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Ishing this series finally came out pretty good book not real problems with it it was worth the time to read First of all I think it is definitely about time Penelope got herself an editor or at the very least proof read her shit This book was much better than the others I have read by her in the respect to horrible typo s and grammar but it was still horrible It took me a bit to get back into the story since Fletcher spent no time recapping the first book The pacing was all over the place so the book did not flowBringing Cat over really held no purpose other than to show you what a horrible friend Marina kept Marina had every right to be upset with Cat for her actions Further Cat was extremely callous about everything she said to her To tell her it was a good thing her mother was dead was really low I was surprised that Marina ust took it I was surprised by Mikhail s lack of response also Cat was left to run her mouth off without conseuence Marina held Mikhail to human standards but she didn t hold the same standards for Cat who was human Having a dominate male being dominated by a female was a fun angle but part of the book was watered down The Hunt was a much anticipated part of the book So I don t know why Fletcher decided to forgo it altogether Every battle scene left me unsatisfied I didn t really care for how Marina decided she was going to change everything about this new realm I agreed with her thoughts on the matter but again she was expecting the Dragons to behave like humans More than that this book spent a lot of time talking about all of the things she wanted to do but when it came down to it once she became empress there was no mention of the changes she made It Neimhaim (Neimhaim, jumped to seven years later without anything to show for it I don t know that I could read another book by Fletcher She is aware that her books are riddled with flaws but she does nothing to try to prevent them in her new books That s lazy and disrespectful in a way to her readers It says to me that she doesn t care to make her books coherent She knows she has good ideas which she does but she does not execute them well An author should feel pride in their work but they should also want to present their book in the best condition they possibly can muster Fletcher does not even attempt to do this There were sentences that made absolutely no sense So many missing words So many wrong words It sust not worth my time uite frankly Okay soSueeeeeeOften people talk of the second book syndrome the first book was such a hit the second one sucked in a major way My tired and bleary eyes can totally attest to the fact that it is totally not the case in this book When I started this book at about midnight yesterday I totally did not expect not to be able to tear my eyes off the pages long enough to catch some winksSo there was me late into the nightmorning laughing out loud and at times feeling my heart try to run out of my chest This book threw me into an emotional roller coasterSo it started off exactly where the first one left Marina was out to face the first of the uests without body armor We could totally feel Koen ready to explode at that oneAnd when she did that thing with the fireMarina so strong so fierce so courageous and kind sighI simply adored the relationship between Koen and Marina they are so well fitted together Everyone needs their own. Descendant from one of the most powerful dragons in existence Marina has chosen to enter the tournamnet Aver to win the Frost Wreath She must face four deadly uests to be crowned ueen of the Ice Realm and

Dragon I swear life would be so much better Understand I love her and stand by her in all things She is mine I will not give her up Crown Wreath or peasant non la I will marry her And Boy God Boy Marina s relationship with her son is simply touching It made warmth glow in my belly every time she and he interacted at the same time my heart sueezed because of all the secrets and dare I say lack of trust though I totally understand after all he went through I was so scared and angry and pained when Marina woke up after her big reveal I thought I d get in and help her sueeze some necksHe wished he could feel her soft protective touch upon his brow her lips upon his brow pressing against his cheek as she sought to soothe him Her love had been a solid all encompassing thing he d been both drawn to and terrified ofAs for the story I gotta say I knew what transformation was going through Marina the hints were too big for anyone to miss but hot damn in no way did I think any of it would happen uite like it did Miss Fletcher you impress me with your unpredictabilityThe first uest was scary the second I thought she d I dunno not not get out of but get out really bruised but man she was AWESOME The third well the third was what it was and good Goddess did I love and hate that oneThroughout the book the characters all kept me enthralled My opinion of nearly all of them changed so drastically as the book wove on It was crazy Gentle and caring Daniil view spoilerhate him hated him at the end stupid prejudiced politician who dared betray Marina by giving such fucking stupid advice to Koen hide spoiler It is FINALLY available after almost two yearsThe cliffhanger at the end of this one isn t so bad as the first book but I can t wait for the nextThis dragon world is AMAZING The book is packed with tons of action and heartbreak I am not usually a fan of a series of books following the same couple from book to book but I hope the next one is still focused on Marina and KoenSpoiler about Boy view spoilerI have read in other reviews that people didn t like how Boy was taken and Koen didn t do anything about itjust gave him up I didn t see it that way and it seems as if the next book is about getting him back so I was totally okay with those events hide spoiler This isn t really a review More of a rant SeriouslyI really liked this book up until the end I Divine ecstasy, the story of Khajuraho just can t believe her character wouldust forgive the guy and basically ignore the missing child for seven years I know she says they ve been looking for him for all that time but that s bullshit Going off on the decisions she s made this seems completely unrealistic and idiotic He s her son for fucks sake She shouldn t have forgiven Koen But most importantly she shouldn t have basically sat back and let her son be on his own for seven years I really liked her character up until this pointAs for Koen I understand he wanted to avoid a war and was under a whole lot of pressure but I am certain that would it have been one of his blood children he wouldn t have given them up He would have argued that they were innocent and would have fought for them regardless of the devastation or wars it could have caused I liked him before not so much now I need the next book to come out already and make everything alrightRegardless her character has been ruined for me because of her decisions in the en. O win the right to hunt Koen Raad her dragon mate Between assassination attempts the growing darkness in her adopted son and the deadly uests of Aver itself Marina's chances of survival grow dimmer by the

