( EPUB Burning Up Smoke Jumpers #1 ) ✓ Anne Marsh – dedelicate.com

( EPUB Burning Up Smoke Jumpers #1 ) ✓ Anne Marsh – edelicate.com

His is a great beginning to a new series and I m looking forward to the rest of themI received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsLily and Jack shared a kiss when they were younger but Jack was restless and needed to get out of the small town of Strong He went on to become a fire jumper loving the adrenaline rush and leading the men in his company into At the Italians Command dangerous situations to help get fires under control His adoptive mom asks him to come back to Strong as a series of random fires too early in the season to be considered usual have started and she s worried their small town fireepartment might not be able to handle it Jack comes back and figures out that the fires are all centered around Lily and they may have a personal connection then she wants to acknowledgeLily ran from San Francisco after a serial arsonist set their sights on her and literally smoked her out of her house The fires were started using personal items of Lily s and she hit her breaking point when all her beloved books were set on fire in her kitchen She caught a uick look at the man but Oh Baby! didn t stick around for the next fire She went back to Strong put all her time and money into running a lavender farm and is trying to make a go of it back home Now the fires are starting up again and the pattern is all too familiar She knows the same man is back stalking her again but Jack is there to help her whether she wants him there or notI had a hard time connecting with this story and the characters from the start I liked Lily There s a sweetness about her and all she wants too is make her little lavender farm grow into a profitable business Jack on the other hand came off very badly to me He s high handed and so back and forth about what he wants it got to the point where I just Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, didn t care what he wanted any He takes over making Lily s property fire safe which is fine but heoesn t consider Lily s reuest regarding her own property he ignores her and the things Jack was The Maid of Lorne digging up andestroying all because he knew best Maybe this was so and maybe what he id with regards to this specific moment was correct but it s how he came off on page that was a big turn offThere were other random things that came up that had me shaking my head This stalker is after Lily an obvious arsonist who they know is casing out her home and all the men that Jack brought into town rush off to fight another fire that s threatening their town but no one sticks around to protect Lily It s little things like that in a romantic suspense story that make me cringe A small etail Sure but I guess I just want the characters to be smarter than that The story felt filled with these little moments that ultimately pulled me out of the story and made me not connect with itJack s background was intriguing As an orphan he met two other young boys Rio and Evan Three young boys without a home all with hard pasts who find a mom in Strong and she wants them all I How to Become a Virgin d have loved for this to have been expanded on especially for Jack He hates being enclosed needs to be outside to be comfortable and I wanted on this history for him justetails to make it easier to get himI was ultimately Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, disappointed with this one The setup is there I still might pick up the next books in the series as I assume we ll get stories for Jack s brothers and possibly the other men on Jack s jump team While I liked Lily well enough I never warmed up to Jack and not being able to buy into a lead character makes it hard to enjoy the story Thanks to the publisher Kensington and NetGalley for the chance to read thisA very explosive storyThis story uickly caught my attention and took off at a sprint It is the first in a new series about smoke jumper firefighters If the rest are even half as good as this one then Ms Marsh has a winning series on her hands Well written intense and full of suspense this story was on FIRE pun intendedI m not sure which I enjoyed most the romance action or suspense I found myself racing through the book trying toiscover the stalkerserial arsonist was The story was seriously intense up all the way through I thought this was a fantastic read This is the third series by this author I have read enjoyed I look forward to MANY books written by her She seems to have a series for everyone A Fallen for her Paranormal readers B Dawson Brothers for her western readers this one for her suspense readers Disclosure This ebook was provided to me free of charge through NetGalley for the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my own Reviewed Sweet Burn a later book in the Smoke Jumpers series for netgalley and then I just had to go back and start at the first one I The Bosss Baby Surprise do enjoy the slow and intense build up of the story and the lovesex aspect of Marsh s firefighter stories it s not wham bam you re mine m am but a realistic build up Marsh knows her firefighting stuff and I really enjoy reading theetails associated with fighting the fires Also the firefighterssmoke jumpershot shots are usually military guys who come back home and continue to be of service to our country And these stories are efinitely hot in ways than just the heat of the fires the smoke jumpers are fightingIn this particular book Lily and Jack have a history and when Jack comes back to town