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ONLINE READ My Sisters Wishes –

Es What Melissa achieved in her sisters memory was beautiful Losing her must have been extremely difficult and this book is the icing on the cake of tributes in her memory I expect Nicole would of liked being the star of your book and never forgotten with the book being on the shelves in major book stores forever This book had me in tears Truly sad Being At just 21 she wondered how she would carry on without her soul mate Her other half The fun loving courageous girl who had always been by her side Determined not to let Nicole’s illness destroy them both Melissa vowed to complete the bucket list her sister had written but never complet.

What a fantastic book story of twins nicole and melissa nicole has cystic fibrosis but is determined to live her life to the full i laughed lots i cried lots totally awesome my favourite book this year The only reason I gave this book 3 stars is because it didn t grip me enough to want to read it and not put it down It did however make me cry lots in plac. ‘Just like that I wasn’t a twin any It broke my heart that I hadn’t been able to save her but I could keep a part of her alive by finishing what she’d started’ The bond between twins is so strong it can never be broken – even in death When Melissa lost her twin sister Nicole.

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Twin myself i couldn t imagine being without my left hand side A look at CF through the eyes of a sibling twin a moving and emotional biography about a the relationship between twin sisters The author takes you along as she guides you through their lives and the connection between them How she lost her sister to Cystic Fibrosis and fulfilling the wishes. Ed From 'do a bungee jump' and 'fart loudly in a lift' to 'go dancing in rain' and 'get married' the list includes items that are at times deeply touching challenging or downright ridiculous My Sister's Wishes is the moving story of an extraordinary love between two extraordinary sisters.