KINDLE READ ThePsychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine –

Virtually all cultures consume drugs from psychoactive plants Caffeine for xampleis probably the most common stimulant in the world and many modern medicines such as morphine andcodeine are derived from plant sources In these cases scientific research has revealed thecomposition of the plants and how they interact with the nervous system There are also many herbalmedications with reputed therapeutic value that have not yet.

KINDLE READ ThePsychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine –

Gained acceptance into mainstreammedicine partly because there has not been nough research to support their usefulness Insteadthey are regarded as alternative medicines This is an active research area however and manycurrent studies are focusing on identifying the active components pharmacological propertiesphysiological ffects and clinical fficacy of herbal medicines This book compiles and integratesthe most up to date.

Information on the major psychoactive herbal medicines that is herbalmedicines that alter mind brain and behavior It focuses particularly on the ffects on variousareas of cognition including attention learning and memory The book covers all major classes ofpsychoactive drugs including stimulants cognitive nhancers sedatives and anxiolyticspsychotherapeutic herbs analgesics and anesthetic plants hallucinogens and cannabis.

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