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This historical novel delves into the tragic and little known history of Koreans under Japan s rule who were forcibly recruited into the Japanese army then captured by the Soviet Red Army then the Germans and eventually captured by the Americans Chongnae and Fultons ortray touching A Convent Tale personal stories where the human desire for fairness and the human character for hope exists even under the worseossible circumstances The novel How in Heaven s Name is a microcosm of the uprooting and dislocation that have characterized much of modern Korean and East Asian history It is based.

S based off the really interesting situation of the Korean soldier who was at the Battle of Normandy in a German uniform he spoke no German and the American soldiers had no idea how he got there but I think it fell flat if its goal was to tell a story leading up to the Battle of Normandy The scenes in the POW camps were intense but the scenes in the different countries armies seemed almost like an afterthought like oh right then On the true story of several Korean youths who in the late 1930s were lured into the Japanese Imperial Army either through romises by the Japanese co.

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N officer made them soldiers The characters relationships were the best art of the book and I wish we could ve seen of Shin s reactions to characters deaths and being reunited with old characters Overall the book wasn t very engaging outside of the dialogue and the writing style made the fascinating story lackluster but it s definitely a good book to check out if you re interested in POWs in the USSR Germany or the US during WWII. Lonial overlords of a government clerkship upon discharge or by means of threats to transplant their entire families to colonial outposts in Manchuria.

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