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( EBOOK World Without End ) á Ken Follett – dedelicate.com

This companion novel to Follett s 1989 classic The Pillars of the Earth is set in the same community 200 years later I d been excited about it ever since I heard it was coming out this fall Maybe too excited because it just didn t live up to my expectationsThe first ha World Without End is written in the third person but isn t choppy like some third person books are I loved that we get to see the characters grow up and mat 5 stars to Ken Follett s World Without End One of my favorite books of all time I was just mesmerized by the characters and everything they went thru It is a MUST eadIt s a long ead and it takes place hundreds of years ago but if you can handle the primitive nature of the timeline the various plots and subplots will astound you AmazingI kept getting angry at all the tragedy thrown at the two main characters How could they suffer so much And for years I ll stop there as I don t want to give it away but please ead this oneFAVORITE BOOK Put some towels down because I sense a fully formed gush geyser about to spill all over this eview This book was fantastic and eally did it for me I loved it all 1000 page Whether I ve been good or bad I don t think God will be fooled by a last minute change of heart World Without End is the second installment in Follett s Kingsbridge series and what a world it isSet during one of the most turbulent times in European History amidst the beginning of the Hundred Years War and the nightmare of the Black Death that swept over the continent causing the deaths of an unthinkable percentage of the population it is one example of why Historical Fiction is the Genre of the Genres when done ight And who can write better than Ken Follett who owns the crown in this fieldIn my opinion what differentiates his writing is the focus he places on the characters He doesn t perform a History lecture but builds his protagonists around the depicted era with compassion espect and immense skill His descriptive passages and the way he composes the dialogues throughout the novel should be the example for any writer who d like to make a foray to the tormented Historical Fiction genre So World Without End is no exception to the ule He paints with words and even the eaders who have little knowledge of the era and the events that shaped it will find themselves captivated and immediately drawn to the action However in my humble opinion there is a difference that places it in a significant distance behind The Pillars of The Earth and this is the characters Hence the 4 starsThe main couple Caris and Merthin are nowhere near Aliena and Jack Especially Caris seems like an average copy of Aliena and her character failed to attract my sympathy Same thing happened with Merthin and don t even get me started on Gwenda Ralph and Godwyn The way I saw it they came across like badly drawn versions of The Pillars of the Earth protagonists and they were the only eason that prevented me from fully enjoying the novel Caris is not Aliena Merthin is not Jack Thomas in not Philip Godwyn is not Waleran Ralph is not William no matter how much they tried to be The only characters that attracted my attention were Mattie Wise and Mother Cecilia The book was made into a TV series in 2012 but was nowhere near as successful as The Pillars of the Earth Tom Weston Jones portrayed Merthin and Charlotte Riley portrayed Caris I ve seen a number of their oles and they both seem to have the same expression in every ole they ve played Namely the I only have one expression with my googly eyes because I can t act for the life of me style and they managed to make the tormented lovers even boring than their novel counterparts so kudos to themI think A Column of Fire the third novel in the Kingsbridge series has been sitting uietly in its place in my TBR fortress since October waiting for its turn It ll have to wait until Easter but I am sure that it won t disappoint meMy eviews can also be found on Set two centuries after Pillars of the Earth the people of Kingsbridge are at it again The cathedral built in Pillars is in disrepair after part of the oof caved in the bridge collapsed and the prior is dead Also the constant maneuvering continuesSo I fell into a trap with this one After devouring Dinocalypse Now in a morning my girlfriend asked if I managed to ead an entire book in four hours I said I had and she slammed me with this saying it shouldn t take me than a few days Sighing before I knew it I was engrossed and asking her if Ralph was going t We who are born poor have to use cunning to get what we want Scruples are for the privileged I must confess I am addicted to these Ken Follett novels I finished World Without End and had to pick up A Column of Fire immediately I m also going to get to his Century trilogy at some point These books are bloodstained historical soap operas and I just can t get enoughFollett knows how to create exactly the ight amount of drama and set it to the gory backdrop of history I ve always loved being taken back to times that I ve only ead about in passing and here we see the horrors of the Black Death up close It is one thing to ead a textbook about the illness its symptoms and its wide each wiping out up to 60% of Europe s population but it s another thing entirely to be taken into the lives of characters we come to love and seeing it firsthand Knowing at any minute that they or their families could be next It was a truly horrific and frightening disease and I think the author captures that eally wellFollett once again utilizes a techniue that worked very well for him in The Pillars of the Earth the plot is often driven by our hatred for certain characters In the previous book it was William Hamleigh Here there are a number of candidates competing for our hatred namely Ralph Godwyn and Philemon It s pretty effective to despise a character so deeply that we absolutely must ead on to see them get their just dessertsIt s al. The bestselling seuel to Pillars of the Earth On the day after Halloween in the year 1327 four children slip away from the cathedral city of Kingsbridge They are a thief a bully a boy genius and a girl who wants to be a doctor In the forest they see two men killed As adults their lives will be braided together by ambition love greed and evenge They will see pr.

