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F s Surrender follows the Nocturne formula he s got issues she s got a secret her secret ties into his issues so you know it s leading up to the moment when the truth is going to cause a problem but I don t mind that after all something needs to make the starring pair work for that HEA Wolf s Surrender was a uick read but I do njoy Castle s stories And it really helped that I liked both of the leading characters a lot Mia a woman who s romantic weekend goes oh so wrong when her boyfriend turns out to be a psycho werewolf who bites her and intends to kill her and Nick a protector for his pack who tries to avoid Hot-Blooded Italians entanglements of the female variety but just can t help being drawn to the woman who doesn t fully freak out about thexistence of the supernaturalHeroes are Mlynowski Teen Thriller easy for me to love so it is not hard to love Nick despite his issues but I really like Mia too She is used to taking care of herself so I liked how she pushes for the truth about what the afterffects of a werewolf attack mean to her and how she is determined to make her own choices when others are trying to decide her future for her My only real nit with the story is near the wrap up Nick is a man of few worlds up until the very Reggie end when he gets pretty darn talky while cementing the HEA and that felt just a bit off to me But still that was just a nit and I stillnjoyed the story and wouldn t mind seeing a bit from this world there are a couple alpha males in the supporting cast who would make good leading men Better than average nocturne Mia Nick were both likable and the world building was interesting There were some secondary characters that I can see taking center stage and Switchback enough of the world left toxplore that I hope we see stories in this setting Paranormal romance between a gruff guarded werewolf warrior and the victim of a rogue werewolf he s sent out to retrieveThis is a textbook Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, example of Nocturne paranormal romances in general Noble handsome werewolf hero with issues stunning desirable not too spineless damsel in distress instant attraction Insane villain and a nice but honourable rival wolf for the heroine s affectionsI liked how this wasn t a straight supernatural creaturehuman romance Our heroine has fay blood which gives her a littlextra sparkle and was a nice bonusThe attraction between the protagonists was instant and initially unwanted The hero fights it but caves in very uickly because when it s right its right The author tries to justify the speed of the romance claiming that courtships are accelerated when between werewolves as they just know I went with it for the sake of the book but I m not totally convinced by that xcuse Our heroine is on a romantic weekend with the villain before he tries to sacrifice her and she gets rescued by the hero their courtship lasts less than a month she has to be mated before the next full moon for the story to work it s a bit whirlwind and although this tries very hard to get over that it doesn t for me uite succeedStill much here to njoy The pace was good story ngaging characters sympathetic but it s fairly unoriginal and there s not much here that isn t predictable I ve read better but I ve also read a hell of a lot worse I loved this book I read it in a couple of days I had to read it at bedtime because work and other stuff kept getting in the wayThe book was fast paced and full of action and adventure Mia was Unseelie bitten by a feral werewolf She is about to become something different a faewolf and the key to open a portal for the Shadowkin Nick Jenner is the Lunari for the Blackpaw Pack His job for the pack is protector and Shadowkin hunter He helps Mia come to terms with her knew life while trying to distance himself from his feelings towards Mia Like it or not Mia is his true mate. A man she thought she could trust As the full moon approaches his bite will unleash an inner wolf that can destroy her unless she bonds with a pack But the darkness now stalking her threatens to destroy far including her strong silent guardi.

I njoyed the book a lot I liked the whole packmate setup I thought Mia and Jenner had great chemistry CaddyGirls even if she did fawn over him like a lovesick teen at times I also wished we got to know about the Shadowkin We never really got to knowxactly what they were Were they demons VampiresBut all in all this was definitely a good read Setting Northern Pennsylvania town Ferry s Hollow Nick s home in the woods the woods Theme acceptingembracing ones dark side releasing the past to Assignment embrace the future falling in love defeatingvil CharactersMia D Alessandro nerdy pretty father half dark fae mother with some light fae raised by intolerant grandmother who constantly reminded her that her dark side will destroy she pushes her magic down attracted to needy men came to Ferry s Hollow with a man she has been dating for some months a charming yet moody man they go out for a walk in the moonlight and he starts to change part man part wolf and he bites her and chases her threatening with words that suggest she is part of a ceremony that will be complete when he rapes her but wolves appear he disappears andGrandmother Ada s voice still in her head reminding her she is dark and vil Jeff Gaines of a wealthy were family never measured up joined the Silverback pack challenged the alpha lost and the alpha showed mercy and allowed him to live as long as he never showed himself again has always felt the calling acceptance and love of the dark of the shadowkin they direct him to Mia and her dark fae blood who as a faewolf her blood would open a portal allowing the Shadowkin to take corporeal form in this world so he goes after her he starts the conversion with a bite but being in Blackpaw country he runs when the wolves locate them Nick Jenner Blackpaw pack Lunari shares the alpha s power the nforcer the fighter he called in when what they assume is a rogue wolf bit an innocent Mia seems in shock surprised when notices healing and seems to trust him so he takes her to his house Tess 10 years ago after Nick turned were he thought she was his mate he loved her but she was heeding the call of the Shadowkin ultimately Nick had to kill her as she was No Respect enticing weak humans into the woods to be devoured by the Shadowkin he decided he will never love again Various pack members fighters friends lovers Jayson Bane Alpha powerful talkative tough Kenyon Chase Silverback wants to convert Mia and possibly mate courts her as best he can with Jenner around good fighter Shadowkinnemy of the weres who fight them nightly shadowysmokey half creatures that prey on people s weaknesses killing them to The Spirituality Revolution energize them Murdock a solid influential shadowkin he is influencing Jeff trying to open a portal for his kind to come through and take over this plane ofxistence SummaryThere is a week until the full moon and Mia s first change if she is not taken into a pack via sex she would be feral and she fights for and Nick fights for her right to chose who will initiate her the Silverbacks want to take responsibility for her and his alpha is for throwing her to them plus Nick wants her for herself Nick s words are stay away but his actions are contrary he fixes her breakfast he kisses her he answers her uestions however reluctantly her one night with him stretches to two and when the Silverbacks show interest in her he reacts and keeps her longer she gets him to talk but she isn t sure how to tell him of her nature her magic but she begins to Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) embrace her magic accept it as the weres accept their magic but when she tries to use her magic to kill the Shadowkin and he sees her magic he feels betrayed Nick confronts her in town in front of his alpha she tries toxplain she tries to apologize he is angry but when she is going to stay with the alpha he decides to take her hom. At Mia's MercyAs the leader of the Blackpaw werewolf pack Nick Jenner had spent years protecting his people from dark outside forces When the victim of a feral drifter turns up on Blackpaw territory he thinks nothing of bringing her home whil.

