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A rollicking rambling mess of a book A complete shambles but somehow it worksA bishops emissary is sent to a remote part of Iceland to investigate rumours of unorthodox religious practices What he finds is bewildering and profound absurd yet eminently sensible earthy and obscureI enjoyed the book but felt that it was always ust out of my grasp that things were going over my head Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) just like the young emissary I couldn t find Independent People in my library which I had only read half of and really wanted to finish so I picked of this book of Laxness s instead and I am glad I did I was expecting something slightly magical realist so I was maybe a bit disappointed that it was not but was glad the crazy beliefs stories people etc became what they didThe first 34ths of the book seem to be filled with silliness The pastor isn t doing hisob and the women don t sleep or eat The church is boarded up and a bungalow is built right next to it someone might have been buried in the glacier there is nothing to consume but cakes and coffee the people speak of bizzare happenings and have strange explanations for the things that have happened You ALMOST believe that you re supposed to believe in these things you re not sure but by the last uarter of the book it doesn t matterAs the book winds down and the plot starts turning faster you can finally see the deep and beautiful love and humanity that supports all of these previously viewed craziness and silliness You can finally understand the characters as real weak and fragile along with being deeply beautiful this is mainly about the priestSo yes if you read this book enjoy the beautifully written incomprehensible and comprehensible craziness of the beginning and keep reading It will all become meaningful in the end My experience with this book This is supposed to be funny What s going on here Am I getting it This is supposed to be funny What s going on hereAm I getting it This is sort of funny What s understanding On some level I am getting itThis book is funny absurd funny What s up with the effing fish and the yogis from Los AngelesOk My reaction upon finishing the book It was amazing I think I got it It was hilarious It s unlike anything I ve ever read Check back with me in 5 years when I read it again Covert Returns to ChristianityThis novel comes with impeccable credentials Laxness a Nobel laureate is one of Iceland s major twentieth century novelists the translator is Magnus Magnusson Mastermind television presenter and authority on the Icelandic sagas and the book has a late introduction by Susan Sontag 2004 For me it had the additional attraction that it s set at Snaeffelsjokull an Icelandic volcano I had A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, just visited and one of the characters comes from Hafnarfjordur where I was staying in Iceland It is a fantastical story of the parish priest at the glacier under the volcano and the mysterious things that happen in his parish but it is also very much of its time and place the late 1960s I found it tremendously disappointing and I barely got through it Sontag s ecstatic introduction links the book to a whole list of sorts of novelsScience fictionTale fable allegoryPhilosophical novelDream novelVisionary novelLiterature of fantasyWisdom litSpoofSexual turn on p viThat s her list and she links Under the Glacier to all but the last one She also says it is one of the funniest books ever written She gives a good account of the elements of comedy in literature including defect of affectivity the protagonist doesn t feel much or express it if he does repetition deficit of understanding and others That s a good characterization but it doesn t mean the novel is funny Here are two examples of what counts as humor to Laxness At one point there is a possibility that a corpse will be stolen by a South American man who will take it up onto the glacier and shrink the corpse s head Laxness mentions this wild possibility in the most offhanded possible way I promise to do everything in my power to prevent the body being taken up onto the glacier its head removed and shrunk etc p 155The etc is supposed to be humorous here it s part of the deadpan strategy of comedy On the next page the narrator considers some damaged paintingsI would point out that I have prevented the old paintings from being scrubbed with caustic soda with the kind of scrubbing brush that Hafnarfjrur people use for scouring the scales off haddock p 156The strategies of repetition affectlessness naivete and so on are exactly as Sontag says but the effect for me is not at all comic it is tediousBut the main difficulty I had with this book and the revision I would like to have made in its reception is that the book is clearly about a kind of post Christian mystical communion with nature It s a meditation on what spirituality might look like after Christianity The parish priest who is the subject of the narrator s investigation has boarded up his church and spends his time shoeing horses An echo risky in its obviousness of Jesus s washing of the disciples feet He can barely bring himself to read anything from the Bible In one passage he is called on to read a prayer and it takes him several minutes to find one he can agree with He has an elusive wisdom and happiness and he is often called he richest person in the worldAs Sontag says in a footnote the original Icelandic title can be translated as Christianity at the Glacier not Under the Glacier One of the models for this post Christian spirituality is 12th century Franciscan natural revelation There are for example many pages devoted to observations of birds Birds follow the pastor around almost in the fashion of St Francis and the narrator observes strange and also natural b A very strange book I felt that for the first half of the book Laxness wasust having a bit of fun and then needed to find some sort of ending that made a bit of sense When the Embi arrives in the Snaefells Glacier his conversations were like a Monty Python skit nonsense statements asides that reoccur and impossible analogies abound There is the magnificent Pastor who with his parishioners hav. მყინვარისპირეთი სხვა თუ არაფერი ფილოსოფიური და ზმანებათა რომანი მაინც არის ის ასევე ერთ ერთი ყველაზე სასაცილო წიგნია რაც კი ოდესმე დაწერილა რომა?.


