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Nded up in Ivy Lane but the third uarter of the book sees Tilly s story un ravel but not before we see her character flounder a littleThe TV company comes back to show a preview of the series they filmed a young offenders project begins on the allotments and let me just say that Tilly s confidence takes a bashing jealousies arise advice is given and new beginnings are forgedConfidences are shared and Tilly reveals her past it s clearly a huge relief to her to finally share her secrets and release the weight that she has been carrying around with her This was a slightly serious part with many differing motions on display There were still plenty of moments that had me laughing smiling and groaning out loud though imagining the antics going on in and around the allotments Even when displaying her serious side Tilly still manages to make me smile there is a vulnerability and dippy side that just makes me want to hug her and say bless As I drew close to the Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows end of this book I was sad andager at the same time wanting to find out the final secrets and yet not wanting to because I knew the book would be over Christmas approached with an hilarious baking competition and a party that finally sees romance blossom for Tilly but is it with Aiden or Charlie You ll have to read it for yourself and find out I can let you into a little secret Cathy has a new four part series out so we don t have to say goodbye to Ivy Lane totally as some of the characters cross over into the new series Appleby FarmI urge you all to go out and buy Ivy Lane once you start reading you ll be hooked line and sinker This was perfect The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) enjoyable read that is uplifting and got better and better the I read Cathy has successfully showcased Ivy Lane and it s characters who all had depth and a story to tell There s lots of humour friendship and intrigue and this story is just like good chocolate satisfying dreamy and delicious but leaves you wanting just a little bit Ivy Lane is about Tilly Parker who had a horrible time the last 18 months She needs to get a new perspective in life so she accepts a job as a primary school teacher in a small town called Kingsfield and takes on a plot in the Ivy Lane allotments near her house Soon Tilly starts to make friends with the other Ivy Lane gardeners and is being drawn and into their lovely worldI adored the Ivy Lane people and their stories They were all very cute At first I wasn t really sure if all this gardening stuff would be for me but as it turned out it was Maybe that s because it was not that much gardening in thend But still I kind of want to own an allotment myself and grow fruits or whatever The atmosphere of the book was so cozy and nice all the time I loved it What I also loved was that Tilly s story is split into four parts or four seasons As of right now I m still trying to process my thoughts on Tilly Parker s story because it was just so bloody brilliant so if I begin to ramble and make no sense at all then that s my xcuse In Ivy Lane we re introduced to Tilly Parker Cathy begins to reveal to the reader that there is something that has led Tilly to her new destination although the xact reason isn t revealed until a later point within the story It s fair to say that I was intrigued instantly and my mind was whirring with all of the possible reasons as to why Tilly was there She was beginning a new job in the local primary school she was looking for peace and solitude and all of these things pointed to Tilly s past and something dramatic which must have happened to make her want to start completely anew Tilly s past remains a mysterious for uite a while which is something that I just adored Every now and then something would cause Tilly s yes to swim with tears and it became apparent that as the story progressed I was getting closer and closer to figuring out what had happened to her before Ivy Lane I found myself warming to Tilly immediately not just because it was obvious that she d suffered some sort of tragedy but because she was just so damn likeable Self deprecating at times comical friendly and genuine Tilly Parker was a woman who I could definitely see myself being friends with What I loved the most though without a shadow of a doubt was Tilly s transition Looking back now from Spring to Winter Tilly undergoes such a marvellous change and it truly warms my heart Avoiding friendship and keeping herself to herself is Tilly s main plan of action when she first steps ont. A plot at Ivy Lane allotments seems like the perfect solutionBut the friendly Ivy Lane community has other ideas and gradually draw Tilly in to their cosy comforting world of planting.

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I absolutely adored reading Ivy Lane I was 34 way through reading the novel and I was xperiencing that feeling you get when you don t want something to ndCathy Bramley is another new author to me and will now be going on my favourites listThis full length novel takes you through one year of the life of Tilly Parker starting with Spring and nding at WinterThe story flowed so well and at the Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue end ofach chapter I was The Man Without a Face eager to continue readingCathy Bramley has created such memorable characters in Ivy Lane and I feel uite bereft that the story has finished I do hope the characters will pop up in future stories hint hint I thoroughlynjoyed the setting of the story based around an allotment community and feel Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) encouraged to try my hand at adventurous gardening I hope allotments are here to stay and inspire younger generations tonjoy nurturing land and seeds to lifeThis was such a heartwarming story that left you feeling like you d been wrapped in a big bear hug It was a story of heartache and new beginnings a story of friendship and fun times a story of love and new hopeA well deserved 55 read For me Gone (Gone, everything about Ivy Lane is just perfect the characters setting pace intrigue humour and romance all are served up in just the right uantities I lovedvery page and waxed lyrical about it at Threads Of The Shroud every opportunityThe story is about a character Tilly Parker and the people she meets and becomes friends with when she takes on a new hobby as an allotment owner Tilly had moved to the area looking for a fresh start from what we re not told but it does involve a man called James She takes on an allotment as a way of seeking the outdoors and some solitude a way to regain heruilibrium Peace and solitude I could have told her finding that would be difficult my husband had an allotment for several years and his allotment friends as I called them were all different characters and ages from all walks of life privacy and solitude don t go together when you become part of an allotment community Cathy had clearly done her research as he characterisations were so accurate Our that s the royal our allotment was in the same condition as Tilly s when we took it over and all the surrounding allotment owners came and gave their advice pitched in with tools and gossiped the day away With ach person Tilly met I could draw on my memories of allotment life and say oh shehe is just like or do you remember that day when Tilly Parker kept her cards close to her chest as to her reasons for turning up in Ivy Lane but as the book progresses we see her opening up a little and seriously having her head turned romantically not by one but two suitors I loved the way her whole demeanour altered when she arrived at the allotment totally relaxing and losing herself in the job at hand her beautiful nature shining through time and time again when she gives time to others putting their needs and feelings to the forefront of verything she doesA highly amusing part of the book saw the allotment owners gearing up for a TV crews arrival They were to film a new television programme set at the allotments It was also time for the annual produce competition Needless to say there was lots of primping and pruning done and not just to the allotments I laughed and smiled so much reading all the antics loving all the characters and their little ways both subtle and in your faceIt was great to be a voyeur watching the story unfold there are those that love the limelight and those that like to blend into the background Secrets jealousies and love share Untitled. eual space on the page and I oohed and ahhed whilst Tilly found feelings surfacing that she d kept battened down for so long Her relationship with her new friend Gemma is another big favourite of mine she makes me laugh smile and groan inual measures Throughout the book there are a lot of sub stories that Cathy throws out reeling the reader in and then leaving them dangling But none so than halfway through the book With Ivy Lane Cathy has developed characters that are highly imaginable and feel to me like real people Tilly Parker the main character in Ivy Lane develops and blossomed as the book progressed I did think it was a stroke of genius and so very apt of Cathy to centre the story around an allotment where things grow with love and care Just like Tilly with all the love and support of her new friends on the allotments Tilly very much kept her cards close to her chest as to how and why she has Tilly Parker needs a fresh start fresh air and a fresh attitude if she is ver to leave the past behind and move on with her life As she seeks out peace and uiet in a new town taking on.

