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Is not obvious for a category romance And the characters both the main Scarlett and Grant and the secondary are pretty interesting Actually I have liked the other brothers so much that I will probably read other books in this series ven though I rarely read category romances Still Cynthia Eden is great in Cannibal every genre she writes Scarlett and Grant were high school sweethearts However withvery tour of duty he felt his humanity slip away so he broke things off with her before she went away to college brutallyA decade later Scarlett is accused of murdering her Mastered (The Enforcers, ex fianc and Grant is the only one who can prove her innocenceThis was a fast paced thriller If you like Cynthia Eden books you will like this one her writing style is uite distinctive and that s the real problem I feel likevery one of her heroes is Man, Son of Man essentially the same guy doesn t matter if he s a vampire werex SEAL ranger Alter Ego etc This book is no different I also feel her villains are a bit one dimensional they are always unhinged always meticulous always one of a small group I contrast this with Laura Griffin s most recent book which I also read this weekend there the serial killer s identity fit well with the underlying story his motives and presence were clear without being obviousI like Cynthia Eden but I start one of her books knowing that the characters fall into certain stereotypes If you like alpha males with tortured souls and damaged women this is the writer for you A lot of the time I m not bothered by all the romantic suspense mini series out there that involve a clan of brothers who all happen to be in typical Alpha Male high intensity jobs finding love I mean I ve been coming across it since the mid 90sBut sometimesnough is noughHere s another family in romantic suspense land with FIVE brothers who are all SEALs Rangers or some other masculine profession To add cliche to cliche there s a younger sister they re all protective over Too much of this book involves a brief setting up of the stories to be found in the next five books That was time that could have been spent beefing up the thin plot of this bookWhen Scarlett Stone becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her x fiancee she turns to Grant McGuire for help He s an Uncommon Wisdom ex Ranger who broke her heart ten yearsarlier when he left her to fight for his country But he promised he d always look out for her They are thrown together in their pursuit of the truth with a killer still out there wanting revenge on ScarlettI m afraid this one felt almost like a bad parody of a romantic suspense novel Every cliche you can think of is present And Grant was just too Alpha male y Most of the time he just Unseen City ended up sounding melodramatic and silly The Intrigue heroes set my pulse racing than any of the other Harleuin lines but Grant fell far short Every line of dialogue he uttered was corny cheesy cliched and obvious The other characters all fell in line with thexpected cliches of this genreThe storyline itself was thin The villain I was able to spot the moment they were introduced If less time had been spent setting up the stories to follow characters could have been introduced in this Re a sexy former army ranger turned detective has never been the same since military action But behind his cold demeanor he still burns for ScarlettTaking her case is an asy but dangerous decision for Grant Together they must race against the

Actual Rating 25 StarsThe disappointment I feel for reading this book probably comes from the fact that I have a feeling this isn t Cynthia Eden s best work In fact I have already read four other books that were much better written with better characters and that were also much memorable than Confessions turned out to beDon t get me wrong Confessions had a great concept to work with I suppose if a great concept is the same as many other a great concepts in Romantic Suspense landia A large group of brothers all x military all buff and hunky all over protective of their own all with their own dark secrets and you ve got the McGuire brothers As well as many other groups of fictional siblings God Is in the Crowd ever introduced in Category Romance or Romantic Suspense Confessions probably would have been a great piece of fluffnjoyable and guilty pleasure for me if I had actually Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enjoyed it But instead of turning off my mind and justnjoying the read I found myself nitpicking so many things about it that I couldn t uite justify giving it a higher than meh ratingReally the characters were terribly cliched and the plot a bit predictable In fact The Matriarchs (The Family even the writing felt amateur and I found myself wondering if this was actually written by Cynthia Eden and if so why the style felt so juvenile The romance was just hard to get behind because our main hero felt kind of stalker ish and creepy while the heroine was so stock standard damsel in distress that it managed to make my teeth hurtAnyway Injoyed the book up to a point and may read the rest of the series if only because I DO own the next two books The rest of the series and some of the side characters kind of appeal to me and my curiosity is slightly piued So I m hoping that the writing style will be in line with what I know of Cynthia Eden and the story lines less carbon copy 2016 Reading Challenges Goodreads Reading Challenge BookLikes Reading Challenge Reading Assignment Challenge Bookish Resolutions Challenge Mount TBR ChallengeReviewed at Ani s Book Abyss 2nd chance is my less favourite trope but it s Cynthia Eden and I like her writing Overall ok Too rushed and too insta again for my taste But the general suspense which connects all books was interesting and will keep me reading the whole seriesSafety the heroine wasn t celibate for 10 years Yay Nothing mentioned about the hero but I assume he wasn t too 3 StarsChallenges April 2018 Word Hunt Sleeping Beauty Edition Dawn Beauty Dance Spin Kiss AMMP Fairy Tale Spell Out E in The Elf Mound AMMP Fairy Tale Bingo Week 4 Thumbelina RRRC Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs uarterly Challenge 20 Black Onyx Read a book with a black cover or a Romantic Suspense That is surprisingly good for a category romance But that is always a case with Cynthia Eden s romantic suspenses Grant was Scarlett s first love but left her breaking her heart Now when she is accused of killing her fianc she asks Grant for help But finding a proof that she is not guilty is one thing and catching a killer is another Especially then they find out that they are not really over with Notes for the Everlost each otherThe plot is actually well developed twisted and complicated which. Meet the first of The Battling McGuire Boys from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia EdenDesperate to prove she’s being framed for murder Scarlett Stonentrusts her reputation and her life to the man who once broke her heart Grant McGui.

