Read kindle Dreaming From the Journal Page author Melanie Testa –

This one didn t really work for me It covers a lot of round from drawing and painting to carving rubber stamps to extremely detailed instructions for dyeing fabric And it felt like the journal bit was of an afterthought than anything elseReread 2018 This time I found something I want to try mixing a little liuid soap with watercolor so it can be used for stamping But still not a favorite in fact I d forgotten I d already read it I consider myself an intermediate artist I ve drawn for years but am still learning I feel as if a beginner or advanced artist could pick up Melanie s book and learn something new Melanie takes you through everything Transform your sketchbook to artThe artist's journal is a Inverloch Volume 4 great place to start a library of personal marks doodles and ideas The reader is introduced to basics such as choosing a journal and then immediatelyuided into techniues such as color mixing drawing and a variety of surface designs The reader is

Read kindle Dreaming From the Journal Page author Melanie Testa –

Of techniues a few I already knew and some that I hadn t heard of yet I did The Good and Beautiful God get somereat ideas for mixed media that I will be trying in the future I enjoy Melanie s work and her teaching I ve taken several classes with her and her down to earth explanations make this a reat book Melanie includes some of the things she taught us in class but also expands on them as there is only so much you can pick up in a 6 hour class It s a reat companion and I m working my way through it Thanks Melly for writing it and sharing it with us Excellent journaling book I was impressed with this one and can t wait to try the wax resist and home made stamp makin. Move out of the journal and onto an actual project In the final chapter Melanie steps out three journal spreads to show how many techniues learned previously are layered and worked together By using the art journal in this way the reader learns confidence in developing their ideas into tangible works of

Ou d like to know about creating your own art journal She introduces the reader to the materials they will need and even This is a ood introduction to various art and transfer techniues Wonderful photos This was a reat art book that explained many mixed media techniues but I bumped it down a star because I didn t see where a lot of this had to do with journaling yes some of it could be used to make mixed media or drawn art pages but it didn t focus on working directly out of an art journal but rather on various papers and fabrics Also no prompts for journaling either so I find that the title didn t fit the book itself Overall there was a lot. Ncouraged to experiment and play in the journal to try out new directions for creating works of art The art journal becomes the starting point for bigger projectsIn addition to step by step techniues for working in a variety of media each chapter features one or jumping off points to show the reader how to.

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Melanie Testa is an accomplished textile and uilt artist She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in TextileSurface Design and has taken many courses from well known uilt and surface design artists including Natasha Kemper Cullens Ann Johnston Carol Soderlund and Jane Dunnewold She exhibits her fiber art at various galleries and uilt shows around the country and currently teaches

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