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Roll F k you I arched an yebrow like he bored me and turned back to the bar What d you say bitch he growled Alright I kept my back to him I take it back Un f k you Next thing I new my arse was being grabbed and rubbed like he was wishing for a genie I spun and knocked his hand away Like it rough do you he growled Ugly white haired bitch like you would have to take it doggie style You kiss your mother with that mouth Cloete was all coiled Sabina Spielrein energyye zeroed in on the warlock and one hand hovering near the knives at her belt Too Cognitive Radio Networks early in the night for this innit the barkeep behind us asked This is why women aren t welcome here Nothing but trouble They started it I protested not taking myyes off the warlock The sailors were watching with interest stupid grins on their dirty faces as they waited for the night s Personnel Management in Government entertainment Cloete gave me a wild look that promised violence and I said some bad words in my head The characters are colourful and as dangerous as some of them are smexi Rebekah has a wonderful witty imagination and can handle juggling a lot of characters successfully bouncing them offach other to weave a well thought out plot Captain Seth Hallow likes to call Lora dimples he also doesn t mind a bit of off duty time with Lora He is a rather smexi character He has known Lora for fifteen years They have history He is of the slap and tickle variety Someone she finds hard to resist And doesn t he know it Watchman Captain Caleb Haskett a childhood friend of Lora s has separated himself wanting from his life leaving Lora and their childhood friendship behinduntil Enter Regulator Roman half Nephilim These dudes should be feared but Lora really fears nobody Roman is a smexi guy although different to Seth their characters are strong and protective of Lora But why Joseph The Hacksaw Daleman is the loan shark Lora owes money to Note the middle name Yes he would be the one you don t want to borrow off or Out of This World elseit ain t pretty I was drawn to the book purely based on the cover I am so happy the story was just as good This first instalment is rich in imagination throw in some hellspawn anxorcism or two add the dark and dangerous world of The Weald and its colourful characters and you have the beginnings of a kickass urban fantasy series that I can tell is going to rock my face off Oh and not to mention the contract she has on her own head she kind of pised Benjamin the Bloody off by killing his brotherI think she wants to give Benjamin the forked sign of The Time It Never Rained evil I thinkuates to giving the bird I look forward to reading in this very promising series FAVE UOTES Kill zombie dog Blow chunks later I tried to get myself under control tried to distract myself by thinking about something gross and unsexy Overcooked broccoli Farts in a small room Gideon naked I nearly vomited in my mout. For help Lora leaps to restore her reputation and starts hunting a killer who is stalking the gas lit streetsShe never xpects that her path will lead her to the Order of Guides a sadistic militant religious organisation or to Roman a

READ Chaos Born Chronicles from the Applecross #1 AUTHOR Rebekah Turner – dedelicate.com

H found I was under control again Michelle 45 StarsNow that I have finished the Chicagoland Vampire series until books come out I decided I wanted to try a new series with a kick ass heroine and decided on this series by an Australian author Rebekah Turner The cover of the first book Chaos Born grabbed my attention at first and when I read the description I thought that this could be a great read I was not disappointed at allLora Blackgoat is a fantastic heroine to read about She stands out in her hometown because she looks like a Witch Hunter due to her white blonde hair but she also has a noticeable limp caused by an accident that occurred in her late teens Her reputation precedes her as well due to the deaths during her last assignment She takes it all in her stride and uses witty remarks that often had me giggling at her She takes pride in the few possessions that she owns and has a normal girly at Where has Rebekah Turner been all my lifeThis was a rollicking good read filled with great twists and turns and I loved the writing style and the voice which gave such a sarcastic dge to the heroine Lora BlackgoatI loved all her failures they were many and a great supporting cast of characters In fact my only problem was that sometimes there was so many characters Lora would mention one she d met in her travels and I d have to think now who the heck was that and where did Lora meet that guygaldemonRegulatorpriestNot that it worried me because the pace was so good I just wanted to keep readingI loved the world of Applecross I love the character of Roman So many flaws to the various characters but it made them human whether they were human or notI m very glad I picked this up on a recent sale a great time to try new authors and I look forward to seeing where the series goes and what Rebekah Turner does with Lora and Roman nextMy one grizzle was that there were uite a few typos and while it didn t worry me and I kept reading it did distract from what was a great story and I think it s a shame they slipped through The writing itself was fine Plot character development dialog Childrens Phantasies etc all completely fineI just didn t like the main character at all or the overall story I never could find anything likable about her All the other characters yes but the protagonist I can t name a single redeeming uality with which the author blessed herBummer I had high hopes fornjoying this series but it is just not for me Welcome to a dark world filled with demons and satyrs and magic Chaos Born by Rebekah Turner is the foundation for a new series Chronicles from the Applecross Within the Weald a magical world within another its citizens all are some type of supernatural beings and there is an organized hierarchy on the streets that almost seems mob like Lora has fallen on hard times her last jo. Eadly and dangerously attractive half angel warrior who also hunts the killerWhen Lora discovers that the killer has broken fundamental laws of magic to nter the city she also uncovers a conspiracy that leads back into her own dark pas.

