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Ted there is a fair amount of rape in this book so you ve been warnedThe book reads like a cheesy straight to video horror movie and as violent and xplicit as it is I found myself laughing out loud it s suarely in the so bad it s good category As a child reading this I didn t find it funny but years later reading this with a mature mind I see just how amateurish this one is and a lot of it came across as unintentional comedyI was both repulsed and Garden Bouquets and Beyond entertained mostlyntertained William W Johnstone s handling of rape particularly of the statutory variety in the books I ve read of his thus far Sandman and now Sweet Dreams brings to mind one of my favorite tweets My Not involved in human trafficking T shirt has people asking a lot of uestions already answered by my shirt All the good guys in Johnstone s books The Unseen Wonder express revulsion at women and children being raped and are always uick to condemn itbut there suuuure is a LOT of it in these booksAnyway this one s a definite step down from Sandman but it s not without meritither Johnstone focuses less on over the top action and gore and doubles down on the The Management Bible erotica and boy is it delightfully painful read She opened her legs and pulled him to her one hand gripping his hot stiffness and guiding him into her hot softness There s way rape too described in graphic and awkward detail If you re a woman of any age and you wander into a Johnstone novel God be with you Somewhere around page 200 the story actually becomes uite a bit of fun as the grotesue gore makes a grand appearance there s some very silly and very fun time warp stuff plus a whole heaping of ridiculous haunted house shenanigans Everything before page 200 however is fairly middling and only recommended for those who don t mind uite a bit of sexual assault and the constant lingering threat of the 10 year old protagonist being raped in their horror novels I ve only read two of his novels but I m fascinated with Johnstone There s no structure to this story in the slightest he reuses descriptions ad nauseum take a swigvery time someone s Zu schnell eyes are described as dead and it s obvio. Its shimmering core like moths to a flameTheerie change in the slumbering Missouri town could only be seen by one child Innocent ten year old Heather sensed the chill of darkness in her schoolmates' vac.

Fun trashy read that didn t ultimately hold my attention I just discovered that this is the messed up horror novel I read in junior high that was far too adult for me at the time Full of gratuitous sex and rape this has trigger warning written all over it despite the fact that it features a child and stuffed bear on the cover I have a history with this book I first read it years ago when I was barely a teenager It was probably the first mature novel I had Sleepless (Bird of Stone, ever read and I remembernjoying it at the time Truth be told I should not have been reading it at the age that I did I was too young for this materialThis book is loaded with sex and violence a lot of of it is rape and a lot of the violence is gruesome stuff The language is also very harshThe story isn t xactly original Basically you have this small sleepy town in Missouri where veryone knows ach other There s this erie light that s been seen by many for years and yet no one really knows what it is There is also an archaeological dig site in the area Long story short the light houses a malevolent Native American figure that has been waiting to be reborn and according to a character in the book is insane and has been without women for a very long time This creature known as a Manitou basically takes over the people of the townexcept for that special few that are not affectedof course The Manitou puts Invisible (The Curse of Avalon everyone under its influence and turns them into shells of themselves A nurturing mother suddenly becomes a sexual deviant whoncourages her husband to rape another womanin her words Hurt her Jack while she watchesvisibly aroused for Yummy Supper exampleThe two main characters in the book are a gifted boy and girl who began to notice odd things going on They begin to notice a change in their once wholesome parents suddenly their parents become hostile towards them and say crude things andven go as far as to have orgies at night while they are in bed The kids are specialwell of course they are They are surrounded by a small group of adults one being an Indian who claims to be a witch doctor who just happens to know verythingAs sta. It could only be seen in the dead of night The satanic glow swirled above the old railroad tracks pulsating with vil flickering with the light of hell itself And it drew the young people of Good Hope to.

Us he s making Deep Listening everything up as he goes along adding new characters and new villains at the drop of hat forgetting about the old story set ups and antagonists then ultimately bringing the story to a conclusion that s almost an anti pay off afterverything that s been built up He s xtremely pro police Bob Vanderhorn looked at Larry sudden fear in his wise cop s yes and very religious as far as I could tell all the good guys are good Christians and the bad guys are not but his books are filled with shamelessly lewd sexuality and depraved gore and violence that put most other horror authors to shame He really is the literary Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature euivalent to Lloyd Kaufman and lateightiesearly nineties Roger Corman But you know what they say writing a book is cheaper than therapy I remember this book from when I was in Jr High Cheesy as all hell but a very scary and disturbing read for a 13 year old girl If I recall it had some pretty sickening material that goes far and beyond that what most people consider the horror genre Ghosts raping people random consensual and non consensual sex violence an Lara and the Gray Mare (Hoofbeats: Lara and the Gray Mare, evil spiritgodsatan that was making people see crap they feared that wasn t real Also whenever this one character tried to leave town they d forget what they were doing right after they crossed the border and head back into the nightmare One of the scenes I recall most vividly is of a school teacher being gang raped by her students who were all worshiping somevil godSatan who had control of the town Trajan etc It was really basically a mish mash of all the stereotypical crap one finds in a horror novelmovie plus one thousand degrees with no real plot or character dev Ok This book was completely gory perverse and disturbing But that s what I remember of him It had a lot of characters some that I liked than others The story line was confusing He started with a light to a manitou to a house that had a disturbing history yet we never completely understand the role of it and how it connected to the characters The flesh wall was kinda neat I wouldn t recommend this to ppl who are sueamish or can t handle a lot. Ant stares thevil festering in their hearts But no one listened to her terrified screams No one believed the nightmare was true And now it was Heather's turn to feed the hungry spirit with her very soul.

Read Epub Sweet Dreams –

Read Sweet Dreams

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