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Re very well eveloped I especially like Merry s best friend Pish He s a great confidant for herIt s an intriguing mystery that keeps you guessing to the end Just when you think you ve figured it out you learn that you Sword of Honour Second To None didn t The author gives you all the clues needed to solve the murder but it s not an easy resolutionIt s a uick read and I m happy to see itoesn t suffer from the sopho slump which often happens with the second book of a series This one picks up right where the first one left off but you The Extra Cadaver Murder don t have to read the first one to read this book Information from the first book is sprinkled throughout this story so readers aren t lost I mefinitely looking forward to the third in the seriesFTC Disclosure The author provided me with a copy of this book to review for this blog tour This Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way All opinions expressed are my own I read the first book in the Merry Muffin series by Victoria Hamilton almost two years ago then moved on to sample as many other cozy mysteries as I could I also read another one of Hamilton s series Vintage Kitchen Mysteries and am catching up on those now too I m finally back to reading a few of the earlier ones from this series in publication order which made Muffin But Murder 2 of 5 next on my list I forgotten enough about the characters and setting but by about twenty percent into this book it all came back and it s gotten even better in this editionMerry used to be a NYC fashion and style consultant After a model falsely accused her of stealing something and Merry s great uncle passed away she hightailed it to Autumn Vale in upstate New York to find out what she inherited and re group Surprise he owned a castle Merry ecided to sell the estate and in this second book she s battling a supposed cousin for ownership townspeople who think she ll sell them out and a killer with a vendetta With her best friend s help Merry holds a costume ball to help showcase the estate to wealthy folks in the hopes they ll buy the place but when one uninvited attendee ends up Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society dead at the end of the party she s back to sleuthing What s even scarier the victim was the unknown twin brother of the guy who caused problems in the first book of the seriesCharacter Good they reeveloping but we need a few supporting onesWriting Strong I enjoy the witty Um Fogo Eterno dialog and narrativeescriptionsSetting Good reminds me of my trips to Hudson NY and its surrounding townsVoice Good I like the tone of the books and the perspective changes on the actionThe mystery was medium complex There were several red herrings lots of potential culprits a few side stories a secondary mystery to keep us Lawn Boy Returns distracted and a strong clear finish When the various side stories began to weave together I figured out what was going on but it was still fun to watch it finish I willefinitely continue reading the series and already ordered the next one to begin in late January. Castle with Yolandas Genius dashes of fabric and a sprinkling of spider webs Friends new and old are invited and everyone has a blast But as the revelers empty out Merry notices one partygoer who isn’t leaving or breathing Now Merry must hurry to unmask a killer before her perfect plans turn into a recipe forisaster.

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( EPUB Muffin But Murder Merry Muffin Mystery #2 ) BY Victoria Hamilton – edelicate.com

