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Revenge but every time he tries to revel in it why does he feel twangs f guilt and his long locked away feelings for her are pushing to come Bec (The Demonata, outTrust is a huge issue for Zach where Kelsie is concerned he wants to believe she has changed from the mean girl twelve years ago but he is not sure if his heart will ever recover if she has not Kelsie regrets her past but she has not been hell with her ex husband for nothing she wants to show Zach she is a different person I she can break down the wall he has erected where she is concerned I loved that Zach was just himself he was a bit sloppy rude and completely endearing The third in the Lumberjack series I thought this was another fantastic addition 35 ring stars Down by a Contract was an entertaining and delightful read that fell into thekay zone for me I do like sports romances and themes The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins of making rightf your wrongs as well as following your dreams and falling in love but I just couldn t seem to fully engage myself into this read a 100% There was something missing in it for me in which I just can t seem to pick utOn the bright side though we meet two heroines both f whom we see growth personally and professionally throughout the entirety f this read That is a definite plus for meSo ver all a great read with lots f points and potential for me but didn t uite capture me entirely Hmmm maybe it s just me VISIT LOVENBOOKSCOM FOR MORE REVIEWSI love a book that draws me in and keeps me locked in the whole time and Down By Contact does just that Jami Davenport knows what she is doing Zach Kelsie s story is just beautiful Zach lives and breaths football Kelsie is the beauty pageant mean girl These two are complete pposites and yet so compatible at the same time it s what makes their story amazing Zach is considered the dumb jock and everyone around him doesn t let him forget that From his teammates to the Our Planet: Our Home owner s daughter they all consider him white trash Zach s childhood life was nothing shortf horrible And he does everything that he can to rise above that and become someone better Zach knows that he doesn t have the best manners but he has a huge heart He doesn t live like a typical NFL player he doesn t do all the fancy stuff Kakoong, Pahlawan Pulau Awan Vol. 8 or showff his moneyKelsie was raised to be nothing but the best Her every move was scrutinized by her mother She also had to survive the pressures f being popular and always making sure that everyone was beneath her and her friends She married the high school football player but her life after that was anything but perfect He made her the perfect Barbie doll wife seen but not heard She can t take it any and leaves but not without bringing some package alongSince then she d hit rock bottom than nce but through it all she clung to her dignity and tattered pride the Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings only thing they hadn t stripped from her and thenly thing she hadn t stripped from Zach all those years ago Yeah karma was a bitch Zach just wanted to win 1 Superbowl ring so he could retire Kelsie wanted to start ver and make amends for all the wrongs she did her in past and that included apologizing to Zach for crushing him in high school Zach Kelsie create uite a disastrous scene when they first see each ther after all those years and this causes problems for Zach and being able to stay n his team Kelsie comes up with a plan that she thinks will not nly help Zach but also help her make amends with Zach Zach has to learn some social manners and fast In steps Kelsie and her idea f being able to make any man sociably acceptable at public events Zach remembers everything from high school and doesn t let grudges go easily He trusts no ne so Kelsie has her work cut ut for her Roses reminded him f Kelsie beautiful but with the ability to inflict pain These two definitely fight the attraction to A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) one another for along a time Butnce they realize what they ve been missing ut n wow These two are like freaking rabbits But all relationships can t be based n sex these two have a lot to vercome to make any sort In the End of relationship work You can feel the passion desire heartache confusion and frustration from Zach Kelsie One minute I was frustrated with these two and the next minute I was loving them You will be fighting for these two through the whole book Love was the ultimate bond for the beauty and her beastGreat read Lumberjack s Score a New Fan May 26 2013This review is from Down by Contact Seattle Lumberjacks Kindle EditionDavenport sends a Seattle Lumberjack s linebacker to finishing school to learn manners mid season and this story isff and running Zach Murphy thinks he wants a Superbowl ring than he s ever wanted anything but boy does he have lessons to learn both n and ff the fieldKelsie Zach s unobtainable high school crush holds all the cards when it comes to his heart and his future n the team Her task teach the big brute how to handle himself in Seattle high society r he s ff the team Fate steps in and reverses their roles and Zach teaches Kelsie a thing r two about affairs f the heartI couldn t put the story down All the characters n the Lumberjack s team were painted with such vivid strokes I now consider myself an fficial fan I will read f this series I want to read Tyler s story nextIf you like hot contemporary romance and love a good sport s story then treat yourself to Down By Contact by Jami Davenport Review to be posted in upcoming issue The Age of Treachery of InD tale Magazine This Review was first publishedn my blog Lecture toute une Aventure From the excerpt I thought I was going to like it but in fact I love this Eeling up the Governor’s wife his tenure with his team looks perilously short And things are getting worseLife is looking up for Kelsie Carrington Richmond A netime beauty pageant star and mean girl she nly recently stopped living ut f her car But those times have passed Her finishing school for real men has a real shot and.

