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Ling this was giving me and the closest I can come is ense but that is not really correct either This The Gnadiges Fraulein. does reuire concentration but that is not conscious Davies lures you into her world and you are so invested that it takes effort to pull yourself out I think maybe rich and vivid is the words I m looking for or maybe alive Itoesn t really matter I m sure you understand by now that this was a story that I really got into and enjoyed As you probably have gathered by now I think this is an excellent Unscrewed debut by Davies My only complaint is that I wish there was to read I reallyidn t want this book to end This is an Epic Fantasy novel that showcases the genre at its best a book you really American Musicians don t want to miss every Fantasy fan should have this in their collection Davies is an author we hopefully will be seeing much to in years to come I know I ll be eagerly awaiting her next novelNOTE I received an ARC of this book from the author1977 saw the publication of The Sword of Shannara Terry Brooks and the first Thomas Covenant book Lord Foul s Bane Ion t remember where I saw this mentioned as the birth of modern Fantasy but the article made a very good case for it And since I use it here I obviously agreeThis review was originally published on my blog 4 StarsThis is a tough book for me to review as overall I had a His Convict Wife (Convict Wives difficult keeping my interest and focus on the story This book is very reminiscent of a George RR Martin novel in that it is a book that contains a large cast that is entwined in political strife The book plays out like a bigrama where Toyota Management System dialogue moves the story forward than action or pl This is a book that came out of nowhere basically I got interested as it has the same title with the huge Miles Cameronebut as it was pointed to me here on Goodreads so I checked the sample and it was compelling so much so that I had to read the novel nextIn The Perfect Indulgence describing this book I would say that the narrative pull is extremely high the main characters impressive in so far they are larger than life heroic and competent but broughtown though of course not for long by schemers meddlers and authorial intent that made kings and councilors act extremely stupid the world building mediocre or anyway not at the A level of recent Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, debuts like mage s blood or Blood Song and the storyline is soap opera with knights sorcery treason and blood villains are cartoonish and the storyline has all the flourishes one expects in soap operaThis being said the power of the narrative and the compelling main characters Alyda Talin Garian carry theay and i am efinitely interested in As sf this would have worked much better since there one can get away with much campiness so to speak but high class fantasy needs high class world building and a storyline that oes not California Living depend on the stupidity of the movers and shakers to make sense so this series is not yet there but the author s narrative power should get it to the top with time should have a fbc review in November most likely withetail and some uotes for both the and aspects but the compelling soap opera with knights and sorcery is very good shorthand So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, description for the book A fantasy series written by woman with a main character which is also a womanAnd shouldn t it have a seuel already It s a high fantasy book I can call understandable The plot flows youon t have to try very hard to feel involved or break your neck trying to understand the schemes and intrigues A page turner sort of book It might feel familiar knighthood magic war battle themes and some ideas might seem like you heard them before but it still managed to surprise me a couple of time It has uirky Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty dialogues funny moments cruel moments lovely moments some boring moments That s why I can t give i 5 I felt like some ideas could have hadepth or should have been given Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book developmentA fact to applause the main character is a female knight And I really loved that there was bunch of female characteroing roles that mostly belong to men in fantasy Even if book was written in 2012 it still hold it s value nowadays And I on t know if that was it but following her Alyda Stenna perspective as a Captain was particularity interesting The story has a romance story line and the ending I really would have loved to see continued. E hunts for an assassin through the streets of the capital while the knights bask in the adoration of the crowdsThis is just the beginningBoth will fight overwhelming odds in a bid to save the kingdom War and betrayal will test them to their limits One will rise; one will fall; both will be changed forever.