at the reuest of his Nonna his adopted mom Lily has to come to terms with a guy who fights fires for a living She has a scary history with fire and although she may seem whiny at times what she has to getgo through to love and support a firefighter seems real just like with real life women who have to come to terms with loving a soldier or police officer or firefighterI enjoyed this one and am giving it a 4Thanks for reading Originally posted at Donovan former US Marine and now smoke jumper has returned to his hometown of Strong after receiving a call from Nonna his adopted mother Nonna fostered and adopted Jack and his two foster brothers Evin and Rio who are known to the residents of Strong as the Donovan Brothers Fire season is always a stressful in the small town and it s still early in the season but they have already experienced a series of uestionable small fires Jack lives for the adrenalin rush of parachuting from planes and igging fire lines for major operations so the thought of returning home to the stifling small fire hall of Strong is the last thing he wants to face But even he Command Performance doesn t want to confront the unfinished business he has with Lily CortezLily Cortez also left Strong years ago pursuing college and making a life for herself as a marketingirector in. Forces of nature Love is a Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, distant ember compared to the feeling he gets fighting fires until an emergency call from his hometown brings him face to face with the one woman he can't forget There's Fire Lily never got over the handsome rogue who once kissed her senseless and then left She vowed she wasone with love 'em and leave 'em men and small town life Until a series of malicious fires set by a

San Francisco When a horrible fire incident erupts inside her home Lily moves back to Strong to escape a stalker that is fixated on her Lily purchases a farm which she names Lavender Creek and sets her heart and mind to growing lavender on her many acres with the hope of making a living at something she loves and living in peace What she The Perfect Blend doesn t expect is for Jack to arrive on heroorstep or the feelings and fantasies to return from their one kiss at the swimming hole so many years ago Jack ran from her that night choosing the honorable way instead of acting on his esires Now that they both are all grown up and their attraction is even potent Jack is etermined not to go anywhere at least for the summerBurning Up is the second book I ve read by Anne Marsh While the book Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss descriptions are appealing I haveiscovered that I have a Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] difficult time fully engaging in her stories and characters When I initially read the blurb of the hero being a smoke jumper I really expected to receive an intense romantic suspense plot as well as an engaging couple What I received is a lackluster plot that felt very outlined and staged with no surprise or spark It took me sixays to finish and mostly I was just bored with the story I never felt a passionate chemistry between Jack and Lily and being a character Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, driven reader it wasisappointing I had a hard time initially with the hero s endearment of baby towards the heroine The couple had a past history of attraction but had not seen each other for years and Jack immediately referred to Lily as baby I on t have a problem with the overall endearment however it felt very out of place and forced from the first moment Jack used it Although they had flirted as teens in the past Jack and Lily were not and had not been in an intimate relationship therefore baby felt very awkward in the ialogue I was also bored with the villainstalker He basically set small fires to Whispers Of The Heart draw attention to himself and was sexually turned on by the flames which always resulted in masturbation This led to his fixation on Lily and ultimately to hisemise but he was very one The Dukes Gamble dimensional and again I was boredAnother issue I had was toward the end of the story I will note that I read an ARCpaperback copy provided for review by Kensington and therefore this particular scene may have been edited in the final copyIn the final sex scene it states that Jackrags off his jeans and rolls a condom on The scene continues on where they are Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, devouring each other which leads to a blowjob and I uote She slid her mouth up the hard shaft sucking hard at the engorged tip Christ He was going to come in her mouth Forcing himself to pull away he tugged her up and over him The scene ends with this final uote He spilled himselfeep inside her gathering her up in his arms The condom is never addressed or better yet the lack of again My immediate thought was Did I read that right He started with a condom and then it Let Go disappeared Call me weird but it ruined the entire scene for meOverall Iidn t Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition dislike the book but there were not enough memorable moments for me to say I liked it either For me it lacked aepth and intensity I have come to expect from romantic suspense It may be enough for some readers but I had hoped for so much Burning Up3 StarsFormer marine and smoke jumper Jack Donovan reluctantly returns home to California at the reuest of his foster mother who is concerned over a series of arson fires in their small town Jack soon realizes that the arsonist is also the stalker who