Zach Murphy lives for football and it has served him well Now in his thirties he knows his time is running Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite out This year with the Seattle Lumberjacks is probably his last shot at making his dreamf a Super Bowl ring come true Unlike his Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) old team the Lumberjackswner expects him to socialize and attend black tie affairs When it comes to the world ff the field Zach is uncouth to say the least He tries but always gets it wrong Veronica the wner s daughter has it in for Zach and wants him When a Man Loves a Woman off the team in the worst way When Zachnce again bumbles and creates a fiasco involving Veronica and the governor s wife she sees a way to get rid f him Zach has to take finishing lessons in the social graces and host a black tie charity affair at his home If he fails he s ff the team To add insult to injury his lessons will be taught by Kelsie Carrington Richmond Zach s teenage dream and worst nightmare Will Zach be able to learn the social graces reuired to stay Keep From Falling on the team and chase his dream from the person who broke and crushed him Will Kelsie and Zach be able to forgive themselves and eachther In Texas Zach was ridiculed for being white trash trailer trash He didn t have much raising when it came to manners and the finer points Catalogue the Insanity of social interaction abuse being the norm in his family Zach s past broke my heart and made the man he becomes even worthyf admiration and respect He may not know which fork to use but he has class in his little finger than those who treated him so shabbily all those years ago have in their whole bodiesKelsie was a Mean Girl What she did to Zach in high school was incredibly cruel but even Kelsie wasn t aware Blessed Homecoming of the extentf that cruelty until years later Zach was the Shrek one person who loved Kelsie for who she was inside not the beauty ueen her parents social standingr any f those ther societal trappings Zach was the Look Alikes Jr. only real true friend Kelsie ever had as she discovers too late Having had a serious run in with Karma she travels to Seattle in the hopesf apologizing to Zach for her past actions She wants to lay her ld self to rest In rder for that to happen she needs to make amends with Zach and atone for what she did to him If Zach can forgive her he may be able to help her start her business a charm school for jocks Kelsie doesn t possess a lot Architecture for the Shroud: Relic and Ritual in Turin of marketable skills and this shows some ingenuityn her part Use all that etiuette drummed into her by her mother to support herself and allow her to move ut f her car Having read than a few sports romances I can honestly say DOWN BY CONTACT is by far the best Grittier earthier and possessing a heartwrenching emotional depth many He Remembers the Barren others lack Zach and Kelsie s story wasne I didn t want to put down DOWN BY CONTACT starts strong and stays strong Well developed characters who immediately engage you believable football scenes and a hero and heroine who have a lot The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf of growing and letting go to do if they hope tobtain that happily ever after DOWN BY CONTACT has it all tragedy hope redemption a healthy dose Diary of a Library Nerd: An Erotic Diary of One Woman's Metamorphosis of humor and love the deep abiding kind as well as the smoking hot variety Having pretty much given upn sports romances I was extremely pleased to discover that won t be necessary This was my first book by Ms Davenport but it certainly won t be my last There s a backlist to acuire and hopefully Seattle Lumberjacks books in the futureReviewed by IvyD for Manic Readers First The Stonemere Park Breast Essays: From The L.C.T.F. Archives off left me say Thank you to Ms Davenport I have been waiting for Zach s story I give you an An building true believable characters in your Lumberjack Series Down by Contact is in my top 10 Let the Wolf Howl of awesome sport romances Ms Davenport ranks right up there along with Jaci Burton Rachel Gibson and Jill ShalvisKelsieI have to say that Kelsie s character did not let me down that girl has true grit I had to laugh as she put Zach through the paces my heart felt for him Even with their shaky past I feel there was nother woman for ZachZachHis character is what I like call the real deal he makes for an everyday football hero with some emotional dealings hardships and yes he even has a vindictive bitch The