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Tions and plenty of beer And that s what makes this so good Clues for figuring out the killer are cleverly ropped along the way and if you re a Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, detective as well as a reader I m not you might be able to figure out the killer with Melchior Melchior is an interesting main character and while the women in this bookon t Her Nine Month Confession do meaningful things his wife Keterlyn at least had some role The other characters seemed interesting enough and Io hope some of them pop up in the following stories because I see potential for A Southern Reunion development After reading uite a bit of mediocre stuff picking up something that really captivated me and made me want to read one chapter way past my bedtime iteserves five stars I m Let It Go definitely going to pick up the next book as well Yesespite not liking Medieval stuff at all Look how a good book can make you interested in something you thought you hate This English translation actually pissed me off so that is the reason for the 3 out of 5 rating although I gave the Estonian original Apteeker Melchior ja Oleviste m istatus a 5 out of 5 as i very much enjoyed the characters and the plotMysteries in general mediaeval settings Estonian authors and translations from Estonian are some of my favourites So it was especially isheartening to see this 1st English language translation of the Apothecary Melchior series of mediaeval mystery novels undermined by faulty copy editing I started marking the typos and mistranslations about halfway through after they had started to bug me So the list below is likely not complete as I only uickly rescanned the first halfProbably a glossary would have helped as well especially in the case of untranslated words such as the obscure volume measurement of a t nder 133 litres on pages 212 222 and obscure coins such as the Gotland rtug the Tallinn artig the Polish grosz But I guess that is what wikipedia is forThe cover also seems a bit off the blotchy black on the right hand side looks as if the printing was smeared although perhaps it was an intended artistic effectI would have hoped for future improvements but I am 40 pages into the English translation of the 2nd Melchior called Apothecary Melchior and the Ghost of Rataskaevu Street and there are already 3 typos in those first few pages Hey anybody at Peter Owen Publishers I would read these for you for free Your editor seems to only be oing an automated spellcheck which The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue doesn t catch the missing words or inappropriate changes in tense Note I ve read other translations by Adam Cullen and they have been perfect eg Mihkel Mutt s The Cavemen Chronicle from Dalkey Archive Publishers so I really think the fault is with the publisher editor hereStray Observations Indrek Harglaoes a terrific job of incorporating mediaeval urban legends of Tallinn into his mystery plots and also makes an effort at research into historical characters where appropriate The character Spanheim really was once the Grand Master of the Tallinn Livonian branch of the Teutonic Order although it was in the year 1415 and not 1409 when the novel takes place There seems to be some foreshadowing that Apothecary Melchior will found the Tallinn Town Apothecary store on Town Hall Suare which is historically ated back to 1422 At least Melchior seems to have it as a future goal The Curse of the Melchior Wakenstede male line is unexplained but I imagine it as some sort of migraine headache Perhaps it is clarified in a future book in the series Typos Mistranslationspg 55 and the Order had further fortified it further pg 55 Ruprecht was said to have entered the Teutonic Order as young boy pg 65 The Danes were hacked to pieces within the church and stacked their corpses on the altar pg 127 you are at the sea s mercy when are a sailor pg 179 because he id not have to go far to go pg 186 is unlikely to able to counter pg 205 I Die Konigreiche Israel Und Juda Im 9. Jahrhundert V. Chr. d already came to that conclusion pg 230 a Court servant who had had been looking for him pg 249 heidn t show his face it to strangers pg 256 And the there was the fact pg 256 the confessor could have been Wigbold the word not is missing either a typo or a mistranslation In any case this is the exact opposite of what was in the original Estonianpg 259 so tried it out on Tweffell s horse pg 261 I asked myself whether it could someone who pg 278 so what could I to o the. Oveljien vierasmaalasiten kirkonrakentajien ja maankiertäjien joukossa tuntuu monella olevan motiivi raakaan surmatyöhön Mutta ennen kuin syyllinen on löydetty ehtii vielä yksi jos toinenkin menettää henkens.

