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Hich nnerves At the heart of the novel is the relationship of Leary our narrator and his two best friends both now long dead Gradually piece by piece and detail by detail the true history of events Karens Best Friend unfolds From early on in the novelarrington nsettles his reader You know there is something lurking in the back story and as it dawns on you you realize you knew it deep down all the time His talent is that he makes s his readers discover this inevitable truth at the same time as Leary faces Descent into Chaos up to it Its as if we are walking the journey with him Hisnreliability as a narrator thus becomes the great strength of the novel Leary is not a liar but a coward He has fought against facing life because in facing it there would be and indeed are too many Edmund Wilson uestions crying out for answers The ghosts which rock his security are not wraiths from beyond the grave but his long buried conscienceThis book is to coin a phrase the puppy s butt Read in 2008 for Canada Reads my review from January 2008Oh gosh I am so glad I read this book Notwithstanding that I haven t yet read the other 2008 Canada Reads candidates I mite prepared to say King Leary should be la premier etoilePercival King Leary is an old man read one foot poised to kick it and former hockey legend As I was reading I did wonder for a while whether he really was a legend in the books or whether the highlight reels existed only in his own mind because I suspect that almost every Canadian male is or coulda been a hockey legend But it appears he really was King of the Ice We find out that he has been trotted out and honoured at the Gardens than once and he is in the Hall of FameNow however he is confined to a nursing home reliving his glory days in his own mind and by spouting off to whomever will listen One day though he is contacted by an ad agency who wants to feature King Leary in a ginger ale commercial and so we are off to Toronto with the King and his wacky entourage his nurse his ancient reporter roommate his loser son and a couple of ghosts from the past to relive those glory daysKing Leary s adventure is both incredibly funny and incredibly sad Lewd and bawdy thoughtful and heartwarming The King had his moments of glory scoring winning goals perfecting his signature move moments in the sun But of course there were costs and insultsAs Canadians we know the history of our national sport the drinking carousing corruption the evolution of the game itself the road trips the trades loyalties and loneliness shame and glory So all of Leary s memories ring very trueIt is a hockey story but it is much than that It is also a story of redemptionReserved for the Canada Day release challenge Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon, unless I can t help myself from foisting it on someone else as a must readI think it makes for a great Canada Reads book I found myself reading into it all sorts of things that I have no idea whether the author intended Clay Bors Clinton as our neighbour to the south for example Right or wrong thought provoking Full of blarney spit and spunk and often drunk on ginger ale Percival Leary was the king of the ice in his heyday captain of the Ottawa Patriots trained by monks and fearless in the rink King Leary now lives in a nursing home with his crony Blue Hermann a former newspaper reporter but when Leary is asked to travel to Toronto to film a ginger ale commercial they packp their canes and go This book has an incredible voice and truly memorable characters and is easily the best novel about ice hockey I ve ever read maybe the only one I ve ever read but that doesn t take anything away from it 35 star. S own mind ntil a high powered advertising agency decides to feature him in a series of ginger ale commercials With his male nurse his son and the irrepressible Blue Leary sets off for Toronto on one last adventure as he revisits the scenes of his glorious life as King of the Ice.

Alphabet thinking of novelists I have read Men first then women and then if it is a really bad night children s authors Most letters i have no problem with but now that is always a struggle So I hit pon a cunning plan Going to the Cinema bookshop an enormous cavernous place with endless bookcases and shelves stretching over two floors I decided to find a couple of s Paul arrington of whom I had never heard was one and this was the book i bought A lovely first edition from 1987 although yet again the GR librarians declare its ISBN as being from a 1988 edition WRONG But the mechanism for changing and challenging seems so nwieldy that i can t be arsedNow you know why I picked p the book you may be interested as to what it was like Excellent That is what it is It is funny and poignant and enraging and bizarre and nsettling and most especially arrington respects his readers By that i mean he does not spoon feed his story all the time he demands that we listen and concentrate and think He doesn t signal every joke with huge nsubtle arrowing but will sometimes leave one ticking away in the narrative and it is only two or three pages later that the pay off will explode in the paragraph and the cleverness of development becomes clearThe story is related by an old man living in residential care He was a top ice hockey player and he tells through flashback and encounters in his mind with long dead friends his adventures and misadventures We see everything through his eyes and as the story develops he becomes ite clearly an nreliable narrator Not so much because he is ntruthful but because he is blind to aspects of life which did not fit in with his plan or nderstanding Gradually and of the hinterland of the story is explored or if you will the pencil sketches he has drawn of others lives are gradually given shade and depth and perspective and this comes through encounters with his fallen comrades arriving like Banuo s ghost to chaallenge the euilibrium of his old age arrington has a lovely ability to describe the natural world Sometimes the canal would be whitecapped and rough and I wouldn t think the wind was p and blowing over a storm I d think the water was angry Or sometimes it would be gentle with little pieces of sunlight bouncing on it and i knew that the canal was happy and that if i went swimming the water would play on my bodyor warfare It was like God slapped the world with the flat of His hand The ridge started screaming The sun and wind are staging a major coup trying to replace the stubborn winter with fragile springHe is great with one liners the reason he isn t dead yet is that even the Grim reaper has some pride Blue Hermann got some of his best diseases in Toronto They were Church people and their basic idea was you are a piece of dung but God is willing to help The man can t carry a tune in a suitcaseI particularly liked The Ascent of Man uarrington s take on one of my favourite slang expressions In England if something is excellent someone might say That is the dog s bollocksarrington has his hero saying Its the puppy s buttFor some reason this as they say really tickled my fancyAnyway the book is a moving exploration of friendship and how this can blind The Grand Sophy us to truth of ambition and how this can allows to betray friendship and of how destructive our words can be How their knock on effect can resound a long while after they have stopped being shouted or spoken or even whispered Winners Dream uarrington does all this without lettingp on the humour Gallows humour I suppose it could be called but it creates an atmosphere in the narrative His days at the boys' reformatory when he burned down a house; the four mad monks who first taught him to play hockey; and the time he executed the perfect St Louis Whirlygig to score the winning goal in the 1919 Stanley Cup finalNow all but forgotten Leary is only a legend in hi.