Resistible Rise Of Benito Mussolini on his heels Roll all this up inne gorgeous package and you have a hero worth rememberingKelsie and Zach s trouble past smacks them both in the face when Kelsie returns to town to clear the air and show Zach he is capable f being than a hard jock Zach has never been the same after a ne unforgettable day when the Mean girl aka Kelsie came gunning for himSecondary character s just added life to this already brilliantly written book you have amazing Hero and Heroine some smoking hot sex add in a disgruntled team mate a vindictive prima donna a crazy mean ex and you have the makings Blue Guide New York of a true hitThe plot line flowed effortlessly Ms Davenport keeps you connected to all the players You get to the heartf what makes Zach and Kelsie tick Now nly if they can get n the same page I have to ask Ms Davenport who story is going to be next I have read the first books in this series Forth and Goal book 1 Forward Passes book 2 I would suggest you read in Homesick order but that is just meSo in short Jami Davenport is just as hot as her characters Down by Contact is heartwarming sexy and real you ll fall in loveRated 5 Stilettos and a Recommended Read by Deb uarterback Zach Murphy remembers Kelsie Carringtonnly too well it is a memory he would rather wipe A Criminal Affair out from his past When Kelsie is hired to teach the burly and tactless Zach etiuette he feels like a fish caught into a tiny bowl until he realizes she needs him than he needs her Zach sees a chance for sweet. It's showtimeAfter twelve years in the league all Zach Murphy wants is a Super Bowl ring He’s been about hard hits not smooth manners about breaking uarterbacks not making small talk at cocktail parties But now he’s shattered something else After dumping a trayf drinks Sangue Derramado on the teamwner’s snooty daughter and accidentally

Tory and I even greatly love it It s simply ne f the best sport romance I ve read so far it s really well written the characters are well built and you will love some as much as you will hate thers but each f them has the perfect background to makes the readers understand them Also you have a large part dedicated to the sport but it s well written in a way that even if you know nothing about it you are not bothered at all in fact it even made me want to learn a little And the romance simply wonderful sweet and cute but also growing with the relationship between the main protagonists Zach and Kelsie at the same rhythm as their trust It s just superb To be honest I had some doubt about Kelsie at first until we learn about her and I can really appreciate her effort now Knowing which kind f family she had I can see why see wanted acceptance at all costs sad she wanted acceptance from the number not from the uality but she was a child then so my heart went to her even when we learn that her parents sides with her ex after all they have done Rachel and Lavender are her first true friends because being able to navigate society and being popular doesn t mean you aren t lonely far from it Kelsie is stronger that she seems and just needed proper guidanceZach is just the pposite you have to love him right at the start he is a little like a big bear imposing n the utside but soft and fragile inside The way he gets to do the wrong things at the wrong time just make him even cuter I couldn t resist He is trying to do his best but if he manages n the field in society that s the pposite He prefers to be alone to do things that matters so in a sense he is all against appearances when he is also judging Confessions of a Teenage Hollywood Star othersn them After a new disaster at a gala he must take etiuette lessonsjust the idea made me laugh The big men who must learn how to hold their cup while I can see the necessity Precious Stones: Their Occult Power and Hidden Significance of politeness asking so much from athletes was a little ludicrous for me as long as there wasn t disaster it didn t matter which fork they would use to eat etc But it is also partf the scheme The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky orchestrated by Veronika who just wanted him to fail not to shine and that a character I detested strongly since the beginning after Kelsie s mother that we never see but heard enough about and Mark that really should have suffered Zach is all about honesty and compassion he has suffered so much but he didn t become selfish simply afraid to let people discover that fragile sidef him The way he wants to wait until after the marriage before making love