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Ssion with a new clueless couple started to stir something in him I doubt I ll ever call her a masochist and that s a good thing seeing as I m not a sadist but yeah I think she gets off on a fair amount of it And Braydenthe ury s still out on that one Evangeline Lacroix and Brayden Zaegler has been in love for a few years but they yearned for something d Safetyview spoilerNo cheating rape or abuseSharing MFMNo others after meeting hide spoiler I enjoyed this story of Brayden Evangeline and Mark It s hard to keep a poly relationship balanced in fiction and still create those connections but this one shows us a good start Pretty hot MMF with an experienced dom and two clueless subs It takes place at the same BDSM club from the first book of the series 35 StarsNow this was up my alley as we get the promise of some MM andor MMF action Again BDSM and the Ds isn t normally my cup of tea but this one worked better for me 4 starsI really liked the first book in this series but for some reason i kept putting off reading Twice The Touch but after seeing another book for Nicholas and Kayla on i decided to catch upI have no idea why i didn t read this sooner these three were seriously hot together i m now going straight onto book 3Look But Don t Touch is still my favourite so far in the series though i loved the daddy kink in that one What do you get when you mix a pair of submissives with a recently divorced Dom who has been holding back his true natureYou get Twice the Touch by Cara Dee Book two of the Touch series and it was a perfect uick bit of smut These three have their story continued in the next book which I can t wait to rea. Scenes of an explicit erotic nature and is intended for adults 18 Characters portrayed are 18 or older If you're interested in the BDSM lifestyle of any form please tread carefully and don’t dive in head first Research research research And reach out to people with experience for guidanc.

325 StarsWell well well Master CooperThis was uite the hot little novella featuring a delicious Dom and two endearing subs For under 100 pages Cara Dee managed to nicely draw me into this Ds relationship and the potential that s there I m intrigued about where this may gowhat kind of a future is possible for these three Especially with Braydenhe grabbed a little piece of my heart in this book and I m so glad the next installment is entirely in his POV I really want to see him finally let go and take what he wants However one issue that I have that kept me from rating this higher is the author veered into reference manual mode at times There were too many instances while writing a scene where it turned into a BDSM fact sheet and manual And here s what started it allCute couple decide to take a walk on the wild side and go to a BDSM club to fool around This is a dumb idea when you have no experience and nobody to guide you And also neither of you are the dominating type As luck would have it there s this crazy hot bartender slash big bad dom who can hook them up with some edumacation Filthy shenanigans ensueI read this last Friday and it s the first MMF book I ve ever read At first I thought I was going to be uncomfortable about dude on dude side action oh don t you sit there Xuyên Mỹ (Bất Hạnh Là Một Tài Sản, judging me with yourudgey eyes I clearly prefer my smut of the daddy dom or bad boy biker variety So imagine my surprise when I found myself cheering lewdly Loudly Cheering loudly is what I did Fucking splendid You re going to make this hard for me pup Mark Cooper was hot I liked the openness of the whole scene and I actually learned uite a few things Ms Mark Cooper is living the life of a carefree bartender putting his failed marriage behind him and vowing to spend the rest of his thirties free of permanent attachments But on what he thought was ust another night at the BDSM club where he works his friend Nicholas asks him to assist in

Ee would make an excellent sex ed teacher e suspect Incidentally we had a crap sex ed teacher Most of my classmates had been treated for an STD or been pregnant at least once by graduation Shout out to Mr LoganNo I really enjoyed all of it Except this one thing I loved Look But Don t Touch It s my Cuentos reunidos jam But I am getting and annoyed with Kayla s character as time goes on She s kind of a doucheReview is now longer than the book so I ll try and scrimp on words here I have a sneaking suspicion that MM might be my new thing which is unfortunate since I am missing the bits reuired to make man on man sex an option The sex scenes were hot but outside of those it was pretty boring and cheesy It followed the same format as book one scene at the BDSM club meeting the person randomly the next day another scene at the club We meet the people from the last book and other people that I m sure are going to feature in future books But this is a novella and so the focus should have been on the main characters I don t care about the H s family Other annoyancesThe H s parents knowing and enuiring about his sex life No In fact almost every character was privy to the H and h s sexual choices Kaylaust gets annoying the I read about her The H has money to burn yet chooses to spend his spare time doing bar work I probably won t continue with this series Could ve been so good Pity Type Book 2 Novella from Touch seriesPOV First Person MaleRating 35 Golden CocksFresh out of a miserable marriage Mark Cooper was happy with not having relationship commitment As one of the Master at Switch he was content in enjoying his lifestyle But an impromptu training se. Scene a challenge he eagerly accepts He doesn't expect that Evangeline and Brayden two subs in need will make him want What he also doesn't expect is that a routine family meal the next day will come complete with a surprise guestWord count about 28 000 NovellaWarning This story contains.

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Kindle online Twice the Touch Touch #2 By Cara Dee –

​I'm often stoically silent or if the topic interests me a chronic rambler In other words I can discuss writing forever and ever Fiction in particular The love story—while a huge draw and constantly present—is secondary for me because there's so much to writing romance fiction than just making two or people fall in love and have hot sex There's a world to build characters to

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