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Of Homeland Security and the leader of the. Nd Analysis was underminedMost importantly the nation s security has been compromised uring a critical time when a significant omestic terrorist threat is growing This book is replete with case studies and interviews with leaders which reveal their agendas how they recruit and how they operate around the country It presents a comprehensive account of an ever growing security concern at a time when this threat is only beginning to be realized and is still largely ignored in many circle.

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Right Wing Resurgence ✓ BOOK BY Daryl Johnson – edelicate.com

In April of 2009 Daryl Johnson was a veter. In 2008 there were 149 militia groups in the United States In 2009 that number than tripled to 512 and now there are nearly 600 In Right Wing Resurgence author Daryl Johnson offers a etailed account of the growth of right wing extremism and militias in the United States and the ever increasing threat they pose The author is an acknowledged expert in this area and has been an intelligence analyst working for several federal agencies for nearly 20 years The book is also a first hand insi.

An intelligence analyst for the Department. Der s account of the DHS Right Wing Extremism report from the person who wrote it It is a truthful epiction of the facts circumstances and events leading up to the leak of this official intelligence assessment The leak and its aftermath have had an adverse effect on homeland security Because of its alleged mishandling of the situation the Department s reputation has eclined in the intelligence and law enforcement communities and the analytical integrity of the Office of Intelligence

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