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The Red Knight has a rather large cast but two or three principal characters and maybe just the one Letting it Go depending on how you count it Captain Alydia Stenna is in charge of the First Company of Antian Royal Guards Garian is an unofficial spy in the service of Lord Hyram Darius king of Antia unofficial spymaster Alydia and the First were part of a recent victory against a neighboring country but they were forced to play that role when Darius brother Jerim never came to the field with his promised troops Prince Talin is a passable knight but also has a reputation as a bit of a layabout he s been assigned to Stenna s company to toughen them out While looking for proof that Jerim is conspiring against the crown with the Guthland thane Ulyan Redbeard Garian falls in with a tribe of shapeshifters and meets the love of his life Alydia and Talin go through a will they or won t they sort of thing where Alydia goes through a long phase of being convinced any relationship would be inappropriate The ending to the romance isn t a surprise but the book itself is a pleasant one with a well rounded cast full of people to root for and against and a lot of fun events and plot twistsBy a strange coincidence this was the second book called the Red Knight that I read in a month s time the first being Miles Cameron s Cameron s book is undeniably intricately plotted andetailed but I think it s Davies that ultimately winds up being enjoyable It s got a lighter tone without being completely a farce and honestly the main characters just feel a bit human and likable not better per se but likable Tonally and in terms of plot it s kind of a mix between Cameron s high fantasy war and something like the caper fantasy of Patrick Weekes Palace Job It s admittedly got its flaws it s an immersive type fantasy and it took me a few chapters to get my footing and the AlydiaTarin romance is of the sort where the outcome is a foregone conclusion and they jump from initial stage to The One Who Stays (Summer Island, deepest love really really uickly But those are two minor complaints in the face of much bigger positives First it s worth noting that not only is Antia home to male and female knights it s also a sex positive book in a subgenre that tends towards fantasy worlds filled with misogynistic characters that means something to me My favorite example of this and theefinite break out character of the book is Lady Iris Berwick aka Bear Tarin s best friend and a raunchy ass kicking knight who can shapeshift into a werebeast But Alydia herself is no slouch and reminds me a lot of the female protagonists from Tamora Pierce s fantasy novels that s a compliment In fact Alydia s whole company is a pretty cool set of characters though it s her suire Jaime that gets the most attention Multple kinds of attention Nicely Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, done Jaime Add some treacherous knights nefarious sorcerers and multiple villains to the mix and it s a really compelling fantasy world Admittedly it s not breaking the mold for uasi medieval fantasy but just by really committing to putting women on an eual standing it feels fresh I hope I made it clear that s far from the only thing the book has going for it but it sefinitely a point in its favorMy only other complaint is that it s clearly written as just an initial foray into a fantasy world This is absolutely the kind of book where I Smijurija u mjerama d go out and immediately buy the second if it was available but so far there s no word of a seuel I ll just have to keep an eye out for Davies 5 stars Enjoyable book Fantastic Really enjoyed K T s Breed books and was excited to read this one I wasn tisappointed Subtly Speer different from her other work at least that which I have read but maintains the sameark edginess and humour that I loveA triumph I only hope there will be a follow up I stumbled across this book as an accident as I was looking for another book by the same title Lucky for me this book was pretty awesome lots of war porn with hints of magic I can t wait to read the next book Earlier this year I read the anthology Day of Demons published by Anachron Press and one of the highlights was The Deal by K T Davies It was a fun fantasy tale and it left me keen to read of the author s work The good news is that recently I got the chanceWhen I read fantasy I ex Firstly. A thousand years have passed since the Clan Lords and the Fey commanded Ultralearning dragons and raised mighty citadels The remnants of their ancient power lieormant and a new conflict threatens the kingdom of AntiaKing Daris rules a peaceful and prosperous land but his conniving brother Jerim covets the throne and

This book should be mandatory reading for people who want to write gritty fantasy set in pseudo Middle Ages settings Why Because it manages to avoid every annoying clich associated with this kind of story while still having an exciting plot and a perfectly realistic world Secondly this book will serve as satisfying ammo against all those people who believe a fantasy story with a historically influenced society can t have interesting female characters No need for those annoying circular logic arguments just hand them a copy of The Red Knight and tell them to get back to youI loved this book Everything in it was familiar yet surprising making me smile with The Ring Of The Dove delight each time a particular trope was subverted The rebellious sex loving sidekick of the prin This is one of those Epic Fantasy novels that show how far Epic Fantasy has come since the birth of its modern incarnation in 1977 There is of course elements that you will recognise from the Fantasy novels of the 1980s it wouldn t really be Epic Fantasy if there weren t but this is a novel that shows how Epic Fantasy has grown up in the last 36 years I was uicklyragged into the story by Davies s writing and after the first chapter I was already invested in the story and the characters When we first meet the main character it s on the battlefield a setting that Davies brings vividly to life both here and later in the novel But I want to begin with the main character Captain of the First Company of the Antian Royal Guards Alyda Stenna Davies The Lost Literature of Medieval England does a great job with Alyda she s a great warrior and a great leader but she never stops being a female Neither is she a character that in any way is a male in women s clothing she is just a female soldier who has risen to lead and in the world Davies has created that is something completely natural What it really boilsown to is that in Alyda we get a character that is very realistic while being larger than life in the way a heroic lead of any work of fiction needs to be to make it through the trials and tribulations they are given Alyda isn t the only great character in this book making characters that feel fully alive is one of Davies s strengths There are no cardboard cut outs here but complex living people who have their own hopes and motives for what they A Curse of Kings do We are firmly in the upper reaches of society when it comes to the main characters but thatoesn t really matter in that it is necessary to tell this exact story There is however many supporting characters that come from lower in the ranks this is not solely a story of the aristocracy I mentioned the word ranks above and it is a central theme there we are mostly in a military setting Something that brings us to the middle of the central conflict A conflict I might add that is what really gives us the basis for a great story We see what is happening through few eyes and because of that we Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, don t get a ringside seat to everything that is going on Itoes however bring us much closer to the events that are Im a Narwhal described The story is almost intimate in nature because of the viewpoints used and for Epic Fantasy my experience is that can be a bit hit or miss here it is a bullseye Davies writes in a way that really makes you invest emotionally in what is happening to the characters she has created As the story progresses that creates a lot of tension The story goes its own ways and you just have to come along to see what is happening You re never really sure what is going to happen because Davies s storytellingoesn t follow a formula What we get is instead a complex tale that really comes alive It s also told in a raw and honest manner There s no Hollywood style sanitized violence here it s brutal and at times uncomfortable Davies Madame Timide doesn t filter but gives it to us straight That isn t always pleasant but it makes for great authentic writing It struck me when I read this how much really happened and how much I learned about the world the story is set in There s very little travel to show you the world and weon t get passages where we are subjected to extensive infodumping Still I felt I got a good grip on where all of this was happening and also a sense that there was much outside of that yet to Girl, Woman, Other discover I ve tried to come up with a good way toescribe the fee. Ivil war loomsBut there are worse threats to Antia than mere human greedTwo people will stand against mortal and emonic enemies Alyda Stenna Captain of the Hammer of Antia returns from campaign to a hero’s welcome after prosecuting war abroad with brutal efficiencyGarian Tain the spymaster’s apprentic.

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