books book Kristnihald undir Jökli –

Cience fiction a philosophical novel a dream novel a comic novel and a visionary one that s a fairly good start it involves a young emissary from the bishop of iceland who is sent from reykjavik to investigate odd rumors about the pastor and town of snaefells glacier in short order this becomes an investigation of all things considering christianity at the glacier and that investigation is hilarious there were times reading it when i thought it very well might be the funniest book i have ever readchristianity taoism hinduism reincarnation hatha yoga nature poetry biblical verse mythical fish intergalactic communication horse abusers and imported french biscuits all come together in the narrative yet there is cohesion in the absurdity i think what i liked best about it were the ruminations on literature itself such as the bishop s instructions to the emissaryno verifying if people tell lies that s as may be if they ve come up with some credo or other so much the better remember any lie you are told even if deliberately is often a significant fact than a truth told in all sinceritythere are so many other gems that are underlined in my copy but here is the first that truly hooked me from a letter from the parish clerk to the bishop of iceland In conclusion it s uite true that our church is a little worse for wear although in fact there haven t been many complaints but God is said to be great No need to elaborate further on that Your Grace s loving and obedient servant for me the high point of the book comes about halfway through in a long discussion between old friends pastor Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery jon primus and dr syngmann mundi the angler and businessman and mystic who returns to perform biotelekinesis life induction in the energy field of the glacier the chapters that outline their discussion through the notes of the emissary play two different but captivating philosophies against one another the chapters also hint at regret and nostalgia the way our lives change separately from those we were once close to the climax then for me is pastoron s solilouy at mundi s funeral i ll leave the final words to pastor onIt s a pity we don t whistle at one another like birds Words are misleading I am always trying to forget words That is why I contemplate the lilies of the field but in particular the glacier If one looks at the glacier for long enough words cease to have any meaning on God s earth Here s an Icelandic writer of which I ve heard nothing about despite the fact that he won the Nobel prize for literature I found the book by chance the synopsis sounded interesting enough so I began reading and helplessly fell in love with the novel This is Halld r Laxness only book translated into Romanian but I m anxious to read some of his other works especially Independent People Under the Glacier is truly an amazing book which made me laugh or at least giggle think and wonder It is a delightful blend of fantasy and reality which immerses the reader in a mysterious yet earthly dimension Even now when I think of it the magical world of the parish by the glacier is still vivid in my mind and prolongs its fascination upon meThe way the dialogues are presented is a little bit strange instead of the usual lines there are the names of the interlocutors It was a bit distressing at first but this annoying fact was gradually forgotten since the dialogue became absurd anyway yet so savory and funny that I could no longer find it the least faultThe writing is full of humor I found myself laughing many times and the absurd situations that emerge are extremely delicious The blending of reality with fantasy is in the perfect dose for me at the end I was left in a state of reverie wondering how much of what had happened was real Some facts are confirmed others are left unexplained but this doesn t diminish the magic atmosphere of this forgotten place at the end of the world governed by the glacier and the sea birds and populated by a bunch of or less bizarre peopleIceland through the lens of photographer Ragnar AxelssonThe old man may well be the priest from the parish near the glacier photographer Ragnar Axelsson It s not that I hated Under the Glacier or didn t get a chuckle from it occasionally OK like a wan smile But to call it as Susan Sontag did a marvelous novel about the most ambitious uestions and one of the funniest books ever written is a stretch And btw I m glad I was never invited to comedy night at the SontagsWritten by Icelandic Nobel Prize winner Halldor Laxness Under the Glacier is the story using the term loosely of a bishop s emissary who hunts for the truth using the term loosely about what has gone on with the parish pastor ditto on the loosely of a remote district next to a glacier There are rumors that Pastor Jon has not held church services in years true is long separated from his wife but has refused to seek a divorce maybe and may have hauled a dead body onto the glacier without a proper burial very maybe The entire mercifully short novel is written in a style I would call Scandinavian magic surrealism where hardly any character is what he or she seems no one is normal and where a mysterious woman may be dead or alive or a bit of both The narrator in keeping with his instructions to merely be the eyes and ears of the bishop and render no opinions designates himself either the undersigned or embi for emissary of the bishop get it wink winkMixed in is a housekeeper who makes only baked goods a self defensive truck driver a man who perpetually loses horses a wealthy expatriate who returns with three latter day hippies to oversee a resurrection and a casket which it takes several chapters to open and then reveals its contents to be well you ll have to enter the maze to find outThe theology in this novel is profound in a way that would impress Shirley MacLaine the humor has not a side split nor a knee slap in sight and the bottom line is well let s see maybe not to tramp around through a bog at night without shoes on that s as good a guess as anyIt does have its moments but not enough to get me up the side of the glacier to three stars. ორ განშტოებად იშლება მოხსენებით ბარათში ერთი მხრივ ესაა ანგარიშის ჩაბარება მკითხველისთვის ხან პირველ პირში ხანაც შეულამაზებელი დიალოგის ფორმი?.