DNFI enjoyed the first book in the series but this book spends much too much time recapping what happened in the first one and when listening to it as an audio book I can t easily just skip over it Meh The first book was meh for me too but I was hooked on the treasure hunt I just on t feel like the characters have much chemistry and the The Light Beyond the Forest dialogue always feel unnatural Pretty good mystery thoughFull review Review of the audiobookI want to like these books but I m finding they are a little unorganized and strangeWe start with the usual premise sort of woman leaves NYC for a small town because she s inherited a castle she needs toeal with Fine Typically in these situations we have a husbandboyfriend who treated her badly which gives her the reason to stay in the small town We The First Mistake don t have that here In fact Merry s husbandied eight years ago Yes eight years And she s been single ever since but not happily single No after eight years she still wears his clothes to Jewelry Making For Beginners do work around the house I m not really sure why Merry is still in Autumn Vale Apparently the people in the town hate her for no good reason including one crazy lady who can t hold this hatred of a complete stranger in so she yells at Merry on the street Because that totally happens all the timeAt the end of theay or book I feel like many loose ends were never tied up I on t particularly like the characters I m still scratching my head that Merry inherits a house and her fashion and finance friends follow her there all the better to avoid the awkwardness of actually making friends in a small town Those small town people are so standoffish and they on t want her there I The Penguin Book of English Verse don t know I m just irritated by this book This is the first book I have read in this series and I enjoyed it immensely In fact I finished it in oneay because I couldn t put it Seven Secrets of Happiness down 25 stars Hoping that this is laying groundwork for the series 35 It s Halloween at Wynter Castle and once again our heroine Merry Wynter must solve another murder while keeping herself and her friends out ofanger Of course reading this in October made it a special treat but I would have enjoyed it anytime of year I The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, did enjoy my trip back to Autumn Vale NY I was invested right away in catching up with some of my favorite uirky townsfolk This cozy series is made fun by the very eccentric cast of characters The mystery stayed a mystery until the end Solid with enough twists to keep things interesting Muffin Mysteries was a slow starter for me and I wasn t sure I would continue with the series But it s getting better and I m glad I stayed with it Worth giving the next book a go Muffin But Murder 3 12 stars This book was so cheesy I could put it between 2 slices of bread and grill it up for a nice sandwich In Muffin But Murder book 2 of the Merry Muffins series Merry hosts a Halloween party that gets crashed by a bunch of people one of whom winds upead Merry is also The Force of Destiny dealing with a Muffin maker Merry Wynter hopes to find a buyer for the castle she’s recently inherited But when she throws a party toraw interest she finds someone who’s bought the farm insteadMerry’s career as a New York City stylist has crumbled but her passion for muffins has helped her rise upstate in Autumn.

Ong lost cousin who is claiming half of the castle pining away for her long The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Chapter 9 Provocateur) dead husband and a host of other shenanigans Between the convoluted plot Merry spending her time either pining for her longead husband or waffling over selling the castle or staying the corny romance the ending in which the mystery was How I Became a Nun described to the reader and not solved and theropped plot lines I m amazed that I liked this book so much I have no reasons for it I ve read books that irritate me far less that I The Rose Tattoo and Other Plays didn t finish I guess it s just that I like the characters so much and the Western NY setting is so familiar to me that it s easy to settle into the book Or I keep expecting some of these mini cliff hangers to be solved That might be part of it Actually since it keeps me coming back that might just be it Overall not a terrible read but cheesy and a little inane But enjoyable 4 StarsWhile the first book in the series had a lot of similarities to The Cat Who series at least in settings and pets this book firmly establishes the cast of eccentric characters as one of my new favorite cozy mystery series Merry Shilo and Phis are great as the main cast but the locals really add the humor and strange to the books and plot Doc is my Merry Wynter works hard at fixing up the castle in upstate New York that she inherited from her uncle The plan is for her to sell it and then start her life over again Her plans are thwarted when a long lost relative arrives claiming he has rights to the castle too For now they work together to restore the castle to its former glory but Merry fully intends to look into her relative s claimWith the Halloween season fast approaching Merryecides to host a huge costume party with the hopes that someone will be interested in making an offer on the castle It s an invitation only event but she begins to notice some uninvited guests Then she stumbles upon a guest who isn t moving at all In fact he s The Undoing Project dead It s the second murder to occur at the castle in just a few short monthsWhen a close friend is accused of the murder Merry takes it upon herself to find out who the real culprit is Not only for her friend s sake but sheoesn t want her castle noted for its murdersMerry is an interesting strong character Although she s been widowed for seven years she still First Flight (Dragon School desperately misses her husband sheoes find herself interested in the local sheriff Virgil Grace What I like about this relationship is that it s a slow moving one Both characters have had relationships in the past and aren t looking to rush into anything I think this is realistic than some fiction romances that I ve seen jump right into bed five minutes after meeting This is going at a nice pace that gives readers a chance to get to know both characters I The Lone Man do wish Merry would put faith in Virgil s ability as a lawman though but most cozy heroineson t trust them to solve the mystery That s why we have a story The rest of the characters Vale Everyone in town loves the tasty treats Still she would like to return to her glamorous life Besides the upkeep of Wynter Castle is expensive and Merry’s cup isn’t exactly overflowingSo in order to bring some prospective buyers into the mix Merry whisks together a spooky soiree and ecorates the.

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