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Gue musings When he spends than 2 3 pages on a topic it gets insightful but he does that far too seldom There are plenty of good nuggets here but the lazy format just doesn t hold up too many sections of Hey here s an idea that I find moderately interesting but I m not going to bother digging into itI appreciate why it isn t specially math y but that limits some of his arguments Had he dropped a few of the sections No one can forecast fashion and Ancestral Voices expanded some of the heavier ones he could have had a Freakonomics before Freakonomics It makes me wonder if his actual bestseller Innumeracy is what I d have in mind or just wandering I reallynjoyed this work The author proves to the reader that math is not about numbers but about thinking and logic Covering a wide range of general And Bid Him Sing examples he brings home the concepts of probability game theory voting poltical territory chaosconomic forecasting Aristotle Detective (Aristotle epidemics markets non linearity logic and the complexity horizon He also brings out the finer points regarding interpretation and use of analytical tools precision re recipes anchoring checking for reasonability small sample sizetc Few of the concepts were new to me but the presentation is Bones, Clones, and Biomes entertaining and some of those concepts arexplained better than I have seen For Bringing the Empire Home example the Central Limit Theorem the average of a large bunch of measurements follows a normal bell shaped curveven if the individual measurements themselves do not When my children were young we would watch nature programs on the television together and I would teach then to ask How do they know that I taught them to xpect that the answer would often be a vivid xample of how much science can discover or discern or deduce Building the Cold War even from the scantest of clues and via the most devious paths I also taught them toxpect that sometimes the answer would be They don t know or They re guessing or Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) even That s what they want you to think but it. Er showing how math and numbers are a keylement in many of the articles we read very day  From the Senate SATs and sex to crime celebrities and cults.

Will definitely spur u to be that guy Dragged a bit on the nd but Dancing at Armageddon everyone should read this bookspecially those who struggle with mathematics and basically anyone who is Double Jeopardy eligible to vote to put statistics into context My only problem with it is that the tone of the writer seemed to be very condescending towards the lifestyle section of the newspaper that is often catered to women andntertainment of women A fabulous read highly recommendedI have to say I really Composition and Literature enjoy John Allen Paulo s style of writing His wry observations and insights are wonderful to behold on paper The book is somehow timeless it is as useful and observant now as it was when written Anasy recommendation to make Disappointing I read a small xerpt from this book in a statistics class once and found it njoyable I thought it would be a fun and accessible look at how statistics are misused in the media Unfortunately the description fun and accessible does not apply to the book on the whole Many sections of involved math well beyond my level of undestanding and others just seemed poorly organized to the point that I had no idea what point the author was making at any given time Too bad I Dark Voices enjoyed this book uite a bit though not as much as Injoyed Paulos Contested Reproduction earlier Innumeracy He turns phrases beautifully andxplains not so obvious mathematical phenomena very clearly For xample if you go up against a tennis player with whom you win 40 percent of your points your chances of winning a match are only a paltry05 percent yes one twentieth of one percent Sound crazy The proof is on page 176 of the paperback dition My only complaint is that some of Paulos ideas just aren t fleshed out and he sometimes notes this himself in the text which leads me to wonder why he or his ditor didn t just nix those segments Overall though a very worthwhile read This book as I probably should have realized is largely comprised of Paulos s va. With the same user friendly uirky and perceptive approach that made Innumeracy a bestseller John Allen Paulos travels though the pages of the daily newspap.

Isn t actually trueI should have liked A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper than I did because it shares the same spirit of nlightened scepticism that I hoped to pass onto my children Some passages such as the discussion of voting systems and how they can produce ver This book was written in 1996 and there were 58 billion people in the world It is 2012 and now there are 78 billion people in the world This book was cool because the author went through all the sections of the newspaper starting with the politics which he claims does not really tell you shit about truth upon headlines to get you to buy the paper Blacklands ending hisxplanations with sports and Evolutionary Patterns entertainment People get fixated on words like Korupt strikesmbezzlement murder When you divide these Evolution As Entropy events to the amount of people in the world it is almost impossible for thesevents to truly Forging Gay Identities effect you People are fixated on numbers like 10 is why people so often use a top 10 list People want information and facts uick a top 10 brings closure uickly On the other hand of true rarity he goes into the smushing statistic Mr Paulosstimates 12 million people are banging Forbidden History every hour Well if the world has increased 25% since this uote today it is 15 million people screwingper hour If there are 24 hours in a day that is 360 million people humping in a day uestion is how the fuck does hestimate the amount of Fuck Bottom line this author tells a little about Fiche Blian ag Fás every section and how writers try to reel you in with popular words and numbers that magnetize your brain In closure he brings a good point of the inability to be 100% on anything you hear or read because of the infinite amount of outcomes occur among the billions in the world while 360 million people don tven have their pants on A biochemist couldn t uite make it through this book but close Esteem Enlivened by Desire enoughThe kind of book thatats like a banana 34 is really the perfect amount then you get full of it. He takes stories that may not seem to involve mathematics at all and demonstrates how a lack of mathematical knowledge can hinder our understanding of them.

pdf book A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper BY John Allen Paulos – dedelicate.com

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