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If you are a fan of any period of SNL this is one you will truly enjoy Back of book also has detailed episode guide a great resource but something best to own and have around when you feel the urge to look something up not great as a straight read Live From Chicago It s Saturday Night Saturday Night Live The Experience recently attracted me to its museum exhibit in Chicago It took an hour and a half to see the ten galleries following the flow from the sketch pitch meeting on Monday through writing sets costumes and culminating in a replica of Studio 8H Great fun An hour and a half experience behind the scenes of the ninety minute show On State at Kinzie inside the Museum of Broadcast Communication After going back stage I wanted to read the back story of Saturday Night The author writes as a critical fan of the show the longest running comedy program in television The exhibition and one of the chapters takes us through a week of SNL Monday everyone pitches sketches Tuesday the writers write with rewrites continuing through the week Wednesday the read through of three dozen sketches takes four hours After cutting to a dozen pieces the props wigs and costumes begin Thursday rehearsals and blocking Fridays tech blocking Saturday items submitted for Weekend Update the last piece written Dress rehearsal a one hour break then the live show While this sounds like a well oiled machine it serves as a time tested plan for accommodating the chaos of creating the comedy Lorne Michaels the producer came from Toronto put together a cast with an irreverent and subversive style of comedy compared to the prime time family friendly fare of the mid seventies The cast came from sketch improv and the National Lampoon Most of the original team arrived funny but without experience in television Although other cast members played their own personas Dan Ackroyd arrived as a chameleon who disappeared into his characters fully realized and made up on the spot Gilda Radner the first person hired for the show also Television history was made on Saturday October 11 1975 at 1130pm ET when Chevy Chase welcomed America to the first episode of a new late night comedy series With its cutting edge satire and cast of young talented performers Saturday Night Live set a new standard for television comedy while launching the careers of such comedy greats as John Belushi Chevy Chase Dan Aykroyd Eddie Murphy Mike Myers Dana Carvey

Usters enough patience to handle the stupid guests including Sean Connery who always mispronounces the category names A couple of the Jeopardy guest lecterns appear as props at the SNL Experience in Chicago Go with friends to take pictures of yourself fake playing the game And so it goes page after page Although I read the book cover to cover it is designed as a uick grab for skipping around It is not really a FA As a reference book this includes an appendix of a hundred and fifty pages Unfortunately the index includes only the names of actors and musicians not names of characters or sketches Published five years ago by Applause an imprint of Hal Leonard Milwaukee With the SNL Experience now in Chicago and a Gilda film opening in a few weeks this makes a good time to learn about the background of this show This book which covers thirty eight years of SNL pairs well with Saturday Night A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live a five hundred pager that studies the first ten years of the show It goes deep into the origins and genesis 3 12 There were some errors in the book and certain sections would be detailed than others not a lot of consistency on that front On the other hand the book is chock full of informative anecdotes and it s a pretty fast read Not an FA but still written pretty plainly I imagine it s less of an investment in time than Live From New York if you re an ex fan or casual one Saturday Night Live FA Everything Left to Know about Television s Longest Running Comedy by Stephen Tropiano Applause Theater and Cinema Book Publishers 20137914572 Finally someone has written the definitive guide to SNL this is it Stephen Tropiano has come closest to capturing the excitement and insanity of the first four seasons of Saturday Night Live but the book covers the show through the date of publication This includes an episode guide with the skits the hosts and the musical guests to assist in locating or remembering that one sublime skit you vaguely recallMy rating 7510 finished 81214. Edic highlights and low points memorable hosts and musical guests controversial moments and of course the recurring characters and sketches catch phrases and film shorts that have made SNL the epicenter of American comedy for nearly four decades SNL FA also examines the show's influence on American culture and includes profiles of over 100 SNL cast members along with a comprehensive guide detailing every episo.

free pdf Saturday Night Live FA By Stephen Tropiano –

Mmersed herself in her characters She portrayed happy women comfortable with themselves Love Gilda a documentary opens Sep 21 Chevy Chase played President Ford while making no attempt to look or sound like him Bill Murray joined the second season replacing Chevy Chase Murray a live wire gives his cheeky comedy a feel of improv Laraine Newman appeared as the hippest in attitude and appearance SNL brought a fresh show to television in the mid seventies building on roots and precedents of an earlier generation including The Colgate Comedy Hour as well as Your Show of Shows a ninety minute sketch comedy live from 30 Rock with a repertory company SNL uses cue cards but Your Show of Shows did not In the late sixties The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour became the first network television show to express left of center views Rowan and Martin s Laugh In introduced the country to rapid fire jokes and sight gags creating a short attention span theater Monty Python s Flying Circus generated silly and absurdist sketches written and performed by two Oxford grads and three Cambridge grads Lorne Michaels the producer did not like his actors breaking character but these moments created iconic memories Baba Wawa created by Gilda cracks up Marlene Dietrich as played by Madeline Kahn Gilda and Candace Bergen break during The Extreme Stupidity League Other funny favorites from the original players included Dan Akroyd s Bass O Matic his portrayal of Julia Childs as well as his refrigerator repairman where only he eeps in character while everyone else howls Chris Farley arrived in the early nineties His character Matt Foley motivational speaker took his name from a classmate at Maruette In his first appearance Chris as Matt speaks to Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) kids after their parents found a big bag of pot in the family room Foley after spending four hours in the basement drinking coffee goes off on theids played by Christina Applegate and David Spade who totally lost it Celebrity Jeopardy began in ninety one In these sketches the host Ill Ferrell Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Saturday Night Live FA is the first book to offer the show's generations of fans everything they ever wanted to now and may have forgotten about SNL Beginning with the show's creation in the mid 1970s by Lorne Michaels and the Not Ready for Prime Time Players SNL FA takes you through the show's history with an in depth look at all thirty eight seasons It's all here the com.

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