThere is no uestion that Mitt Romney is an extremely bright guy He was one of only fifteen students out of a group of eight hundred who completed a four year combinationaw and business degree program at Harvard This feat in addition to his well connected family name brought him a flurry of How to Make a Plant Love You lucrative offers from Boston financial firms He would wind up at Bain where he did rather nicely for himse. “Absorbing and fair minded” New York Times“Romney’s story in full and clear detailfascinating in depth stuff” Los Angeles Times“A fascinating story that sheds nextight on an elusive subject” Boston GlobeDespite his political prominence Mitt Romney remains an eni.

Michael Kranish is an investigative political reporter for The Washington Post He is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Trump Revealed John F Kerry The Real Romney and the author of The World’s Fastest Man and Flight from Monticello Thomas Jefferson at War He was the recipient of the Society of Professional Journalists Award for Washington Correspondence in 2016