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4 12 stars I greatly enjoyed this book I found the big secret somewhat predictable but it was still a very interesting story HI 828 35 star. E irresistible to Morgan Drawn to him as if under a voodoo spell Morgan who'd stared down danger for a living now knew real fear in Andre's arms Fear that she was falling for a kille.

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Real world I don t read that many Hareluins but this is my favorite of all the ones that I ve read Paranormal romantic suspense at its best. Ar as the man himself He lived like a captive at the isolated Belle Vista disappeared after sunset drank homemade brews and avoided the truth But his dark looks and brooding mien wer.

I like the fact that Harleuin has gotten into Gothic Romance I love the gothic Vampires spells and mystical things What a way to escape the. The Steamy Bayou Bred Dangerand DesirePI Morgan Kirkland had investigated strange crimes before but none as eerie as the murders on Andre Gascon's bayou estate nor anything as peculi.

BOOKS DOWNLOAD Spellbound Author Rebecca York –

Ruth Glick born 1942 is a best selling author of healthy cookbooks and has also written dozens of romantic suspense romance novels under the pen name Rebecca YorkRuth earned a BA in American Thought and Civilization from George Washington University and an MA in American Studies from the University of Maryland Although she always wanted to become a writer Glick was convinced that her lack

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