E to have his say and to maybe but jeff is there with his goons he rams his truck and turns over the truck she believes he is dead and doesn t have the strength to fight himjeff is taking her to her death and final ceremony to open the portalBut Nick wakes up struggles out realizes he cannot live without Mia and gathers the pack to track them he tries to send her a mental message to hold on he s comingAnd as the ceremony starts Murdock places a force field around him and Mia Nick tries to reach Mia can t he reaches out to her mentally tells her to hold on he loves her and when she sends back the message she loves him back a crack in the force field Memorable scenesFerry s Hollow smelled like home the hot snap of connection where their skin touched It still seemed wrong to feel such a thing on a night like this but Mia had no strength left to fight it His fingers closed gently around her own and again she felt those threads between the two of them tightening and pulling them closer a breathy Economies and Cultures exhalation of pleasure that had his mind immediately racing for the gutter He was pretty sure that after he got her carried into the house and tucked into bed his mind was going to stay in that gutter for the night and roll around for a while This one didn t work for me I had a hard time believing that after being bitten and almost killed that Mia would be so calm accept werewolves and real and want to know how to get on with her life I also didn t really buy into the instant attraction between Jenner and Mia I am slightly interested in what the darkness is in Mia and Jeff was after her blood and what happened to Jenner so that he became a wolf but notnough to keep reading as I was bored and gave up around page 60 In the Designing with Web Standards end this one just wasn t for me Mia D Alessandro has a lineage and abilities that she has spent her life trying to keep under wraps But her blood is known to a feral werewolf posing as her boyfriend who then tries to sacrifice her to gain powerNick Jenner s Blackpaw werewolf pack rescues Mia from the feral werewolf and Jenner takes her to his home to heal A uniue magical pull develops between the two But Jenner has been burned before and refuses to become involved with Mia Even though she must be initiated into a pack before the full moon or she will become feral And initiation involvesyou guessed itKeeping her secret is second nature to Mia But Jenner had to kill his former girlfriend over a similar situation What will happen when Jenner learns the truth about Mia And how can he keep her safe from the feralx boyfriend when she places herself in danger And will someone from the rival pack initiate her since he refuses to The Wolf s Surrender is an Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, enjoyable read You ll like the characters of Mia and Jenner Their plight will pull at your heartstrings and maybeven cause a few tears The plot is straightforward with just Structure Of The Nucleus enough suspense to keep you turning the pages uickly to see what s going to happen nextEnjoy Easy read I loved this book Despite having school work that desperately needed doing I started the book and read a few chapters before bed and then woke up in the morning and had to continue reading until I was done I love the characters and despite being in a supernatural setting it is still set in a relate ablexperience personality wise I think we would all want our own Nick Jenner on our side specially after reading this book Mia is thrust into a situation that while it is mostly new she knew bits and pieces due to her partly being already supernatural but having that part of her always being repressed and shunned but didn t realize how much of it was actually true If you are into supernatural andor Harleuin novels this is definitely one that needs to be on your list of ones to read The plot in Wol. E her attacker is hunted down and destroyed But Jenner soon finds that nothing about his alluring new houseguest is what it seemsMia D'Alessandro a dark beauty with abilities she would rather forget was mortified to find herself the victim of.

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( BOOKS The Wolf's Surrender ) Â Kendra Leigh Castle – dedelicate.com

Kendra Leigh Castle is the author of numerous paranormal romances including the MacInnes Werewolves trilogy the RITA award nominated Renegade Angel the Dark Dynasties series and the Hearts of the Fallen series 2014 will see the release of her first contemporary romance For the Longest Time which will be the first in her Harvest Cove series Kendra lives in Maryland with her husband childre

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