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Please if you re interested in a fun light read and you are neither a child nun or mature adult I recommend reading Heather McDonald s My Inappropriate Life Now if only I still had the energy to stay up late on week nights to watch her in action on Chelsea Lately maybe then I can consider myself a super fan Copy provided by Simon Schuster via Netgalley Heather McDonald s first book You ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again was an enjoyable memoir of her humorous tales of virginity but it lacked any laugh out loud moments With this her second book she truly has found her niche In My Appropriate Life each chapter is its own humorous retelling of a story from Heather s life You can read one chapter set it down and then come back to read the next whenever and not feel lost Most are post marriage and ids although there are some from her childhood and young single days You can even jump around from chapter to chapter if you want but seriously why would you do that Heather has some common as well as some uncommon moments that she s not too embarrassed to tell but that we can all relate to One in particular brought out the 10 year old boy in me that enjoys some bathroom humor Reading the chapter about Heather s experience on Chelsea Handler s airplane where she doesn t like anyone to use her personal toilet had me giggling uncontrollably in bed so much and trying to stifle my laughter that my partner thought there was an earthuake going on Although Heather doesn t talk trash about celebrities like Kathy Griffin does she does manage to namedrop and gossip on occasion throughout the book with such celebrities as the aforementioned Chelsea the Kardashians and Joe Francis who started the Girls Gone Wild phenomenon Much like Kathy though Heather feels she s like a D list celebrity trying to hang with the A list celebs so her efforts to climb the proverbial ladder are uite funny too After reading this latest effort by Heather and seeing her do live stand up I m definitely looking forward to comedic tales Although comfortably wealthy and semi famous she s still relatable This book definitely had some funny parts but I could not get comfortable with the writer s point of view It all seemed very People magazine to me Ultimately not worth the time Funny and light however not as many laugh out loud moments as her first book Also many of the stories included were featured in her stand up special so it was a bit tired to Tripper pool party in Vegas Plus she still remains friends with the Kardashians and collects Bravo Housewives like they are bottles of wineJust as laugh out loud funny and irreverent in her storytelling as she is on camera as Chelsea Handler’s partner in crime Heather recounts her misadventures with a disarming candor all her own.

Nto the uasi celebrity world and being an inappropriate mother in Hollywood did just that LOL several times I ve read lots of books by comedians but this one really made me laugh There were so many funny parts in this book that I flew through in uick fashion Her story about planning her husband s funeral in between horrendous bouts of snoring late at night were particularly hilarious I m a big fan of Heather McDonald so I recommend this to fellow fans of hers of course but also anyone looking for a good laugh this one is worth it 4 stars This chick is absolutely hilarious I loved this book I was in serious need of some reading that was light fun and interesting With that in mind I was than happy that the publishing company Simon Schuster provided an ARC copy of Heather McDonald s My Inappropriate Life In the interest of full disclosure I was not a fan of hers per se At least not until now after having read this book I was simply a person who had seen her on Chelsea Lately After Lately and in a few pictures with my favorite Bravo TV housewivesBecause I had a general idea that My Inappropriate Life would be funny there s always a chance that jokes can fall flat or someone is just over hyped in my mind because of their association Her association with one of my favorite comedians and tv personalities Chelsea Handler made me assume she would be awesome and this memoir would be laugh out loud good I admit it s pretty funny and I couldn t stop myself from imagining McDonald living this very inappropriate lifeWhat s most fun about this novel are the weird stories she relays My favorite chapter has got to be the one about the pooping in a plane fiasco There s also the chapter with Suze Orman that definitely had me smiling to myself Thankfully McDonald doesn t have to name drop too much by including hilarious moments that happen with her friends family and stuffed animal children The most endearing uality to this book is although she is a celebrity of sorts she doesn t take herself or her life too seriously Often finding that she s on the outside looking in makes her voice uniue and relatable Although she s seen on television and is clearly of a celebrity than some of the PTA members she meets she still has to deal with real life Real life is teaching her children what words are inappropriate to use standing in line at the amusement park and dreaming of being a Bravo housewife FYI I wish I was a Bravo housewife So. Spin off After LatelyBut life as a grown up even a pretend grown up has its challenges Heather’s a working mom with parents who live next door; a stay at home husband who doesn’t give an inch; a sister who eeps asking for one of her eggs; and a group of neighborhood moms who stopped talking to her when she took her ids to a

Totally laugh out loud silly and yes inappropriate at times but not raunchy or over the top for the shock value effect So crude So funny So can t relate Heather McDonald is my female version of David Sedaris Just INSANE Let me first say that it is a fun light entertaining and easy read On top of that it s a super uick readI started it and then got sidetracked but Friday night when we were having our weekly slumber party night with the boys I got back to itThis was my first mistake I m lying in bed trying to read and be uiet so the boys can sleep When I got to the part about her Hershey s Kiss moment on Chelsea s private plane I died THEN Came the torpedo moment and I lost itThe bed was literally shaking y all I tried to The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, keep it uiet and inch my fat butt out of bed without making too much noise to escape where I could let loose with a loud guffaw noise Donkey s got nothin on me and my braying guysYou might think by the title of this book that Heather is totally irresponsible and X rated and taboo Really She s notIn fact I would venture out there enough to say that it s not that she s inappropriate She s got some inappropriate friends though She ends up in situations that are seriously pricelessShe s a working mother to 2 boys and 1 step daughter and she s a normal galwith an extraordinary job and friends that put her in the most entertaining situationsThe way she can take the ordinary story of taking her children on one of her trips for work to the ending where she s uoting Amy Winehouse song lyrics AwesomeAnd all the stuff in between which is the good stuff that I m not going to spoil for you that gets you to the end where she s uoting those lyrics make total sense As a mom you re going to totally understand why and how this happened In the end It was probably a lil inappropriate that herids were in that situation Did she now before hand Not at allWhich is part of her charm Heather is funny self deprecating loving and irreverent It s an interesting and delightful combo really And yes I totally just said delightfulSomehow I think Heather would smack the crap out of me for using that word in her book reviewI apologize I need to rephrase itperhaps something along the lines ofI d trade my left nipple to live a day in her life read the book and you ll get that Fact I love love LOVE to laugh than anything in the world but it s tough for a book to make me actually Laugh Out Loud but McDonald s adventures In her hilarious New York Times bestseller You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again Heather McDonald recounted her adventures as an unwilling virgin in Hollywood Now happily married with three children Heather writes for and can be seen weekly on E Channel’s hugely successful show Chelsea Lately and also stars in the show’s.

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