Summary Apteeker Melchior ja Oleviste mõistatus

ebook pdf Apteeker Melchior ja Oleviste mõistatus BY Indrek Hargla – edelicate.com

I will start by saying I was lucky enough to receive a free copy from GoodReads giveaways for this book Which sat for far too long in my TBR pile for which I apologise too many books too little timeThe thoughts are of course my own and not influenced by the fact it was a freebieThis is uite possibly the first Estonian book I have ever read the translation is good although maybe too literal in a couple of places I have only a passing knowledge of the Teutonic knights Hanseatic law and know nothing of Tallin so the After the Rubicon descriptions of setting which were new and interesting to meThe story itself is a Medieval whodunnit in the brother Cadfael vein about a spate of murders taking place in the town and castle in the early part of the 15th Century It is a little pat in places with significant events happening to the second to make the plot work That said it held my attention to the end and while I was suspicious but not sure of whom was responsible and had no idea of motive A well put together story in an unfamiliar setting Well worth considering if you are a fan of historical fiction and mysteries This was nice old school mystery located in Estonia It was nice to learn about medieval Estonia and Tallinna especially A likeable main character and some interesting supporting ones A bit of a gruesome start but a solid plot Interesting that many chapters are only a few pages I really enjoyed this story and will be searching out English translations of the other books in the series This was recommended to me because it s set in Tallinn which is where I went this summer to research Latvia for a book I m working on It s two hundred years before my time period but It s great for atmosphere and background The pace is a little slow or should I say measured but the mystery is solved in the end The person who recommended itid warn me that it wasn t the best translation but I could forgive the slightly pedestrian prose because of the background with the merchants the Hanseatic League and Lubeck Law One thing that A Prescription for Murder did puzzle me was that Tallinn was referred to as Tallinn but its old name was Reval Was that a translation thing or have I misunderstood my history Melchior is the town apothecary turned sleuth and he s coopted when a important personage is killed on the Toompea and pretty soon it seems as though the town has a serial killer on its hands This was a treat from start to finish It s a historical novel set in Tallinn Estonia specifically Toompea the hilly part of the city in the fifteenth century Amongst the town of foreign merchants and engineersesigning the wonderful new St Olav s Church the Apothecary is a respected figure Melchior administers the various medicines and ispenses advice ignoring superstition and ignorance in favour of new science When there is a mysterious murder he is called in to help investigate But the murder mystery plays second fiddle to the backdrop of the town and its characters Hargla writes with considerable ry humour and an extensive knowledge of the Accounting for Taste day It s hard not to make some comparisons with Black Adder but this is muchrier and the wonderful cast of characters are great entertainment Two of the most important sections of the mystery take place at the beer tasting or Smeckeldach He had to praise them truthfully and with enthusiasm the Great Guild s mark beer the Hamburg style brew Tallinn beer and the six veering beer Nevertheless Melchior shouted with even greater resonance when Wunbaldus began to tap the Dominican s spring brews including a laurel beer and his bock which now stood triumphantly like a flag bearing knight atop his enemy s towerThe brutality of life in the 1400 s is evident alsoThe fee was once four silver coins and a cask of beer for a hangingIt was a sorrowful tale indeed and meant that Toompea Anarchist Modernism did not have its own executioner at presentuartering costs For a uartering the executioner must be paid six silver coins and two casks of beer on the spotI was needing something special in the murder mystery genre and this is certainly that I notice there is a second translation in the series which I look forward to Large thanks for my Estonian friend for this book as a gift and a steer in itsirection It certainly works as an advertisement for a visit to Tallinn also I really enjoyed this book and Tallinna vuonna 1409 Korkea arvoinen saksalaisritari saa surmansa Toompealla hämärissä olosuhteissa Murhaaja näyttää paenneen kaupunkiin joten Toompeaa hallitseva ritarikunta vaatii Tallinnan kaupunginraatia.