This book won Canada Reads in 2008 but surprisingly it does not seem to be widely read It s the heartfelt tale of a life told from a comical point of view Leary is now a grumpy old man but throughout the story he reflects on his friendships family and career in a meaningful way Alcoholism is also a recurring theme This book was chosen as the 2008 Canada Reads selection Each year the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation invites four or five noteworthy figures from Canadian arts and letters to nominate a favorite book the only rule being that the volume must reflect Canadian culture and values The merits of each book are debated often O viziune a sentimentelor uite vigorously in a series of radio programsntil one is selected that year s Canada Reads winner The goal is to have every citizen of the nation read the book in hopes that it will generate discussion and debate increasing the sense of community in the nation Can you imagine millions of people earnestly talking about a bookI know we already have this But I ain t interested in reading what Oprah tells me to read And sure sure the selection process might sound like The Final Four for nerds but it beats American IdolAnd yes what I am saying is that things are better in Canada and that Americans are a bunch of lazy intellectually atrophied cementheads Want evidence I give you The Family GuyAnyway the book It s a remarkable effort in turns hilarious and heartbreaking Percival King Leary is an octogenarian ex hockey star nearing death and haunted albeit gently by the ghosts of his past There are plenty of King Lear references but the story also owes much to Thomas Berger s Little Big Man and the best of Mark Harris s baseball novels That s high praise indeed but completely deserved It s fun to pick at all the NHL references King Leary is based in part on Clarence King Clancy Manny Oz is clearly references the tragic Busher Jackson and Clay Clinton seems to be an amalgam of Conn Smythe and Harold Ballard but the power of the book is its messages those who set their hearts on worldly things end Harveys Revised English Grammar up broken hearted no guilt is searing that the guilt of having betrayed a loved one forgiveness transcends time and love is a powerful thing indeedPlus the word gormless issed about 57 times How can you dislike a book that makes such liberal Como agua para chocolate use of such a great word Why are the characters in Paularrington novels always drunk I am revising my review slightly because when I last wrote I was feeling nder the weather Although I grew p playing hockey on frozen ponds mainly with the neighbourhood boys I have never really enjoyed watching or reading about the sport This book is of course not necessarily for a Hockey fan To ote a friend A perspective too on the changes of attitude in mediasport relationships and the hero athleteSo in the end I d say give it a shot I read this as it was a previous winner of Canada Reads and I had read other books by Paul arrinton It is a humorous story about a former hockey star recalling his glory days and the Multiple Mayhem (Gabby Duran ups and downs of his career and his friends along the way Similar to Whale Music The author does not shy away from painful subjects and the devastating impact of alcohol abuse Hmmm I was let down Winning the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour I was expecting something very different I couldn t find humour in what seemed to be the downward spiral of an old man going insane surrounded by drunkards throughout his entire life Kinda sad to me really On thepside their were some very humorous one liners from the narrator Whenever I can t sleep I often play a game I go through the. Percival Leary was once the King of the Ice one of hockey's greatest heroes Now in the South Grouse Nursing Home where he shares a room with Edmund Blue Hermann the antagonistic and alcoholic reporter who once chronicled his career Leary looks back on his tumultuous life and times.

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Paul uarrington was a novelist and musician an award winning screenwriter filmmaker and an acclaimed non fiction writer His last novel The Ravine was published in March 2008 His previous novel Galveston was nominated for the Giller; Whale Music won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction uarrington won the Stephen Leacock Medal for King Leary a title that also won the 2008 Canada Reads c