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UPDATE 8413is this book ever going to come out the publication date says Dec of 2012 on goodreads and the the author s website GGGGGRRRRAAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLBBBBBLAHHHH Oo Seeing some of these reviews makes me wonder if anyone actually read either Burn or SmolderBesides the glaring editinggrammatical issues or the plot continuation mistakes that were made between the happenings in Smolder to Burn did no one notice the characters having personality implants I mean Marina view spoiler what a sweet little push over she has always been NOT But no worries Carrying the Greeks Heir just stroll right back on in after giving her child to your worst enemies who you think are the scum of the earth and she ll follow your lead and leave her child in the desert with guaranteed assassination plots aimed at him For SEVEN bloody years before she decides to get off her arse and go do something Yep that s def the girl I ve been reading about since page 1 of Smolder hide spoiler Plot holes So many plot holesI am sad to say I am very displease with this bookFull review to come 35There were parts of this installment that I really liked and there were parts of this that wereust ok I love the world and how Marina stands up for what she believes in I don t love how selfish she is and how she admits to being wrong but then holds grudges based on pride The challenges and political intrigue were really exciting And the parts between Marina and Kaol were mostly good they have a developed relationship plenty of sexy times and an understanding However I hattteeddddd the ending First off it felt totally rushed view spoiler The winning ueen by default part was ok and when she defeated Kaol to become Empress that was a bit expected too However everything after that was super rushed Marina completely cutting everyone out Marina only forgiving Kaol And then an EPILOGUE THAT WAS SEVEN YEARS LATER That was AWFUL Marina abandoned her child for 7 years So what the next book will be 7 years later Why didn t she do a 6 months to 1 year later I Amish Sweethearts just can t beleive everyone ignored this problem for 7 years I can t beleive they let Viktor be in danger for SEVEN YEARS UGH so not happy with the ending This really would have been a 4 or 45 stars otherwise hide spoiler Where to start where to start I struggled to give this 4 or 3 stars out of 5 but settled on 3 Loved the beginning and middle of the novel and new characters However I struggled to like other aspects of the novel towards the ending at times it felt slow and was dragging and others too rushed What really bothers me is what happened to Boy the relationship status with Daniil and the attraction between Jakob and Cathryn because there is literally nothing there it s as if the author struggled what to do with her character and forced her into any romantic interest that came along and frankly Jakob can do better Cathrynust honestly bugs me and I am completely okay with my biased opinion she shouldn t be anywhere in the main protagonist life considering she never once apologized nor cared for her best friend s feelings to do what she did yet happily gets to voice her opinion when given the chance No I don t think so If there is another novel coming out I don t believe I will be finishing it unfortunately I feel as many of the issues could have been resolved sooner and with new hindsight I am no longer interested in fin. Something deadly lurks beneath the surface of Marina's skin a wildness a magickal creature born from fire and ice After crossing dimensions to the fiery land of dragons where not only is she a princess but.

Penelope Jade Fletcher is a British author of genre romance She has a number of international digital bestsellers reaching the Kindle UK Top 100 chart in early 2011 with her third book and the Barnes & Noble Nook Top 100 chart later the same year with her fifth Debuting at twenty two years old in 2010 with young adult fantasy Glamour Penelope predominantly writes romance novels with su