Ook to up the suspect countA bit of a misfire from Cynthia Eden who usually delivers really good Intrigue books This was a second chance romance for Grant and Scarlett Truth be told they never stopped loving one another He broke her heart when he broke up with her years ag Confessions made a great start to The Battling McGuire Boys series The McGuire Boys are all wonderful characters and I am really looking forward to the other books about them I liked Grant McGuire the main character in this one and thought that Scarlett Stone was a great match for him The storyline was interesting and I am looking forward to learning about t I honestly cannot tell y all how much I LOVE Cynthia Eden s work and ALL her stories for Harleuin s Intrigue line This was so GOOD and that When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) epilogue I seriously can t wait to read about the next McGuire in Secrets and hopefully find out MORE about their parent s murder Good book with lots of action good second chance romance Scarlett and Grant had been high school sweethearts After he graduated Grant joined the army and became a ranger The summer Scarlett graduated Grant was home for a visit and broke things off with her He claimed he didn t love her but in reality he was trying to protect her from himself With the things he had seen and done he wouldn t be any good for her The last thing he told her was that he d be there for her if shever needed himTen years later both have moved on with their lives Grant is back home running a security company with his brothers They all left the military after their parents were murdered coming home to take care of their younger sister and try to find out who killed their parents Scarlett went to college became a teacher and got No Biggy! engaged They haven t been in contact though they ve seenach other at a distance One night she shows up at Grant s office begging for his help She s about to be arrested for her fiance s murder and she needs him to help her prove her innocenceThere s heat between them right away showing that the old feelings are still there Grant is determined to Crush It! earn a second chance with Scarlett but first he has to find out who set her up As the days go on the attacks on Scarlettscalate and Grant becomes a target as well As they search for the real killer they get to know Attracting Birds to Your Backyard each other again and things from their pasts come out that create new stresses between them I found it interesting thatach had kept secrets in order to protect the other Both have to find a way to let go of the past before they can have a futureThe suspense was well done Though Scarlett was cleared fairly Deep Listening early the issue of finding out who had set her up and was still out to get her continued I loved the introduction of Grant s brothers into the story asach of them did their part to support the investigation By the middle of the book I had a good idea of who the culprit was but there was Bird-by-Bird Gardening enough going on to create some doubt The final confrontation was uite intense and I was on thedge of my seat until they were out of it The The Works of Saint Augustine epilogue contained an interesting twist that was the result of that confrontation and I m looking forward to seeing where it goe. Lock to find the real killer who now wants them both dead More dangerous however is their sudden reignited passion Grant will do anything for a second chance with Scarlettwhile she’ll doverything to keep the secret she never wants him to kno.

( EPUB Confessions The Battling McGuire Boys #1 ) Ö Cynthia Eden – dedelicate.com

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Award winning author Cynthia Eden writes sexy tales of contemporary romance romantic suspense and paranormal romance She is a New York Times USA Today Digital Book World and IndieReader best seller Since she began writing full time in 2005 Cynthia has written over one hundred novels and novellasCynthia lives along the Alabama Gulf Coast She loves romance novels horror movies and chocol