Ow I want to go to Estonia I so wanted to give this one Apothecary Melchior and the mystery of St Olaf s Church four stars maybe I will change it some An Audience of Artists day Historical mysteries are my favourite genre when it comes to lighter reading and I felt this had the right amount of history in it and in addition it was probably the first book I had ever read that had been written in Estonian We the speakers of small andor Finno Ugric languages should stick together proposoes anyone know any good maybe contemporary fiction written in HungarianI thought the mystery and the plot was uite good it was even based on some real events I suppose I have to rely on the author to have written accurately about the life in Tallinn at the time I A Dogs Head don t know too much about it and the Finnish history isifferent The History of Cartography, Volume 3 during that time It was interesting nevertheless and I learned something new about the Victual Brothers And I found a new book to read about the piracy in that eraThe one thing Iidn t care too much was the characters They weren t very interesting and I felt that especially the wife of Melchior only existed so that the author could explain things to the reader The fact that she view spoilerhadn t even noticed anything between Killian and Gerdrud hide spoiler Indrek Hargla is one of those Estonian authors almost every Estonian seems to have read and loved Or if they haven t read anything by him then at the very least the name is familiar as he is one of the top selling Estonian authors in recent years This one is my first encounter with his work and I admit that it may not have been my brightest idea to get acuainted with an Estonian author in English as this translation seemed kind of sloppy and in fact someone had corrected grammar in several places in my library copyIt started off kind of slow for me with a ton of His Virgin Secretary different characters that I couldn t remember all that well at first But hey I can live with that as it s not all that uncommon to jump head first into a new book and need some time to acclimatise with all the new charactersUnfortunately though I really had to force myself through as I found the storytellingownright boring It Bachelors and Bunnies didn t grip me as I had hoped and well Iidn t particularly care for the apothecary who seemed to wink at everyone and not spend much time at his apothecaryWell yes the crime mystery s result surprised me in the end as I Both Hands Tied didn t figure out the killer myself but truth be told I grew tired of all the mostly unnecessary background information that I may have kind of skimmed the important parts and read only the parts where some sort of conversation was happening The ending had a kind of a Agatha Christie vibe to it in my mind as Melchior gathered all of the possible suspects and people of the law together and told them a long story with all kinds ofetails he had Bread of Dreams discovered along the way This part was the most interesting one for meI know that I m kind of picking onetails here but I cannot stand the way they called Tallinn Tallinn and not Reval as Reval would be the appropriate name for the time Also Tartu seemed to be Tartu not Dorpat as would ve been appopriate After all it would ve Beth Sholom Synagogue demanded only a small footnote or something to the readers And in the end Io not understand what so many Estonian readers see in his books I Calvinists Incorporated do hope it s just a case of it s just me and not the book Or maybe it s just the case of the translation and I should try Hargla s books in my mother tongue insteadThe Book Challengers blog The Book Challengers Instagram The Book Challengers Twitter This wasn t a perfect book but itoes get full 5 stars because it took me by surprise and proved me wrong Here s the thing I Building Ideas don t care for Medieval stuff Like at all It s always too many swords horses and mud and not enough womenoing meaningful things for my liking And really this book has all those things but Betting on Ideas despite that I found myself liking it immensely once I got into the story Itoes help that it s set in Tallinn one of my favourite cities and plenty of those places mentioned in the story still stand in the city So yes a sword is used to kill someone and that sets off a hunt for the killer Melchior the apothecary of the town gets himself involved and in the end figures out the killer That all happens after a few bodies some riddles old tradi. Ottamaan murhaajan kiinni Oikeusvouti saa avukseen nokkelan apteekkari Melchiorin joka ammattinsa ansiosta on hyvin perillä kaupungilla liikkuvista huhuista Raatimiesten ja ritarien ominikaanimunkkien ja maallikk.

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