Online books Devil and the Deep Sea by Sara Craven –

Online books Devil and the Deep Sea by Sara Craven –

Another excellent read from Sara Craven Romantic suspenseful and exotic Although this book was written in the 1980 s 1989 in fact it felt like I was reading something from the 1950 s and that wasn t a bad A smorgasbord of HP tropes This one has the hero spanking the heroine minutes after meeting her and basically forcing her into marriage the next day As soon as they are married he reneges on his romise to keep his distance as this was supposed to be only a marriage of convenience and gets all rapey with her But that s ok because she already loves him eye rollAdd in a stepdaughter that makes Damien from the Omen look like a regular choirboy a TSTL heroine who mistakes the housekeeper for being the OW when the real OW is uite literally under her nose the entire time some ancient curse about the H s Predator 2 pirate ancestor the suspicious death of H s first wife and asycho OW who likes to slash things with her sharp scissors from the h s evening gown to her face I checked and incredibly the author forgot to add the kitchen sink to this story because it really seems like everything else went into the Hook pot A year out of your life Whatrice would you askSamma supposed that any other woman would surely slap the face of a man who would Zero Hour (Expeditionary Force Book, pose such a uestion But Samma couldn t afford that luxury with Roche DelacroixWith her stepfather ready to sell her favors to clear his gambling debts Roche represented Samma s only avenue of escape from an unthinkable future on Cristoforo IslandOnly a few hours earlier the lips that opened the suggestive negotiation had made Samma so thoroughly aware of being female Samma couldn t help feeling that life was doubly unfair less Great marriage of convenience story Both hero and heroine are good lovingeople and there is a strong mystery suspense element Plus an evil wanna be other woman and oor heroine has to deal with a spoiled stepdaughter as well I usually read Sara Craven for the crazies Her stock in trade tends to be forced seduction but this didn t have that although there were a few times where you thought maybe it ll happen That s a good or a bad depending on your HP crazy o meter setting and your tolerance for forced seduction in romance Disclaimer Forced seduction in romance is to me nothing but fantasy it has nothing to do with real life attitudes toward rape Anyway this book was somewhat reminiscent of one of my fav crazies by her The Highest Stakes of All In both Daddy actually step father in this case is a compulsive gambler and willing to use his virginal daughter to ay off a gambling debt Holy macaroni I thought I d hit the batsht HP jackpot given that this was written in 89 and THSOA was written in 2011 which still boggles I thought that since this was written in the height of the bodice ripper days this should be at least as crazy and likely even MORE crazy than THSOA Alas that was not the case This was far less crazy all around and much less un PC than the newer bookThere is a spanking which could be a no go for some but hey I m a freak like that and it wasn t a beating which I can t do Here s the basic Forever plot outline with no real spoilers only things that come out fairly early in the bookThe British heroine is stuck on a Caribbean island after her mother dies leaving her with her step dad who runs a fairly lucrative hotel there for tourists and gamblers Problem is he s been neglecting the business end of things in favor of hisenchant for compulsive gambling which keeps getting worse and worseSamantha or Samma for short just wants to go back to England and get an education and teach art but she needs some savings first Step dad ays her for her work at the hotel with room and board only so she makes money by drawing those uickie ortraits that you always see in a touristy spot One day she s doing her usual thing when she notices this really hot ship hand checking her out down by the docks where she s setup her easel She thinks he s a bit too arrogant so she draws a caricature of him as a Illuminatis pirate complete with aarrot on his shoulder He recognizes himself and decides to People Will Talk play theart of Demon Divine (Demon Accords pirate and carry her off on his shoulder to a bar for drinks when she refuses his offerOnce there she isretty mouthy to him for his shenanigans and he turns her over his knee right in front of everyone and spanks her He s not trying to hurt her mostly just trying to humiliate her in kind for her caricature and display his awesome control freak HP alphaness She runs off furious and embarrassed and he just laughs which makes her MORE furiousLater he turns up at her step dad s hotel dressed in very expensive clothes and she realizes that he is not a ship hand but an obscenely rich descendent of a French The Pearl Thief pirate nicknamed something like the Devil who had established his own empire on another island back in theirating days His descendants still rule the roost there albeit not as Healthier Together pirates and the hero Roche is the current top dog Stupid step dad loses all hotel included to the hero Hislan is to get a loan from a freuent gambling buddy in exchange for Samma being friendly with him She s not too keen on that since he s a middle aged fat lecher So she goes to the H for help deciding if she had to sell herself it may as well be to someone hot as the title indicates she s between the devil and the deep blue She decides on this course of action because the hero had already offered to The Haunting of Sunshine Girl pay her for a year of her life She thinks she ll endure the year get the money then go back to England and forget it all happenedInstead the year heroposes is really a MOC where she takes care of his daughter from his Routledge Library Editions previous marriage he s