BOOK FREE The Paleoconservatives New Voices of the Old Right author Joseph Scotchie –

BOOK FREE The Paleoconservatives New Voices of the Old Right uthor Joseph Scotchie –

Paleoconservatism s concept came into circulation during the 1980s s rejoinder to the rise of neoconservatism It signifies Sparrow Road a brand of conservatism that rose up in opposition to the New Deal setting itselfgainst the centralizing trends that define modern politics to champion the republican virtues of self governance A Banner With a Strange Device: A Novel of Boston and celebrate the nation's variednd colorful regional cultures This volume brings together key writings of the major representatives of Old Right thought past nd presentThe essays included here define coherent intellectual tradition linking New York libertarians to unreconstructed Southern traditionalist.

S to Midwestern grarians Part I is devoted to the founding fathers of the modern conservative movement Essays by Frank Chodorov Murray Rothbard nd James Burnham Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World attack economicspects of the New Deal big government in general nd high taxes Russell Kirk introduces the cultural paleoconservatism with its preference for social classes nd distinctions of ge nd sex while Richard Weaver explains why culture is important to civilization's survival than mere material conditionsThe second part covers the contemporary resurgence of the Old Right Chilton Williamson Jr sets out the rgument gainst large scale immigration on cultu.

Ral nd economic grounds The divisive issue of trade is covered William Hawkins outlines mercantilist trade policy t odds with the free trade libertarianism of Chodorov nd Rothbard On education Allan Carlson goes further than the Beltway Right in his dvocacy of home schooling ME Bradford shows how the doctrine of euality of opportunity inevitably leads to greater nd tyrannical state ction The contemporary culture wars Locked and Loaded (U.S. Marshals, are the focus of Thomas Fleming Paul Gottfried Clyde Wilsonnd Samuel Francis who search for the roots of American nationalism the lessons to be drawn from the past Past Destinies and how they may bepplied in the futur.

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