has been terrorizing Lily Cortez and takes it upon himself to protect the only woman who has ever made him smolder As the malicious stalker moves ever closer to his target Jack and Lily will have to overcome their Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh differences is they want to survive the summer Nothing original in either the suspense plot or the romance Jack is your typical reluctant hero who realizes what he s been missing and Lily tries to play hard to get but fails miserably Jack s background as an orphan living on the streets with his two brothers is intriguing unfortunately it is underdeveloped Theetails about Lily and Jack s past are sketchy and really Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward don t constitute any real foundation for their supposed chemistry The arsonist plot has potential but ends up fizzling as the culprit is pathetic rather than frightening Moreover the fire scenes are reminiscent of other firefighter books such as Nora Robert s Chasing Fire and the ending is taken right out of the film Smoke Jumpers with Adam Baldwin and Lindsey Frost All in all a so so read and I may read the next one if it fits in a challenge This is the first smoke jumper firefighters book I ever read and also the first in a series It was very interesting learning all theetails of forest fire fighting plus the type of person needed to be able to handle fire crisis at a moments notice The author s research made for an educational twist The book was a romance filled with suspense and mystery The writer balances the talents of the characters with their weakness In this book of the series Jack and Lily are the main characters Throughout the book you can take part as they iscover a new level of maturity both individually and together They have to eal with the havoc caused by a stalkerarsonist out to How to Disappear destroy their relationship Adopted in their youth Jack is one of three brothers involved in the series The brothers are very close to each other and their mother It shows the closeness of family relationships and the closeness of a small town residents with each other Looking forward to the rest of the series This is an intense intriguing suspenseful booktopped off by romance Jump into the story to help find the stalkerarsonist and stop him fromoing any harm to the town or Lily JackI received this book through a Goodreads giveaway This was my first taste of this author and it certainly won t be my last I enjoyed the sexy smoke jumpers and I can t wait to hear about the brothers Lily is a wonderful heroine and is the perfect woman for Jack I had a little trouble with their inner monologues which were a bit repetitive and also kinda went back and forth about their feelings for each other One minute they were both struggling with their feelings to the point of Act Like You Know denying them the next minute they wereamning all to hell and going for broke swearing that whatever they could have from the other would have to be enough It got a little annoying but at the end of course they got their HEA I am hoping to hear about Ben Nonna as well as the rest of Jack s smoke jumping team and I m guessing the next book will be about either Evan or Rio both of whom sound just as elicious as Jack. Talker has her running home to hide Now their summer is heating up as Jack fights to save her from the stalker's fiery threats and to convince her to give the passion between them a second chance The Smoke Jumpers series includesBook 1 Burning Up Jack Lily Book 2 Slow Burn Evan Faye Want Donovan brothers Want of the Strong California smoke jumpersContinue your reading with the When SEALs Come Home seri.

Jack couldn t wait to get away from small town life and he loves his job as a smoke jumper than anything He s always been restless and the job makes sure he never has to spend too much time in one place which suits him perfectly His adoptive mother Nonna is about the only person who could get him back to his home town so when she calls to tell him about a spate of arson attacks and begs for his help to keep the town safe he rops everything to help her Lily was crazy about Jack when she was a teenager but he always felt she was too young for him so apart from one scorching kiss he kept her at a Agewise distance She has only recently returned home hoping to get away from a stalker who was making her life a misery but it looks like theanger has followed her Jack is etermined to keep Lily safe and figure out who is making her life a misery and he needs to o it before they start a fire that puts the whole town at risk As they give in to the passion they feel will Lily be able to make Jack realise that settling A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World down wouldn t be so badBurning Up is the first book in Anne Marsh s Smoke Jumpers series and introduces us to the three foster brothers who are at the centre of the books Jack Evan and Rio all hadifficult childhoods although we Anthropology as Cultural Critique don t know each of their stories inetail yet but have been inseparable since they met in the foster system Their lives idn t improve until they were adopted though so although they have a strong bond with each other and their mother Nonna none of them find it easy to trust others or let anyone else in They are all hard working love the adrenaline rush of fighting fires and they run a successful business together organising teams of Smoke Jumpers who travel around the country to help wherever they are needed I have to say I loved all of the brothers and I really enjoyed