BOOK READ Art Journal Kickstarter AUTHOR Kristy Conlin –

Of techniues you will be almost completely disappointed What this book does have are photos of many very good art journal pages Each piece lists which materials were used to create it so if you learn about the techniues lsewhere you can figure out how to mulate what insp. En craving So soak it up and discover the stories behind ach artist's personal pagesLook inside for creativity at very turn 140 original art journal pages Dozens of journaling prompts Time tested advice Unbelievable inspiration Mixed media.

BOOK READ Art Journal Kickstarter AUTHOR Kristy Conlin –

Ires you As long as you don t xpect any prompts beyond perhaps some of the uotes scattered throughout this is a very good look at the styles of over 100 mixed media art journalers Journalists Sometimes these types of survey books don t really work for me but this one did. Secrets Funky materials Astounding layering techniues Let your art journaling transformation begin today as you uncover the simple strategies that will take you to the next level in your artistic journeySo go ahead Start journaling your way.

The book title says pages and prompts but if you are looking for journal prompts forget it It s a book showing many artists pages and their brief answers to a set of uestions When she asks them if they use prompts the vast majority say no Also if you The Man Without a Face expect anyxplanation. Kickstart your art journaling journey todayWith back to back journal pages from than 100 art journaling Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) enthusiasts you'llmbark on an xploration filled with top notch techniues and the kind of journal fodder that your artistic soul has be.

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