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Basically pins him to a camp bunk with her vagina It s not exactly the sexiest of sexytimes BECAUSE OF HIS EPIC MANPAIN Of course a couple applications of magic vag and Justin Operatie oranje woensdag is ready to face his tragic secret and tell his sisters aboutt and possibly wreck another car on the strength of The Mouse-Proof Kitchen it It s a pretty weird book I won t lie But 23 oft Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success is not at all terrible Laylas likeable Ding Dong s at least The Prodigal Prophet interesting and Justin s snarky There s a whole evil private school subplot that I really dug and the Reno and Lake Tahoe setting was nicely done evenf having myself been to Reno Bloody Seoul it really felt like the whole thing was setn Tahoe Whatever Migritude it s fine Precious little cake decorating gets done throughout the book so I do have to awardt the Hannah Swensen Award for Running A Small Business By Never Showing Up an award usually reserved for heroines of culinary mysteries who rip around The Color Purple investigating murdersnstead of running their bake shops But I am sure Justin can simply blame that on his epic manpain as well Lots of elements that are just different from other romances the hero Truth and Nothing But is a baker who bakes and frosts cakes and there s not one swipe at his masculinity the entire book the heroine asks the hero to help her commit a crime for good reasons and they proceed to commit the crimen a fairly funny scene and the hero may have been the heroine s brothers best friend growing up but their childhoodteenage relationship was NOT one of secretly pining after one another More like annoying one another and misreading one another all the time out of Negotiate the best deal impatience and not out of suppressed lust But now that they re grown up and their lives are what they expected them to be Their historys now something they use to create some unexpected ntimacy It was a fun dynamic and there was so much fresh and vivid n their nteractionsOn the other hand I was a bit ugh too much angst about the hero He had too much going on n such a short space of text and time that t got to be a bit too stressful being n his head sometimes It didn t always flow so well with the sparky chemistry he had with the heroine That and after all the stuff that you don t have One from None in your average romance one of the most ridiculous romance tropes view spoilera secret baby hide spoiler Good romance story between two people that have their own problems to face and resolve Sometimes the hardest thing to dos to face up to your own mistakes and move forward This author took some unusual problems and tossed Im Afraid of Men in two people who knew each other from childhood that didn t get along I found myself hoping they could work through their problems and end up together Miniseries Too Many CooksCategory Heart Home. Es for the spectacular cakes he's become known for This womans making him feel protective and possessive of all things And she sees right through him That he can't have After all no chef likes to tell all his secrets?.

Free Ebook Just Desserts æ Jeannie Watt –

One of those rare category romances where I wish the book was longer because I wanted to learn about what happened to the characters and see some of the themes develop fully Ahoy ye maties slight spoilers ahead Our heroine Layla Taylor Reforesting Faith is a straight laced teacher who gets stinking drunk after she learns her boyfriend cheated on her with her biggest work rival Her sister sends her childhood nemesis Justin to make sure she safely gets home Unfortuantely someone from her school snaps a picture of her barfingn the bushes before they get to the car Social media takes over and she loses her job within the week Loved the heroine Peggy Deans Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor in this story As the story develops she sees how this tightlaced personality of hers has hampered her life choices so she tries new things out Dressing sexy standing up for herself pursuing the man she wants even when he rebuffs her Justin s a wonderful hero He help runs a catering business and specializesn cake decorating He s comfortable with who he Foursome is andgnores those wh omake fun of his chosen career And he s not a cop cowboy tycoon or fireman Woo hooHis major obstacle to love was a little too much for me at times He got his high school girlfriend pregnant but her parents made him sign away the rights Corduroys Garden in a closed adoption This decision eats away at him and does not allow him to get close to women Everytime things look serious he runs away He does research and finds there are other birth fathers like him that feel the same way What bothered mes that this aspect of the story line felt to planned or perhaps over researched to me The author had done her homework but What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? it felt like that aspect of the story was being driven so she could get her researchn or something Apart from that My Father Left Me Ireland it was a delightful story I hope to read of Jeannie Watt s romances Rated on my 5 star romance scale Readn about 3 hours After discovering her boyfriend s cheating on her with a colleague a teacher goes on a bender that ends up threatening her career but reunites her with a childhood frenemy a pastry chef who s himself dealing with his Stumbling Giants issues over having fathered a child given up for adoption It was refreshing to read about a birth father coming to terms with this sort of thing usually the focuss on the women The characters were well developed and the plot was engaging I thought the ending was a bit abrupt but overall as usual for Watt a recommended book Miniseries Too Many CooksCategory Heart Home Really good book I loved seeing Justin finally find someone to love He had been so Sabrina Corina intense through the other two books that I was happy to find out why He was so determined not to get close to anyone that having Layla see right through him Always proper Layla Taylor never expected to need her childhood nemesis But when she's strandedn a blizzard after breaking up with her cheating ex Justin Tremont s exactly what she's missing Well Justin and his car's.

As freaking him out He couldn t understand why she got under his skin and why he felt so protective of her I loved the part at the school Layla was so used to doing things by the book and having a plan that when she decided to break out of that mold she wasn t uite sure how to do t Her time with Justin gave her the chance to be different She was amazed by the fact that she ended up feeling so much for him I loved the way that she was there for him without judging him I loved her part at the awards dinner I just wish the school had backed down VERY enjoyable read Layla s the straightlaced teacher who s always been the responsible one Justin s the same grade as her younger siblings and their history has all been about them tormenting her with all kinds of crazy escapades Well Patient Safety Ethics it s been a few years since they ve had muchnteraction and now they re finding that the other person has g Two wounded people finding each other and learning how to heal and let the rest of their personality emerge One of the things I like about this line Fat in the Fifties is thatt brings up real world Kent Island issues and challenges Anybody who tells you that money won t buy you love hell they ain t never been to Reno I was at the buffet table This gal comes up to me and I flash them dimes and we went right up to her hotel room wellt was a car Out ColdSynopsis Strait laced Reno school teacher falls for old friend asks him to unlace her He refuses because of his epic MANPAIN Yup Brides, Mourners, Bacchae it s a Harleuin Layla Taylor her parents have a Clapton fetish so she has brothers named Derek and Eric and a sister named Sam Formerly Belle Blue from the song Bell Bottom Blues She renamed herself when she was five because the kids called her Ding Dongs a school teacher of the strait laced variety because that s how all school teachers are Yet when the book opens she s dead drunk at a Lake Tahoe bar having discovered her boyfriend Robert has been cheating on her with the obligatory Hot But Devious teacher at her school Justin The Cake Decorator Born to Run is dispatched to take her home by the aforementioned Ding Dong whichs lucky because Layla s at the porcelain prayer stage of the evening Yes ladies and gentlemen a barfing Harleuin heroine Layla s luck pretty much goes downhill from there and she decides to make over her life with snark burglary and hot sex with Justin The Cake Decorator Unfortunately as much as she throws herself at Justin he umducks A lot BECAUSE OF HIS EPIC MANPAIN The whole last 13 of the book was devoted to Justin The Cake Decorator s Tragic Secret which After the Flood is now my favorite name for a made up band and honestlyt got hella old Justin winds up fleeing nto the wilderness where Layla dutifully follows and. Snow tiresJustin's than okay being the rebound guy A little fun no strings—that's his kind of relationship But Layla Taylor She's by the book to put t mildly Justin on the other hand hardly ever follows his own recip.

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