So just a fascinating portrait of everyday life in 14th century England Two hundred years after the events of The Pillars of the Earth Kingsbridge now has a nunnery which makes for some interesting politics as the monks try to control the nuns but they are some seriously badass women and the Guild plays an important part in decisions for the town as well as the Priory It s hard to explain between the deaths disease and war how much enjoyment there is in the everyday lives of these people as we live with them through omance poverty heartbreak and betrayal AND these books are so so easy to dip in and out of I arely feel eady to commit to a thousand page book but I can easily ead this alongside other books and eturn to the story and characters without a problemSo much fun and dramaBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Here s a book that completely copies the first book in the series Here s a book that follows the same sense of narrative progression character development and esolution as it predecessor It is one who s characters bear a striking esemblance to their ancestors in terms of individual personality and their place within the story yet for all the epetition Follett churns out an eually as engrossing story as that of The Pillars of the EarthWhat have I to complain about This is one of those are occasions when of the same isn t necessarily a bad thing And the sense of familiarity also helped to solidify that this is actually the same location Kingsbridge just a few centuries later Instead of focusing on building a new cathedral after the dramatic burning down of the first one the citizens are focusing on e building the town bridge after the other was destroyed by a stampede of angry witch burners And here s one of the things Follett does better this time ound he explores social issues egarding femininity with greater depth In Pillars of the Earth he looked at injustices such as women being paid less for the same work and having to stay married to violent husbands In the fourteenth century here he looks at the fear and hysteria that surrounded women with knowledge If a woman had an idea or if she was moderately successful it was a logical assumption that she must be a witch It s unthinkable that she could have done such a thing based upon her own merits And if this wasn t bad enough men were always seen as ight even when they were so clearly wrong The esponse to the Black Death that sweeps across Kingsbridge shows this The monks have some very backwards ideas to medicine such as applying dung poultices to wounds and then wondering why they become infected The sisters of the priory ecognise the folly of this and argue for a modern approach to treatment The practicalities of their ideas are ignored simply because they are women they must be wrong or witches The men in the book are either suffocating brutes or paragons of kindness and decency There seems to be no middle ground The women though they have many chances to prove themselves and ise above estrictions of the church and society A strong omance against a backdrop of war and terror It was an odd elationship but then she was an extraordinary woman a prioress who doubted much of what the church taught an acclaimed healer who ejected medicine as practised by physicians and a nun who made enthusiastic love to her man whenever she could get away with it If I wanted a normal elationship Merthin told himself I should have picked a normal gi WORLD WITHOUT END BY KEN FOLLETT There are books that you ead with vaguely interesting stories that sometimes within less than a month have been forgotten ignored barely ecollected except for title author and a minor ecall of plot Then there are books that change your mind on life that give you a thrill as you ead them and think about how much you e loving to ead this particular book and how it s making such an impression on you and how you e going to emember it for a long part of your life I don t need to tell you which kind of book World Without End is I m also not going to give you a formal egurgitated plot summary that you can find in just about any eview of this book I am however going to try to convince you why you should ead this book with the intention that it will have the same pivotal impression on you as it did on meWhile I have never been a fan or proponent of the seemingly omnipotent Oprah and her book club she nevertheless has the power to make a considerable number of Americans do and importantly ead whatever she tells them In January of this year Oprah nominated Ken Follett s Pillars of the Earth for her book club and overnight people of all different kinds and of unexpected types picked up this lofty paperback tome set in the Middle Ages and documenting the fascinating building of a giant cathedral with immense architectural detail It s one of my favorite books and to see so many people buying it and eading it made me happy Naturally once these people got to the last page of Pillars of the Earth and assuming they enjoyed it as much as Oprah said they would they would then turn to World Without End Follett s new book has been labeled as the seuel of Pillars of the Earth which is not exactly correct for none of the original characters are in the new book and it is set in a later period however it involves descendants of the main family in Pillars of the Earth and there is the memory and impression left by characters both in historical ecord and physical form such as the cathedral But World Without End takes many giants leaps further forward as a deeper and complex book than Pillars of the Earth ever did euivalent to an ant making its way along a path while a person looks down upon the ant as they walk by Perspective is the key here and if one has some knowledge of the fourteenth century one will enjoy the book all the Don t look for the good guys to always win out and the bad guys to fail in World Without End because Osperity and famine plague and war One boy will travel the world but come home in the end; the other will be a powerful corrupt nobleman One girl will defy the might of the medieval church; the other will pursue an impossible love And always they will live under the long shadow of the unexplained killing they witnessed on that fateful childhood day Ken Follett'.