a widowerThe hero Roche messes with Samma s head uite a bit so she s always confused as to his intentions Plus there are mysteries and intrigues on the island including a OW that s not and one that would like to be Of course we have the usual misunderstanding between H and h regarding their feelings for one another Roche is tooroud to come out and admit that he never wanted a MOC and was smitten from the start and used that as an excuse to get her in his clutches Samma is also confused by his hotcold behavior and the does hedoesn t he have a mistress uestion Throw in a homicidal wannabe OW and the misunderstanding comes to a head then HEA Re Devil and the Deep Sea SC is back with a gothic lite that involves Crisis in Bethlehem pirates creepy legends crazy ladies who should be banished to the attic and a kid that couldut Damien from the Omen in the corner as a wimpy little The Return of the Twelves poser Which isrobably apropos cause technically she is Le Diable s The Devil for those of use who aren t Francophiles daughter Our h is a 19yr old sweet and innocent miss who really wants to be an art teacher but is stuck on this tropical island with a smarmy nematode for a stepfather who just can t wait to Dizzy Jimmy pimp her out to skeevy old dudes who he owes gambling debts to She needs a lot of money cause airfare to Europe is bucco bucks but she is stuck slaving for no wages at her stepfather s hotel so she does tourist sketches at the uay to make some cash She needs to raise her rates by 300% cause obviously she isn t making enough tout a dent in the airfare She meets our Pirate H when she. A year out of your life What Locuras lejos de casa! (Serie Lady Pecas 1) price would you askSamma supposed that any other woman would surely slap the face of a man who wouldose such a uestion But Samma couldn't afford that luxu.

Spies him doing the Gropey Eyes move that every Pirate HP H erfects by the age of five This irks our h cause she has a feisty side and she doesn t take eyeball groping lightly She thinks the H is just a deckhand with a remarkable resemblance to an old skool Caribbean Pirate except he only wears really skimpy cut offs and obviously can t afford the fashionable Pirate wardrobe with leather boots bandolier and only for special lank walkings flowing white shirt accented by stripped Grammar by Diagram pantaloons That s okay tho the h can have the feels for beingoor she draws a uick caricature of the H and affords him the full Pirate regalia complete with Murder Maker parrot The drawing brings in lots and lot of customers so maybe the rates will only have to be raised 150% Obviouslyiracy is good for business Until the Pirate himself comes over to see the joke and he doesn t seem to be amused or appreciative of the business boosting abilities of his Piratical likeness He sweeps the h off her feet by throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her onto the yacht Words are exchanged and the H decides that discipline must be administered He spanks the h right there in the main saloon of the yacht and the h is angry humiliated and done She runs back to the hotel while her so called friends on the uay are laughing that she was literally carried off Another HP where the h s friends are worse than enemies really Later on nematode step father decides the h needs to tart it up and be nice to the customers The h reluctantly dons the way too small cocktail dress and guess who the first customer is Yep it is the H except he isn t really a deckhand and he owns that yacht نشانی‌ها plus most of an island and a huge casino on it He is also a ringer for the original Le Diable a Frenchirate who ran around wild during the buccaneering days got a King s Ask Yourself This pardon and settled down to running his own little Caribbean empire So you could say the H is just continuing the family tradition The h isn t too thrilled to see Mr Eyeball and Spanky Hands but she has to be nice to the customers so that they can get ripped offer the step father s hotel rules but the H and h have a few harsh words Then the h reaches her tolerance limit when she gets a champagne cocktail instead of the fruit juice she really wanted and the H unwisely opens his mouth with a snarky remark about the h giving up a year of her life to be with him so the champagne cocktail winds up soaking his head Well everybody needed to cool off a bit anyways so the h takes off again and the real bar tart goes out to entertain the H Later that night the nematode stepfather comes in and looks terrible he has lost everything to the Pirate H and our h now has to go sell herself to the skeevy old guy friend of the nematode so that skeevy guy will bail the nematode out The h calls him out on nematode Good Witch, Bad Witch pimpness and tells him he is on his own this time Then our h decides that if any selling of selves is going to be done she will do it herself and sheicks the Pirate so off to make an offer she goes And she finds the H naked in bed having breakfast She is horrified but it doesn t stop her from making her The Tokyo Zodiac Murders proposition to accept hisroposition I just have to admire this girl s single mindedness in selling herself as a solution I mean srsly she couldn t get another job on such a busy tourist island She couldn t get a fisherman friend to boat hop her over to another island She couldn t just keep working at the hotel and this time for a decent wage as it is under new management SC Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances probably considered all of this and decided well where is all the fun in that And just threw the options out the windowThe H accepts of course afterutting the sweet innocent h through the torment of being told to take off her clothes right then and there and leave them on the chair and join him in bed The h reluctantly starts to comply but a timely Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten