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Enjoyed reading this story far than I thought I would and it has as my friend said left a lasting impact n me I don t think I can ever look at my neighbours the same way again and will always wonder about what they do behind their closed doors but not in a creepy stalker way f course Do read it if you like reading about ther worldly things and weird things basically if you love speculative fictionNOTE This story was recommended to me by my friend Dagny and I read it for RMFAO 2020 Genre Challenge Sci Fi Month and RMFAO 2020 Classics Catch Up Actually this should be cataloged as Other Celia TheThis short story first appeared in Galaxy Science Fiction in March 1957I know there is a group Bec (The Demonata, of peopleut there whoreally love Theodore Sturgeon s writing I am This is not actually a review The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins of the e book This review is excerpted from my reviewf the magazine in which The Other Celia first appeared Galaxy Science Fiction March 1957Theodore Sturgeon s story The Other Celia is a brilliant look at another alien but this ne might not have come from another planet There are nly two characters. Among us gives us a vivid glimpse f the strangeness that underlies the everyday world It's.

I m not uite sure what to think about this story As I read it I compared it to a story f my wn about a man trying to figure ut the mysteries Our Planet: Our Home of a young woman that he has small contact with and the lengths to which Sturgeon goes with his farutweighed my Kakoong, Pahlawan Pulau Awan Vol. 8 own The reveal and what then happens while interesting seem a let down a shift to Fortean imaginings that didn t do anything If we think about what change in character this revealed thenly clue is the last line where the man moves indicating that something about what he s encountered has upset his euilibrium So no ultimately this didn t work for me A very peculiar tale about how we never know what exactly goes n behind anyone s closed doors It is a very entertaining read so much that for the most part I got almost as curious about things as the protagonist forgetting that what he was doing was neither normal nor ethically right and not even legally But the story is written in such a way that the focus is entirely shifted away from the protagonist right after he and his peculiar hobby is introduced to the ther character Celia Free nline fiction from Baen BooksThe sly little story that follows a classic tale f aliens.

In this story The first is Slim Walsh a man temporarily ut f work due to an injury His helper had hit him just ver the temple with a fourteen inch crescent wrench If you re curious about why that happened well stay curious no explanation is givenAnd speaking f being curious that is Slim s dominating uality an insatiable curiosity Slim is staying in a very run down boarding house where it is easy to pen doors and get access to all the rooms Slim snoops in every room in every closet in every drawer in the rooming house He doesn t steal he just wants to know everything about everyoneThen a new tenant Celia Sarton moves in Slim finds ut a lot about Celia but wants to know He takes actions which have peculiar conseuencesSlim is in his wn way also an alien His actions and his reactions are considerably than just ddThis is a terrific story Algis Budrys a well known science fiction author and critic referred to The Other Celia as the uintessence A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) of Sturgeon to date It isne f Sturgeon s best stories which means that it is ne f the best science fiction stories f the Twentieth Centur. Sturgeon at the very top f his form which places it among the best work ever done in the gen.

book ebook The Other Celia –

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Theodore Sturgeon 1918–1985 is considered one of the godfathers of contemporary science fiction and dark fantasy The author of numerous acclaimed short stories and novels among them the classics More Than Human Venus Plus X and To Marry Medusa Sturgeon also wrote for television and holds among his credits two episodes of the original 1960s Star Trek series for which he created the Vulcan m

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