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Ike eal life this world does not eward those who do good and punish those who do bad it s a harsh world that gives opportunity to the survivors of the fittest You must also emember that this is the fourteenth century the time of the peasant and noble a time where class distinction was at the most severe and was a defining character of every person Though while there is all this suffering one cannot help but think at some point it must get better for the characters you like and worse for the characters you hate and this is after all a novel but don t expect Follett to do anything you might predictThe fourteenth century had a lot going on throughout Europe and what makes World Without End an incredible novel is that Follett uses the monumental and catastrophic events in microcosm focused on couple of small towns in England There was a cooling of temperatures which led to crop failure and starvation for many peasants known as the Great Famine coupled with this was the uprising of peasants against their noble overlords who had subjugated and oppressed them for so long known as the Peasant s Revolt There was the growing guild system where anyone wanting to become skilled in a trade would have to be invited to become a member of a guild Then there was horrific plague that was estimated to wipe out half the population of Europe known as the Black Death There was also the moving of the papacy from Rome to Avignon France which created a fission in the Christian faith and led to uestioning and critiue of the absolute eligion Finally there was the seemingly never ending Hundred Years WarFollett skillfully uses these events in World Without End weighing in at 1024 pages but never overtly calls out any of them for what they are partly because a lot of the terms and names for the events were not yet in existence and because he seeks to be less overt and obvious but to have these events occur in most cases beyond the scope of these small towns to be events occurring far away that have little importance and effect on the citizens of the town much like the Ira War is for the American people today At least this seems the case at first and then the subliminal effects come into play where men head off to war craftsmen have to fight to get into guilds peasants are suffering and in some cases starving the church is overbearing in its control and being uestioned and finally with the arrival of the plague the people s lives and the towns are changed foreverWorld Without End takes you on a journey through the fourteenth century but not via a history lesson but in the important and complex lives of some ordinary townspeople of varying classes their loves and losses their hopes and dreams their despair and suffering It s a moving and some might say depressing book but as I mentioned the fourteenth century was a tumultuous time to say the least But when you get to the last page you ll wish it had never happened you ll wish for story for characters you ll wish to emember this incredible story for a long timeFOOTNOTE Just as World Without End has 1024 pages conveniently and maybe with a little effort on my part these eview has 1024 words For book eviews and author interviews go to BookBanter In all practical theory this book should be on my Sucked shelf It s a tale of the Middle Ages the gross injustices of the time and it truly amounts to a thousand page Medieval soap opera It hasn t got much to do with its predecessor The Pillars of the Earth except that it s in the same location 200 years later with characters that are descendants of the Pillars characters There s none of the complex building and architectural aspects found in Pillars the graphic sex and violence has been toned down several aspects of the plot are predictable and the dialogue seems strikingly modern for a novel set in the 14th century So why is this book not on my Sucked shelf Because it KICKED ASS With all of the above mentioned problems in the book it takes on hell of an author to pull off this kind of novel Kenn Follett just plain ules The story goes at a breakneck pace the descriptions of the feudal system are fascinating and the characters are complex and multi faceted For every small predictable plot twist there are a million little shockers and at the end there are a few uestions about the truth lingering Frickin great I also found Follett s descriptions of the complete powerlessness of women and the ultimate authority of the nobles described with total intensity and they are displayed over and over again through the stories of the characters Eually interesting were the power struggles between the church the people and the nobility Conflict everywhere Love it Another great aspect of this book was the concentration on Medieval ideas about health and medicine especially during the time of the plague Given that monks are the only physicians the best cures are blood letting and applying goat shit to open wounds to form a healthy pus If you sit closer to the altar in the church hospital you ll heal faster Although slight scientific advances are made in the book the lingering affects of the church s bogus medical ideas seem to have transcended the centuries to live on in modern Italy cover your stomach to avoid catching a cold wait 3 hours after eating before you swim or you ll drown sunflower oil is good for the flu humidity causes low blood pressure and canker sores are caused by indigestion A complete aversion to all forms of medicine are also fundamental in this society ie Yesterday my French friend Sandrine had a headache Italians don t like to take Aspirin because it will destroy your liver but Sandrine is French and has no problem with taking meds so I offered her an Aleve If you don t want medicine be Italian and kiss this I said to her holding up my pocket osary Anyway great book totally fascinating very different from Pillars of the Earth and written by a guy who truly is a master writerKICKED AS. S masterful epic The Pillars of the Earth enchanted millions of eaders with its compelling drama of war passion and family conflict set around the building of a cathedral Now World Without End takes eaders back to medieval Kingsbridge two centuries later as the men women and children of the city once again grapple with the devastating sweep of historical chan.

Ken Follett is one of the world’s most successful authors Over 165 million copies of the 31 books he has written have been sold in over 80 countries and in 33 languages Born on June 5th 1949 in Cardiff Wales the son of a tax inspector Ken was educated at state schools and went on to graduate from University College London with an Honours degree in Philosophy – later to be made a Fellow of