was simply adorable in a really good sense f the word It was about love before sex to have some meaningful and it something I respect and admire He really worked his way in my heart I was so engrossed in the story that I didn t want to put the book down I had to finish it right now It s the third book in the series yes but I haven t read the thers yet but I hope to do so really soon however that didn t bothered me at all It works perfectly as a stand alone even if now I want to understand Tyler he looks like a excellent man too So if you want to read a sport romance with a wonderful story try this Works Days one you won t be disappointed at all Book 3 in the Seattle Lumberjacks Series my favorite so farI absolutely fell in love with Zach Murphy He is a hero with some major flaws that make him extremely awkward in social situations Butn the ther side f the coin he is an extremely loyal dedicated extremely private man He doesn t let most see his good side His sole purpose is to win the Super Bowl ring before he retires Because f his social awkwardness and redneck ways he is put n the radar with the team Heart of the Wood owners and his position with the team isn the line He needs to learn social gracesfast Team The King's Commissar owners hire Kelsie Carrington Richmond as his manners coach Little do they know that Kelsie is the mean girl from Zach s past She is the girl who humilated him and scorned him in high school and scarred him for lifeShe has regrets about the way she lived her life and how she abused her friendship with Zach She came to Seattle to apologize for this treatment so that she can moven with her new life Now she has to gain his trust convince him she s sincere and turn a bull in the china shop into a gentleman The time she spends with Zach the less she wants to change him Because he is perfect in the most important wayhe is an Bloodmage outstanding human being that most don t seeAdd conflict withther members f the team mainly Tyler Harrison a stalker a wicked team wner a dangerous ex husbandand you got a fabulous read Jami Davenport just keeps improving n an already fantastic series I can t wait for the next book in the Seattle Lumberjack Series This third installment was my introduction to the Seattle Lumberjacks this is a standalone story Although the author mentions previous characters the books can be read ut f rder without spoiling anything I love to discover a new sport romance There is no shortage Every Sigh, the End of well known authors with amazing sport romance series but I like to sample authors that are unknown to me I could not pass up thepportunity to review Jami Davenport s latest release The characters are refreshing and captivating and the romance is without limitations I will not include any spoilers but I reread the gala scenes several times is the most emotional bit The Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence the Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence of crazy I ve read in a while This author has earned a new fan Disclosure This ebook was provided to me freef charge by Author s Angels for the sole purpose f an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my w. The Seattle Lumberjacks have hired her to polish their roughest player Exceptit’s Zach Long ago she broke his heart He’s just the beast she remembers gruff protective but she’s nothing like the beauty from his past Yet getting knocked down happens and getting back up makes a contender And they both have the hearts f champio.

Epub Book Down by Contact Seattle Lumberjacks #3 ê Jami Davenport – dedelicate.com

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Today Bestselling Author Jami Davenport writes sexy contemporary and sports romances including her Game On in Seattle Series Men of Tyee Series and coming soon will be a romantic suspense series Gone MissingJami lives on a small farm near Puget Sound with her Green Beret turned plumber husband a Newfoundland cross with a tennis ball fetish and a prince disguised as an orange tabby cat Jami worked in IT for years and is a former high school business teacher but recently achieved her life long dream of being a full time author In her spare time Jami gardens and goes camping A horse lover since birth Jami showed dressage horses for over thirty years She's a lifetime Seahawks and Mariners fan and is not so patiently waiting for the NHL to come to Seattle An avid boater Jami has spent countless hours in the San Juan Islands a common setting in her books In her opinion it is the most beautiful place on earth