phone call interrupts the action and the H is called away But he will be back The h meantime has had some belated second thoughts on this venture of selling one s self into tarthood Mainly cause the H is airate and he looks rather experienced and she isn t Her doubts multiply on the reality that the H s boudoir bouncing tastes Boneshaker (BA 43-500, probably include some wildly gourmet concoction filled with exotic herbs and spices and the h hasn t even fried an egg sandwich minus the bit ofarsley garnish She decides to rescind her offer due to doubts about her ability to give complete job satisfaction as she has no cooking experience The H then asks the h if A Star Is Born plans on becoming a shrine toerpetual chastity and the h has to answer she doesn t know but she is sure she doesn t want to hang with the H any longer This is his to cue to do the roofie kissing thing whereupon the H comments she would be a really fast learner in gourmet fusion skills This food fest is interrupted by the arrival of the nematode and skeevy guy The nematode tries to CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition pay the H off with skeevy guys money but the H tells them thatlan is a no go cause he is a Pirate and he is keeping the h as bounty The h is to be his nanny for his little daughter This is news to everybody and nematode has to work at the hotel as the manager and The Ornament (Ornament, pay the money he owes to the H back out of his salary Skeevy guy storms off and we can finally get off this islandThe H explains to the wildly befuddled but relieved h that his wife is dead and has been for a year but she hadarents that were even avaricious than she was and that is saying something The evil in laws want to contest custody of his child and make the H ay a lot of money for maintenance but the H is going to marry the h for the look of thing and with a wife the evil in laws don t have a case The h will marry him for a year the evil in laws will go away and the little girl can go to the most stringent convent school the H can find after the year is up The h had been lanning on jumping ship and hiding out but she feels bad for any little girl who has a Pirate Devil for a dad so she will go and be her friend The H and h marry for the look of the thing and the H mentions that the h doesn t have to worry he already has a mistress so gourmet meal Rant preparation won t be reuired from the h The h now worries about how she and Le Diable s spawn will get along The H has made it very clear that he and his late wife were NOT friends and NOT compatible she basically wandered off for seven years and then wandered back and died at the H s estate when her luck ran out The H doesn t seem to care very much and the h gets the first look at his estate She is a bit disappointed there is no Gothic gloomy ruin with a skull and crossbones flying in the wind it is just your run of the mill average 50 room house with white stucco and nice gardens The This book read like an old 1940 s black and white movie The cast of characters Sammyoor innocent girl who is forced to marry our hero Roche to save herself from a worse fate Roche the dark brooding husband is unkind to his innocent wife He has secrets than the intelligence communityElvira the beautiful housekeeperother woman in the hero s life Solange the hero s traumatized daughter from his first marriage Liliane the neighbor who just seems so lovely and friendlyl. Ry with Roche DelacroixWith her stepfather ready to sell her favors to clear his gambling debts Roche represented Samma's only avenue of escape from an unthinkable future on Cristoforo.


Especially to Solange Marie Christine the deceased wife who caused as many Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM problems in death as she did in life Her specter is still haunting their lives El Diable the ghost of the hero s ancestor who was a infamousirate It is said to still haunt their home to this day With such a cast of characters you know that there will be drama angst and danger The book was so wonderfully written that I fell into it and devoured it It was so deliciously over the top with the drama that I could easily visualize the actors I would cast for the main characters This one was fun for me because I love dark classic movies This one is going on my Read Again list Samma is sketching Challenged to Win portraits for tourists down by the docks when she catches sight ofiratical Roche lolling about on a swanky yacht He gives her a You are too young to know what this means but I would totally dominate you in the bedroom and have you begging for look Samma irritated lampoons him in artSo he takes her on board his yacht and spanks her Kinky I know Sara Craven will just slip this sort of thing in occasionally without developing some full blown BDSM out of it Samma is 19 She works for her stepfather at his hotel as an unpaid dogsbody Her stepfather is looking forward to trading her to some disgusting rich fat man for enough money to keep his struggling business afloat Samma is fully aware that she s on the sexual chopping block and is bitter about it She dreams of going to art school in London The axe falls on her sexual chopping block the morning after Samma decides to go skinny dipping in the employee s swimming Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons pool Look I know she s got that whole brain hasn t formed yet to fully appreciate risks but this isretty gross I can t imagine that employee swimming ools are ristine environments under the best of circumstances but the risks of The Color of a Leader picking up some nasty bacteria from a swimmingool attached to a hotel about to go under must be Into the Planet pretty astronomical I know a bit of spandex isrobably no real Dusk (Rosales Saga, protection against cryptosporidium but eww Anyway Samma gets a feeling like she s being watched She isWith her fate as