E decided living is about doing your own thing helping others and minding your business There are strange characters a resurrection of a salmon and the return of a woman who may or may not have ever existedNot sure what the whole thing was about maybe Laxness wanted to enter a creative writing competition Phew I am glad this is over I will explain what is in store for those choosing to read Under the Glacier by Halld r LaxnessOpening in the spring of 1968 in Reykjavik the Bishop of Iceland sends out an emissary of twenty five to investigate charges raised against Pastor J n Primus residing at the settlement of Snaefellsj kull by a glacier the glacier of the title This particular young man is chosen because he knows how to run a tape recorder He is to go there and observe write what he sees pose innocuous uestions and record that which people say The Bishop has no interest in hearing either his opinions or views ust record the facts The charges against the pastor range from allowing the church to fall into decay to neither baptize perform church services nor bury the dead A coffin is said to have been left out on the glacier He is said to be married but to have another woman living by him in his home And yet the parishioners respect love and adore him He is handy at fixing appliances and machines and no one can shoe a horse better than him What is going on Are the claims true or false Make the tapes and report back to us Off he goesWhat I have said to you so far is simple Once he arrives nothing is simple What is served up is a mix of fables allegories and science fiction Philosophizing and theologizing with a splash of sarcastic humor One might call this a spoof of religious beliefs Add to this the presence of ghosts and demons and reincarnation and interstellar bioinduction cosmobiology intergalactic communication astrotelekinesis Are you lost So was I Is this pushing the phantasmagorical too far For me the answer is yes Many characters have several names The young emissary switches back and forth from first to third person narrative The flow of words Mes recettes veggie au robot-cuiseur - 150 ides faciles et rapides ! jerks A character s name is stated and then his words another name and then his words it is by this means conversations are relayedSome of the humor is funny The pastor s wife is called Ua pronounced ooh a This is what men exclaim when she passes by The emissary goes by the name of Embi which is an abbreviation of emissary of the bishop Do you get theoke Others call him simply Bishop What does this say about how they see him On the other hand most of the humor didn t have me laughing or I failed to understand itThis book is weird confusing not worth the effort demanded to understand what is going on Or maybe there is nothing to understand Maybe it is meant ust to be the spoof that it is It s bizarre and not that funny Although it has some good lines expressing ideas on which I do agree reading it is a pain in the butt I do not recommend it The audiobook is narrated by Ken Maxon I have no idea if he pronounces the Icelandic names correctly They swish by in a blur Other than the names the words are not hard to decipher but I cannot say I like the narration His tone of voice is sueaky feminine too treble I can give the narration performance no than two stars it s OK Halld r Laxness 1902 1998 received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1955 His most widely acclaimed novel cycles are Salka Valka Independent People and a third beginning with World Light Choose one of these instead Last night I dreamt of making contact with a spiral nebula Well I never did I ust dreamt of the phrase one that crops up a lot in the mid section of this novel In Sarah Moss s Names for the Seastrangers in Iceland she notices in Iceland that at Christmas the focus is not on the Bible nativity story but on the Yule lads a gaggle of Troll children who come down from the hills and play tricks on people they are followed by their mother who likes to seize small children and drop them into her sack to take home for dinner Beowulf Thinks Moss you can tell she knows her Literature my thought was along the lines of well that s plainly the Christian era over in Iceland A reflection which can mean only one thing that it is time to reread Under the Glacier original title Christianity under the GlacierIt is a late Laxness book dating from 1968 or so Perhaps I am particularly crazy at the moment but it seems to me as though the novel with it 60s interest in pre christian and non Christian and alternative Christian traditions connections to spiral Nebulae it s trio of bearded shepherds who are possibly lab assistants or research scientists or something from California who are self described followers of Lord Maitreya the future Buddha currently in the form of Godman Syngmann of Australia remind me of the bearded researchers in Complexity has managed to become contemporary as time has passed and I read it again It may well be a sign of the times that a rich person having their head removed after death to be preserved in some way and possibly revitalised at some stage no longer seems a particularly crazy fantasy in the scheme of thingsFour Laxness novels read so far and his style and approach has been different in each one so far This is to be expected At various points in his life Laxness was a Catholic priest a Communist the boy from the backwoods or rather the Icelandic euivalent thereof A lot of his life seems to be concentrated down into this bookIt has a couple of connections with the Eyrbyggja Saga which helpfully I have never read view spoiler except in a dream in a spiral nebula hide spoiler glaciers and absurditywho doesn t udge books by their covers i was in kramerbooks soon to be headed to iceland when this one called to me i reached past the reds and blues and modern arts for a lovely green book with a title that pulled at my heartstrings even though it was ordinary people that won halld r laxness the nobel prize i went with under the glacier because of its title and because the subject matter seemed so fascinatinghow do i describe it there s an intro by susan sontag that labels it as ??ში მკითხველს ხელთ შერჩება ანტილიტერატურა ეს არის მომზადებული ან მომზადების პროცესში მყოფი დოკუმენტი ლაქსნესის ოსტატურად გადაწყვეტილი დიზაინი.

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