O Ivy Lane territory but as the seasons pass her determined wall of solitude is chipped away at and by the time winter arrives Tilly Parker is like a brand new person This change that takes place was incredibly beautiful to witness from a reader s perspective and I was in awe of Cathy s superb talents when it came to matters of the heart The ntire Ivy Lane story was a big bundle of friendship love letting go of the past and welcoming in all that is new positive and uplifting It was a pure pleasure to journey alongside Tilly and to watch her push through the surface and blossom into this new sparkling being much like one of the seedlings of Ivy Lane itself I think Cathy s decision to begin Against All Odds each new part of Tilly s story with a new season was genius Not only did itnhance the whole gardening and weather themed feel of the story but it had me thinking beforehand of all that I had to look forward to in the upcoming months Whilst reading in summer I found myself Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage excited about what would be happening in October during Halloween and in December for Christmas The colourfulngaging inhabitants of the Ivy Lane allotments drew Tilly in despite her best The DOS efforts to not become involved with any of them and it wasn t long until Tilly was planning socialvents and getting dressed up in a witches outfit Along with the changing seasons came the changing weather The sunshine swapped places with frost and this of course affected the delights that the Ivy Lane gardeners would plant on their allotments It was busy and thrilling and Against All Odds even though I m the least green fingered person in the world I had this crazy urge to turf soil plant potatoes and carrots and to assemble my own little greenhouse I just think that Cathy has got such a wonderfully cosy package with her Ivy Lane story Everything fits so perfectly and I could honestly see myself living alongside Tilly and the rest of the Ivy Lane lot very very happily The atmosphere was inviting and I honestly cannot fault the author for a single thing This is what reading is about finding a place that feels so comfortable and homely that you d love to visit and meet the characters and maybe get a lesson or two in gardening while you re at itIvy Lane is written in first person narrative from Tilly s point of view but that didn t stop me from feeling as if I knew the other characters just as well There were so many fabulous people to meet andach time a new name or face popped up I think my smile grew bigger and bigger Gemma who Tilly finds herself sharing half of a plot with at Ivy Lane allotments turns out to be another main character with her own story going on alongside Tilly s The two became friends uickly and Gemma was a completely joy to be around I looked forward to seeing her Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism each andvery time that Tilly toddled off to her plot and adored the dialogue between them both Despite Tilly not wanting to get too close to anyone after what had happened to her previously Gemma slips into her heart very uickly and it was a beautiful thing to watch happen The same goes to most of the other Ivy Lane characters too from Mia Gemma s teenage daughter to Alf an Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils elderly man who gives the best advice and who Tilly becomes very fond of All walks of life could be found in Ivy Lane and I constantly found myself looking forward to diving back into the story whenever the chance arose Ivy Lane itself was like a little slice of paradise At first Tilly thinks this because it s going to offer peace and uiet to her something which is much needed but as the seasons continue to change it becomes so much than that What was once seen as a place of alone time uickly turns into Tilly sscape Surrounded by friends and chatter and business it s almost as if life takes over and says Come on Tilly it s time to let go now Here are some friends here are some vegetables Work your magic and be happy uite simply Ivy Lane felt like home A place of comfort and happiness and positivity Becca s Books is giving Ivy Lane by Cathy Bramley five gorgeous cupcakes I adored this story from page to page I loved the characters the atmosphere that immediately drew me in the fresh veg and of course Tilly Parker I feel as if I ve made a new friend learnt a new hobby and watched someone go on a real adventure This story will remain with me for a very long time and I recommend it to EVERYBODY Uplifting Payment Due emotional at times but all in all Ivy Lane is the perfectscape and I could scape there again and again and again. Seedlings organizing bake sales and planning seasonal partiesAs the seasons pass will Tilly learn to stop hiding amongst the sweetpeas and let people back into her life – and her hear.

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