fat rich man slaything is decided Samma goes to Roche for help Maybe he can take her away in his yacht She will totally work her George Washingtons Secret Six passage in some decent and moral way Nah says Roche we re getting married That s my final offerSo up until thisoint Roche has been all sexy innuendo but now he 360s on the whole idea of getting in Samma s ants Is she crazy He has sexy women lined up at the foot of his bed He has a mistress No what Roche wants is a white lady stepmother for his demon spawn daughter He has to get married otherwise a judge might award custody of his daughter to his dead wife s family Then he would have to ay those leeches maintenance and The Caretaker probably they will make his daughter horrible Well horrible He dismisses Samma s observation that she s a teenager as immaterial I admire Samma for being self aware enough to know this is ridiculous It almost makes up for her baby name which I really dislike She s willing to go along with it because Roche is clearly a terrible father and her own experience with her terrible stepfather has made her sympathetic of what theoor daughter must be suffering Plus now that he s Clara After Dark - 01 pretending he doesn t want her she really digs himSo Samma marries Roche and they go home to his island where he owns a casino hotel Of course she convinces a judge that she s a fitarent and then it s off to Roche s remote mansion far away from civilisation Here Roche Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens, plans to abandon her to a house full of servants and the daughter he s being all gothic about All the way there Samma is obsessing about this mistress What s she like Does she live with Roche in his hotel Is Roche in love with her Does she like spankingsWaiting out front is the sexy housekeeper and Samma s all oh there she is and now I understand why he didn t just marry her The sexy housekeeper is a woman of colour and while this is not the reason Roche didn t marry her what really distracted me was whether Samma was being racist or whether she thought everyone else was so racist that trashy teenage white girl with an English accent always trumps educated competent woman of colour Sexy housekeeper started out as a nurse and looked after demon spawn daughter s lush mum While she s likeable her competence is a little uestionable She hasn t managed to work out the gothic forces at work behind lush mum s untimely death and the cause of demon spawn daughter s disturbing anxiety attacksSamma is not an instant hit with the daughter The daughter is having a just terrible time of it and her father is definitely neglecting her She is really messed up and totallyrimed to grow up to be the unstable and wicked other woman in a romance novelSamma s got a difficult job She gets to stumble through all the gothic mysteries and be a complete failure at raising a demon spawn while she yearns for Roche s attention and curses him for making her feel this way while he s off having fun with other women She s Over the River Through the Wood pretty and sillyRoche in the manner of many ridiculously alpha men shoots himself in the foot with that mistress comment Sure I get that he had hisride and didn t want Samma to know at first just how much he was anting after her And then later when he was super in love with her he didn t want her to know the ower she had over his delicate feelings He s like that guy you knew when you were a teenager the guy who was kind of geeky and didn t have a girlfriend but flat out insisted that he was totes experienced at sex and how dare anyone imply otherwise Roche s only redeeming feature is that he is torturing himself over his feelings for SammaI always like a gothic and enjoy Kenyattas Jiggers people being idiots so this was fun There s a reference that seems to suggest Roche might start spending time at home but it wasn t very convincing While they get to declare their love at the end and it s all rosy I suspect these two will still end up living separate lives until their marriage ends It s sad that Samma willrobably never get to go to art college in London because her destiny is motherhood Hopefully the island has a good art school and an artist community and she can go hang out there while the kids are at school This was ridiculously fun or ridiculous depending on your mood or ability to suspend disbelief There are excellent spoiler reviews below so I won t go into the Coupage (Blood Nation plot details Instead I ll list what made this a five star fun read for me1 Heroheroine meet cute She draws him as airate he acts like a In Search of Julien Hudson pirate toward her complete with manhandling and a uick spanking2 Air of menace from all sides first at the skeevy casino her stepfather owns then at the Diablo s house with rumors of the first wife s death lipstick warnings on the mirror and a cut up dress straight out of Jane Eyre3 Evilrecocious child who needs love4 Standoffish hero who blows hot and cold5 Mysterious housekeeper Raintree (Raintree, poisonous neighbor OTT OWs make my day6 The buildup to the consummation of their marriage lasted the entire book and the heroine s invitation to the hero to view spoiler leave his clothes on the chair was theerfect callback to the beginning of their relationship hide spoiler. IslandOnly a few hours earlier the lips that opened the suggestive negotiation had made Samma so thoroughly aware of being female Samma couldn't help feeling that life was doubly unfair.

Anne Bushell was born on October 1938 in South Devon England just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books She was always a voracious reader some of her all time favorites books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Middlemarch by George Eliot Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and The Code of the Woosters by P G Wodehous

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