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Chet s desire to stop the lawlessness of Arizona and make the place desirable to the railroad which currently is stalled in KansasChet has his ups and downs and the book has him running around from ranch to ranch dealing with the problems of building an empire For good or bad Dusty Richards repeats himself constantly in recapping everything that has happened not only in past books but in this one Every time Chet rides to another ranch he retells the story of what ust happened I wondered if Mr Richards was being paid by the word Not a hard read with plenty of action. Ve to be tireless fighters going up against former Mexican military men a powerful family with bad in their blood Then Chet takes on the most dangerous risk of all a bloody all out shooting war with everything to lose and one last enemy to kill Dusty Richards writeswith the flavor of the real West Elmer Kelton.

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epub books A Good Day To Kill Byrnes Family Ranch #6 author Dusty Richards – dedelicate.com

I can t really rate this book I couldn t finish this book I have read other books in the series and read them cover to cover in less than a day this one dragged for meThe main character was always going from place to placethe relationships he had with his wife and men felt wooden and one dimensional not like the other books where we felt a connection of sorts All the things going on with building his cattle empire versus being a US Marshal too confusing and over lapped without me even knowing it was happening In the others in the series these situations came up but. Dusty takes readers into the real west at full gallop New York Times bestselling author Jodi ThomasIn the thrilling new saga from Western Heritage and Spur award winning author Dusty Richards Chet Byrnes stands his ground with his courage guns and blood For Chet Byrnes building a ranching empire means adding

There was a clear cut division of his time and energy Maybe this will be a sit on the shelf for a year and try to read again kind of books I hope since I enjoyed other books by this author O The continuing saga of Chet Byrnes and his family which began with Texas Blood Feud as the cattle man faced off with the Reynolds clan and decided to move up to Arizona so he could escape the dim witted Reynoldes and begin his cattle empire In this book Chet has begun settling several ranches as well as continuing as a US Marshal dealing with criminals on the borderlands It is. Ew land hiring good men finding water and trying new breeds of cattle But outlaws and Tuscon's idle rich want to take it all away and Arizona Hold Me Down just may be too lawless to stop it So while the Byrnes family expands its reach Chet must do hisob hunting down outlaws on either side of the border Chet's cowboys pro.

Author of over 85 novels Dusty Richards is the only author to win two Spur awards in one year 2007 one for his novel The Horse Creek Incident and another for his short story “Comanche Moon” He is a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and the International Professional Rodeo Association and serves on the local PRCA rodeo board Dusty is also an inductee in the Arkansas Writer

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