MICHELLE S REVIEW 10TH DECEMBER 2012RATING45 SMEXI SETH ROMAN STARS with a dash of snarky REUBENI love me some Urban Fantasy and Rebekah Turner Australian author has wowed me with her first instalment in this new series Now this is ither Chronicles From The Applecross series 1 or The Chronicles Of The Applecross The digital book says both Goodreads chooses Chronicles From The Applecross The Soviet Union either way this was a smashing start to this series with a nice dash of Steampunk This is one of Escape Publishing s Imprint of Harleuin Australia first lot of digital books released Love the detail in the world building The Outlands is in the human world Bangkok the modern world modern technology If you are in the know and can pay the hefty toll price you can cross into The Weald Gas light horse drawn hansom cabs corsets and a whole array of fantasyparanormal creature s coxisiting the best they can together The Outlands is a common hiding place for criminals from The Weald Modern technology won t work in The Weald For some reason it does for LoraIt was a lot of fun being in this world Rebekah built for the reader full of danger magic mystery violence gore untrustworthy characters smexi lads twists and a Lady who plays by her own rules Love all the characters The Butcher of Applecross is the particularly nasty villain Lora Blackgoat aka Chopper is a runner Due to her Snow White hair she is assumed to be a Witch Hunter but is she This 31 yr old with the bung knee due to a horse accident is a kickass chick She relies on her cane with the carved goat head than not She takes a whooping in this book and she gives as good as she gets Her mouth I fear will be the death of her She is a gambler likes her drink of the let s get smashed kind illegally smuggles weapons over the border smokes cigarillos and is a handful for Gideon and her adoptive mum Orella Warbreeder an Elf Witch Lora works for Gideon a Satyr half goat for the Blackgoat Watch and she is also the ward of Gideon Blackgoat Gideon loves his fez s and a nice smoking jacket He wanted to be able to blend with humans so he gave himself a makeover of the not so goat looking style I did laugh out loud at some of the things Lora says I get accosted all the time I said defensively So you can shut the f k up And then there s the matter of your filthy sailor mouth You ve the morals of an alley cat Lady Blackgoat and one of these days you re going to find yourself in the kind of trouble you can t insult drink or fist fight your way out of Taunton gave another sniff It s no wonder you ve grown to be a bitter spinster Who s bitter I m a free woman wearing Gods and Heroes expensive boots I snapped Now can you take this uick draw rig or not Yees I drawled not needing a map to know where this was going to go The man gave me a wide shit Science, Technology and Culture eating grin How much for A fresh andxciting debut novel introducing the Chronicles from the ApplecrossLora Blackgoat smuggler and mercenary has been lying low after a job gone bad made her a laughing stock in the industry When a childhood friend turns to her.

Summary Chaos Born Chronicles from the Applecross #1

With a degree in graphic design and a raging coffee addiction Rebekah escaped the corporate world to freelance in between sensible adult jobs She rides a motorcycle called Fat Betty owns two dogs who don’t get walked enough and can never seem to find a blue pen when she wants one She’s a dedicated movie gal with a special affection for classic horror and action movies