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online ebook Blind Justice –

Ke the oreshadowing of vehement changes in his circumstances did I Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue find theinal cutting of the Gordian Knot particularly convincing It doesn t really solve any of the uestions the novel raises about the dilemma but seems rather a strategy of desperation in dealing with a knot neither writer nor characters can undo While I didn t like this book as well as some Anne Perry books I ve read she is so superior to almost every other writer I ve been reading that she deserves Mistress four stars even when she isn t at the top of her gameThat said I thought the way the uestion of what truly is justice was developed in this novel was terrific The secondary theme of what constitutes trueriendship or love was wonderful too The beginning was hard to read up to Chapter 6 I didn t want to watch the train wreck and kept putting the novel down to reflect on the nature of Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) fiction and how to keep myself distantrom characters I love doing the completely wrong thing Then things settled into a classic Anne Perry pattern and I couldn t put it down Her philosophy is so grea I don t mind when characters reveal what they re thinking but there s too much of that in this novel The plot also seemed a bit stale as it spent a lot of time rehashing an earlier book I usually like the books in this series but this was disappointing I m sorry to say that I think the MonkHester series has run its course I was eagerly awaiting this next installment but it seemed to cover old ground and didn t really develop the characters A Ranchers Redemption further except perhaps Rathbone I always prefer it when Perry stays out of the courtroom andocuses on the small details of life in Victorian England Hopefully the next PittCharlotte book will do that. Es he holds locked away a piece of evidence that could change the outcome of the trial and bring true justice but can he as the judge become involved The decision Rathbone makes will draw Monk deep into a dangerous case that will shape the rest of both their lives.

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Itt and Hester now Monk so I decided to try the latest in both series But whatever her women s virtues after over 50 novels in the same setting Perry is just about down to boilerplate paragraphs If a character steps out in the street a carriage with women in it will come past jingling and jangling Elsewhere there will be street criers andor noises that always include a distant hurdy gurdy or barrel organ By this stage I cd practically write these paragraphs myself The main reasons A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby for abandoning Perry though areirstly the utter cluelessness of the detectives whose A Mother in the Making flapping round like a chicken with oneoot nailed down has reached plague proportions This novel concerns the euivalent of a televangelist who like his later models has been shafting his congregation Her Kind Of Cowboy for their money The case goes to court without the prosecution bothering to check the claims of cooked accountsrom Hester and Co which depend wholly on her previously dishonest accountant And while the case runs its wearisome gamut through misdirected attempts to prove the bona His Pregnant Christmas Princess fides of the witnesses rather thanocus on the uestion What did the preacher do with the money nobody until about the second last chapter even bothers to ask What s the preacher s stipend What do his living conditions suggest about his actual income Let alone actually check the claims of the accountant that are the centre of the caseSure the physical investigation of the house has to be withheld so Monk can Through the Language Glass find a last minute clue to who actually committed the central murder but a plotline that enforces complete stupidity on the characters is not enough to compensate Nor though the novel sets up an interesting dilemmaor Sir Oliver Rathbone and I li. Adored by his congregation stands accused of terrible corruption and raud which has ruined the lives of those he's betrayedIn court each victim affirms Taft's guilt but when the defence's star witness tears their stories apart the case seems lost Rathbone realis.

Although this book is in the Hester and William Monk series this is definitely a story about Oliver Rathbone Sir Rathbone inds himself at the pinnacle of his career at the beginning of this book but because of an error in judgement that he makes in one of the cases he is presiding as judge over he Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, finds himself at the lowest point personally and professionally that he has everound himself in I am an ardent reader of all Ms Perry s books and I particularly love the William Monk series but I You Are Not A Gadget found this book a bit slowor the Sanctuary first half of the book And I didn t get to see much of William and Hester who I absolutely love In the second half though the pace did pick up and there was a lot of William and Hester as well as some endearing segments with their young ward Scuff This book s storyline is a continuation of her previous book A Sunless Sea soor anyone who hasn t read that particular book they might Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, find this book a bit incomprehensible And to anyone new to the series there is a lot of Victorian courtroom drama with no murder to accompany it so new readers will notully understand how good Ms Perry is at setting her stage Friendfluence for tension and suspense and how very talented she is atilling her books with a wealth of period detai I wouldn t recommend this book as a First Read to this wonderful series but One Part Woman for Anne Perryanatics like myself it is a must read Ms Perry continually proves herself worthy to me and she sits alone at the top of my Stranger favourite author list Like a good number of reviewers on I have beeninding Perry s work increasingly and exasperatingly verbose repetitive and slow moving However I have always liked her main series characters particularly the women Charlotte Winner of the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis for Best Historical Novel 2014Oliver Rathbone William Monk's closeriend has presided brilliantly over his irst cases as a judge But the next will bring a ar greater challenge Abel Taft a charismatic minister.

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