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Ern or posed in a way which would never occur Purdy s writing style is very figurative literary and illustrative focusing on thoughts and emotions versus dialogue This creates a deeper and richer novel than expected with less fluff On the contrary there are many areas which feel forced and dragged out with allusions stretching pages with little movement or action resulting in the reader s propensity to scan and not miss anything within the plot Another frustrating factor is the mention of buttercups and apples on EVERY page Readers will come to hate buttercups Purdy clearly added some of the events strictly for novelty host monks Robert and Amy having sex in front of his brothers in the tower Amy masturbating in a public bath voodoo type wax dolls These can be annoying and again perceived as trying too hard Fortunately these are infreuent and it feels as though Purdy was uncomfortable with them but felt she had to include them for popularity they don t add to the plot and could have been left out Naturally The ueen s Pleasure is much dramatic as Elizabeth s alternating chapters stir up the mix The reader truly feels Amy s pain and scorn and also Elizabeth s need for control The novel is certainly not for Robert fans as the feelings of hatred toward him can t be avoided At the same time Purdy is repetitive and makes Amy distasteful as each page is filled with numerous attempts to Sharpes Trafalgar gain failingly Robert s attention and love This becomes tedious predictable and frustrating The conclusion of The ueen s Pleasure was strong and then a let down StrongPurdy in a sense combined all the theories surrounding Amy s death whichave an unbiased demise and allows the reader to make hisher own conclusion Further Purdy seamlessly interweaves Leicester s Commonwealth into the tale strengthening the novel as this document isn t often explored resulting in a memorable ending However the epilogue which was not necessary weakens the ending adds an unneeded twist to the entire novel and results in a roan I would suggest ignoring this section Purdy does discuss some of the historical after notes in the post script bringing to light the interesting figures of Thomas Blount and Dr Walter BaylyThe main feature and deciding factor whether one would enjoy the novel or not is the lack of constant dialogue and banter with a stream of consciousness approach To some The ueen s Pleasure is thus a deeper novel while to others it may be slow and sluggish Overall though I would recommend The ueen s Pleasure to those seeking novels regarding Amy Robsart as they aren t abundant Interesting look at one of history s most notorious love triangles Amy Robsart Dudley Robert Dudley and Elizabeth ITold in the first person switching between Amy and Elizabeth the book is an interesting take on the situationHeavy on the romance so buyer bewareWell worth a read I received this book through LibraryThing Early ReviewersI was hoping to be pleasantly surprised by this book but instead I found it rather disappointing Overall I felt like the writing was poor the characters unlikeable and the plot rather thin The seed of this novel lies in the history of Robert Dudley and the mysterious death of his first wife Amy The Tudors are always popular subjects of historical fiction but this particular work has little to recommend it Amy comes off as weak lovesick and immature and who without fail accepts the abuse and criticism of her husband Robert even after she is aware of his affair with ueen Elizabeth of England Amy s bland acceptance and along with her constant heartbreak made me really dislike her as a character although her character could have be redeemed if she d have at least stood up for herself and bashed Robert s head in But even that couldn t make up for the poor writing and character development The characters come off as immature and childish and possess unrealistic motivations The history behind this plot is rich and diverse but the author fails to realize that with this novel making it a disappointing read especially if one is familiar with the history The story itself is a page turner it is captivating I love historical fiction from the Tudor times and I was not disappointed This ives a reat twist to the ElizabethRobertAmy story Letting us into the characters heads to see and feel the joy hope love despair and eventual demise. N Amy is found dead in unlikely circumstances suspicion falls on Dudley and the ueenStill hotly debated amongst scholars was Amy's death an accident suicide or murder the fascinating subject matter makes for an enthralling read for fans of historical fictio.

As detracted by poor word choice at times such as pierced by his fleshly sword I also didn t like the inconsistency of how Amy s character was painted she ran her father s farm which was uncharacteristically independent and clever for women back in the day yet with Robert she was a whimpering little thing that was willfully ignorant and unwilling to stand up for herself But again overall it was still a ood read with a refreshing perspective Favorite uote Like St George slaying the dragon Dr Kristofer Biancospino wanted to kill the reat crab called Cancer who preyed upon ravaged and took than any one dragon so many livesFirst Sentence I told Kat to fetch a chair and be my dragon to sit outside my bedchamber door and uard my lair after I was Babys First Christmas (Christmas Is For Kids) (Christmas Is For Kids) (Harlequin American Romances, 754) gone The ueen s Pleasure explores the romance between Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley primarily through the eyes of Amy Dudley Robert s wife Not only did Amy stand between Robert and Elizabeth but between Robert and his ambition The novel opens with Amy s discussion of her marriage to Robert which uickly became a loveless shell when the once love lorn Robert realizes that marrying the lowly Amy only hurt his ambition Then after Elizabeth takes the throne Robert seems a way to further that ambition despite Amy However it doesn t take long for jealousy to blossom and for Elizabeth to see Amy as a threat and rival for Robert s heartBrandy Purdy captures the uniue voices of two women brought together by the love of one man and the heated rivalry that ensues filled with politics and covered in raw ambition I was particularly intrigued by Amy s sections since I ve never seen another book tell the same story through Amy s eyes This helped to put a uniue perspective on the subject and help me understand her situation better as of a victim of Robert s ambitions and unexpected recipient of Elizabeth s dislike It was particularly interesting to see the depiction of Amy and Robert s relationship pre Elizabeth as it was certainly rout with issues and sometimes outright abuseCharacters aside I had some trouble reading parts of this book First I felt like there were several things that should have been taken out completely this book is over 500 pages and at times itoes really slowly especially before Elizabeth appears on the scene Second I found it hard to Ups, Kita Sudah Menikah? get fully invested in Purdy s style This is mostly personal preference but the severe lack of dialog long and wordy sentences and freuent time skips made it hard for me to keep my brain completely focused on the story and I found my thoughts wanderingThis book is just right for fans of historical romance and who enjoyed Purdy s previous novels but it was a little difficult for me to fully enjoy I wouldn t rush out and buy it but I d certainly suggest it to friends looking for aood historical romance Although the love affair between ueen Elizabeth and Robert Dudley is well known I enerally find myself rooting for the underdog which in this case was Dudley s ill fated wife Amy Robsart Her death whether from breast cancer suicide or murder is one of my favorite unsolved mysteries Brandy Purdy explores this love triangle in The ueen s Pleasure The first 200 pages of The ueen s Pleasure are told through Amy s eyes alternating chapters between the day of her death and of her memories of her marriage to Robert Although this back and forth can become tiresome Amy truly comes alive which is refreshing due to the lack of books focusing on her viewpoint Sadly however her characterization stresses her as a country bumpkin as though Purdy is trying to convince the reader that Amy wasn t ood enough for RobertIn fact The ueen s Pleasure suffers wholly from stereotypes with none of the characters escaping the role they are expected to play Robert is rude crude and ambitious while his brother Guildford is a spoiled mama s boy as Elizabeth is emotionless and selfish although her arc evolves Although these typecast roles create ample drama within the novel they are one dimensional for the readers hoping to explore new sides to the figures From a historical context The ueen s Pleasure is rather accurate with facts while the historical liberties employed are believable and overall enrich the story Although there are fluffy sections which feel like a pathetic romance novel Further Purdy has slip ups in dialogue which are too mod. Ley is imprisoned in the Tower Also a prisoner is Dudley's childhood playmate the princess Elizabeth In the shadow of the axe their passion ignites When Elizabeth becomes ueen rumours rage that Dudley means to free himself of Amy in order to wed her And whe.