watching the banter between them and the rest of the firefighters I m efinitely looking forward to getting to know Evan and Rio better when I get to read their booksI really liked Lily s character she is the kind of girl most of us would like to be friends with caring loyal and independent She was forced to move back home after being terrorised for months by a stalker but she is happy to be back and excited about running the lavender farm she has purchased She just wants to be able to live her life in peace and is working hard to build a successful business I ll admit that Jack irritated me he was very sexy but he came across as far too pushy and omineering for my liking He constantly ignored Lily s wishes and id whatever he thought was best no matter how much she fought him on certain issues I know he was trying to keep her safe but I Boggs d have preferred him to spend time explaining why he felt things neededoing and waiting for her to agree rather than going ahead without her consent Lily is a grown woman and had the right to make her own Battleground Chicago decisions which was something Jackidn t seem to believe and I found it hard to accept that someone as strong as Lily wouldn t tell him to get lostI also found Jack s constant mood swings about their relationship started to make me feel Albert Camus dizzy one minute he couldn t live without her and would give up anything if only she take a chance on him and the next he was pushing her away and complaining that he Bitter Choices didn t want to settleown and be stuck in one town forever I wouldn t have minded a bit of internal conflict but it just went on and on until it became a bit much I think I would have understood him better if we Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic d been given a bit insight into his past before he came to live with Nonna we could see the effects of serious childhood trauma butidn t learn about the cause of them I was Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold desperate to know why he felt so claustrophobic sleeping inside Heoes manage to redeem himself by the end of the book but I never fell for him as hard as I usually fall for my romance heroesI really enjoyed the scenes where Jack and his team were battling fires they were well written and showed just how Mikhail Bakhtin dangerous the job of smoke jumping is I have a huge respect for all firefighters my stepad was one until he retired so I ve grown up knowing just how hard they work but living in the UK I have very little experience when it comes to the huge forest fires that cause such Carnival devastation in other parts of the world The scenes with Lily s stalker were interesting and I thought the escalation in his behaviour was realistic but I felt it was all just a little too easy to figure out who they actually were I could haveone with a little mystery there and would have loved a few red herrings thrown in along the wayI have to confess that I Citizens and Paupers didn t love Burning Up as much as I hoped I would but it was still an enjoyable way to pass the time and I mefinitely planning on reading Evan s story in Slow Burn I m hoping that the few of the issues I had with this story will have been ironed out and the next book will be much stronger Either way I m looking forward to seeing of Evan and I hope that Rio will be getting his own book after that one It was okay seriously is all that comes to mind Jack and Lily share a kiss while they were too young to understand or I guess be ready for what they could have Jack leaves because he needs to get out before the walls close in leaving a heartbroken Lily A Bargaining for Brooklyn decade pass and our hero has not forgotten his Lily but actually thinks about her often A series a fires too early in the season to be usual occur and has his adoptive mom calling for support Of course we all know that she is trying to get Lily and Jack together and save the town I like anominant guy but Jack is seriously way overbearing He was the one who left Lily because he was not the settling Come In and Hear the Truth down type However thatoes not stop his possessiveness In some guys it s sexy but here it was very off putting The story was Carson Pirie Scott decent the plot was okay and the characters Io not feel were very memorable Burning Up uickly caught my attention and kept it through the entire story Jack and Lily are a hot couple and they re caught up in a mystery that could end Black Nationalism deadlyJack comes back to Strong at the reuest of his Nonna They re little town has an arsonist and it uickly becomes apparent to Jack that Lily is the target Lily fears her stalker has found her again and she s scared Jack moves in to take care of her and protect herAnne Marsh has created a hot story with some hot romance Jack and Lily are explosive together and the romance between them burns up the sheets The suspense is awesome I really enjoyed watching Jacko everything he could to keep Lily safe while he tracks the stalkerThe final showdown between Jack and the stalker was HOT and burning up I loved the suspenseT. It takes a special kind of hero to be a smoke jumper To take the greatest risks To live or Critical Teaching and Everyday Life die in the raging heat of the moment And it takes a special kind of woman to love himWhere There's Smoke For Jack Donovan smoke jumping is a way of life He lives for the adrenaline rush the thrill of flying over the burning California hills the intensity ofiving straight into the inferno the glory of taming the.

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