DOWNLOAD BOOKS The Memoirs of Helen of Troy by Amanda Elyot –

DOWNLOAD BOOKS The Memoirs of Helen of Troy by Amanda Elyot –

I admit to originally being very interested in this book because of the idea that Helen of Troy would tell us the tale from her perspective One very arely sees the story of Troy s fall from Helen s perspective Of course Elyot took liberties as many fiction writers do but for the most part stuck to the story portrayed in The Illiad only from Helen s perspectiveAs the book starts Helen has decided to writer her memoirs for her daughter Hermione It is clear that Hermione doesn t care for her mother because of her abandonment of her husband Menelau As Linda Lael Miller said this book is luminously intelligent beautifully written a delightful blend of magic and mythos This book has ensnared me the moment i began with the prologue Seriously this book is good Cool classic englishD It can capture the attention of teenager like me and adults wi Was this supposed to be ironic A justification from a self satisfied Helen of Troy who bills herself as pragmatic while accepting herself as semi divine and immortal and who uses fate as an excuse to deny herself nothing despite the conseuences Yuck 25 A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners rounded downI was pumped up for this novel a chance to see the Trojan War from Helen s point of view What did she believeeally happened Was she abducted or did she go willingly Was she happy being the most beautiful woman in the world or was that a curse for her Did she love any of these men and if so which one and why What does one do when the gods themselves conspire against you What I got was some implausible answers and a bit of a disappointmentOne of the difficulties of this book for me was that Elyot couldn t seem to make up her own mind about how Helen felt or what was happening She wavered between describing the gods as something crea This novel was not to my taste Sometimes too melodramatic sometimes saccharine and much too filled with sex scenes badly written at that It was too much of a departure from the Trojan War story for me I think people would be much better off eading the original Iliad and Odyssey Helen made herself the center of the world self absorbed and bragging how SHE influenced the main incidents of the war eg only through her submitting to Achilles was Priam able to ecover Hector s body SHE influenced the Achilles heel incidentOnly for those who are interested in all etellings of Helen s story no matter how far fetched If I had absolutely nothing else to ead this book would be fine But I have other books on my stack and their library due date is too uickly approaching so I didn. Historyâs Greatest BeautyTells the Story of Her LifeGossips began whispering about Princess Helen from the moment of her birth A daughter of the oyal house of Sparta she was not the progeny of King Tyndareus they murmured but of Zeus king of the gods Her mother ueen Leda a powerful priestess was branded an adulteress with tragic conseuences As Helen grew to adulthood her beauty was so breathtaking it overshadowed that of every woman in Sparta When she was

T even bother to finish this one The story of Helen has been around at least since Homer wrote the Iliad Her beauty caused its fair share of problems in her day Her beautiful face did cause a war after all But is her beauty her fault Can we blame an entire war on just one lovely face Have mythology history art and literature eally been fair to her I wanted a etelling that will make Helen eal and to an extent elatable I admit it s my fault for expecting too much from The Memoirs of Helen of Troy I might have enjoyed Amanda Elyot s novel if she had scrapped the trappings of historical accuracy and just played it to the steamy omance she was pretending not to write I felt like it s trying to be smart but inconsistencies inaccuracies and anachronisms abound in this book I ll spare you the details it s easier to count the few things ight than to enumerate the multitude of mistakes I actually wouldn t have minded at all if Helen is a compelling character but this version would never have inspired even a fist fight let alone a warHere Helen is a conceited airhead who tells you how beautiful she is about once every three pages in case you forget When she isn t trumpeting her charms she s wallowing in self pity Everyone is jealous of her her family is mean to her the Trojan women don t like her cry me a iver In spite of the feminist trappings she has no life of her own and is totally passive and dependent on men for all her emotions although the men are interchangeable to her Her many children are only names and she seems unaware of them Elyot has actually shaped the events of her character s life so that everything eally is all about her view spoiler She is the mother of Iphigenia the poignant moment between Hector and his son happened because of her while his wife is cast in the sideline she ansoms Hector she is the one who learns about Achilles vulnerability and eveals it to Paris she is one of the people who signal the Greek fleet on Troy s last night she s just all around amazing I want to strangle her hide spoiler One of the things that any seasoned lover of historical fiction knows is that the history of a tale holds just as much importance as the way the story itself is told In Amanda Elyot s book The Memoirs of Helen of Troy we get an engaging tale ight from the start We also get a lot of history some events we know about and others are new to us While this era of history is not my specialty Elyot informs us of her esearch at the end and lets us know that where there are uestions Idnapped by Theseus king of Athens in a gambit to eplenish his kingdomâs coffers she was elieved to get away from the place where she had been so unhappyHelen fell in love with the much older Theseus and to his surprise he eturned the feelings But soon Helen was forced to eturn to Sparta and was hastily married off to the tepid Menelaus for the sake of an advantageous political alliance After years of marriage the spirited passionate Helen was not the do.

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N accuracy she went with the most widely accepted version of events This adds a perspective to the end of the book so that we can also decide to ead into the history ourselves although a source list isnot providedThe story is told in first person by Helen of Troy they are the memoirs of her life written to her daughter Hermione who she was never close to While the tale is superficially about the great loves of Helen s life and her great beauty that many believed even started a war it is at its heart a uestion of whether our actions are pre destined or if we have free will and choice Was Helen destined to act as she did leaving her children and arranged marriage tofollow her heart or was as her lover Paris Alexandros claimed she destined to fall in love with himIn fact destiny was central to this time period people in ancient times believed in multiple gods and Zeus was the supreme god uling from Mount Olympus There were seers and prophesies and Helen even alludes to the politics this can bring about by saying some prophesies could even be purchased Indeed her knowledge of politics surpasses that of most women of the time having been schooled by Theseus and she sticks to her assertion that while she is claimed to be the most beautiful woman in the world wars are most certainly not waged over a lone woman there is always an ulterior motiveBy the end of the novel we come to know Helen of Troy and Elyot s ideas for the motivations behind her actions I would have liked to see of Helen s interaction with her children and love for them since at the end it s a lesson meant for Hermione Nevertheless it is an interesting tale of love and hate and evenge and held me captive much as Helen was until the end This book was an amazing take on the motives of the Trojan War from an almost feminist perspective The author unravels the origins of the Olympian gods Greek myths and legends and how the men sought to undermine and demoralize women in every aspect of Greek society from eligion to politics to family life It also was a story of how love is everchanging and always brings both pain and wisdom It was an amazing unforgettable ead I cried for Helen and every woman who fought before me who has fought for the ights I enjoy so carefreely today The first half can accurately be called memoir even in the fictional sense The second half is another thing entirely made of extremely boring battle scenes and play by play narrated by Helen I can get 100 percent eading pleasure from eading The Iliad and The Odyssey. Cile wife King Menelaus desired and when she fell in love with another manâParis Alexandros the prodigal son of King Priam of TroyâHelen unwittingly set the stage for the ultimate conflict a war that would destroy nearly all she held dearIn this lush compelling novel of passion and loss Helen of Troy a true survivor tells the truth about her life her lovers and the Trojan War This is the memoir that she has writtenâher legendary beauty still undimmed by ag.

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