Kindle online A Court Affair author Brandy Purdy –

3 out of 5 starsThis is the story of the love affair between Robert Dudley and Elizabeth 1 told mainly on the side of Roberts wife Amy When I read the book I thought it would be told purely by Elizabeth so I was shocked that most of the chapters were about Amy and how she Baby Legacy (So Many Babies gets breast cancer We start off at Amy s funeral and we discover how much Elizabeth regrets the pain she caused Amy then weo back to the start where Amy meets Robert and they fall in love Very early on Robert shows signs of the baddy he will become It was interesting to find out about the affair and certainly I ve never thought of how it must have hurt Amy On the negative side I feel it was uite raphic about the cancer so please be aware of that oing into this book It s safe to say I really don t like Robert after reading this book Though many have heard about the relationship between Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley few know about Robert s wife Amy Robsart Dudley When she was seventeen she married Robert for love and they had a wonderful first year of marriage But soon Robert s ambition overtakes his feelings for Amy and he leaves her behind in the countryside with promises to introduce Amy at court one day Amy lives out her life alone except for her faithful servant who stays with her through everything hoping and praying that her husband will come back to her Unfortunately her husband is much too caught up in trying to woo ueen Elizabeth in hopes of becoming king When Amy dies under mysterious circumstances many wonder was it an accident Or did Robert or the ueen of England have something to do with her deathI have always appreciated Brandy Purdy s ability to take a well known historical story and put a new twist on it and I was not disappointed in her telling of Elizabeth and Robert s love story Once again Purdy s writing is beautiful and incredibly descriptive with the ability to make the reader feel the emotions that her characters are feeling She puts the story telling in Amy s hands and the reader is able to understand how Amy felt throughout the whole ordeal knowing that her husband was too busy spending time with another woman and living out his ambitions to spend time with his wife Elizabeth also tells a bit of her side of the story and this allowed me to see how Robert manipulated both Amy and Elizabeth though I have to say that I felt sorry for Amy than the ueen I liked Langlais correct pour les Nuls getting to see Amy s side of the story but it is not a happy one I felt so bad for her that there were times I just had to put the book down and take a break it stirred that much of an emotional response in me Though this wasn t a happy tale I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it Tudor fans and to anyone wanting to know about Amy DudleyPlease note I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review This historical fiction provides further insight into the love triangle between Amy Robsart Dudley Robert Dudley and ueen Elizabeth I It is told from the point of view of both Amy and Elizabeth My main complaint about the book is that it is too long and too repetitive in the telling of how mean Robert was to Amy It also took too long toet to Elizabeth s point of view I was Constantly Craving getting so discouraged by the way Amy was treated that I almost uit reading this book several times I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Readsiveaway Well first of all I didn t realize the type of A Preface to Democratic Theory genre this book was Had I known I wouldn t have entered to win I love historical fiction however this book was like fiction loosely based on some fact with a big helping of lots of writing about the sex lives of the characters in uestion I uit reading about a third of the way through the book after feeling rather disappointedI did appreciate that Purdy began the book by writing from Amy Dudley s point of view the wife of Robert Dudley who in ueen Elizabeth s court and is thought to have been her lover However the passages of Amy Dudley focused on a lot of flashbacks intertwined with Amy s agony After a couple chapters I found myselflossing over the passages because they were so similar to what I had already readA lot of the book focused on some heavy sex writing Now I don t read Harleuin type books so I was uncomfortable with this type of writing 3 stars It was oodA uniue perspective due to the focus on Amy Robsart which When young Robert Dudley an earl's son meets suire's daughter Amy Robsart it is love at first sight They marry despite parental misgivings but their passion uickly fades and the ambitious Dudley returns to court Swept up in the turmoil of Tudor politics Dud.


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