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E same way I wanted brody to move on not just physically but mentally I needed him to Mason is related to Colby who is Brody s best friend and is interested in Felicity and what starts as summer fun turns into something much deeper and diferent than expected How many rules do ou have for If an Elephant Went to School yourself Does it make life less scary that way Felcity doesn t want to do relationships because she cant trust herself Move one Please Move on with me Mason turns out to be an outstanding male role where he doesn t know how to do relationships but he wants one And than anything he wants Felicity and there it was I was wrapped up in the fear of losing her while she was wrapped up in the fear of losing herself But how in the world did we meet me in the middle I think the next book will be Isla s shes going to be a firecrackerI think the author is truly getting comfortable with writing and her characters because truly I did not want to give this one a chance and now I am glad I did and I will keep giving her chances because the writing is coming out relatable and real and opposed to forced I wish there was a 5 somewhere in the rating system because I want to give this book a four and a half stars So This book surprised me on so many levels I had prepared myself not to like this at all and about 24% percent in I was convinced that I was probably going to end up chucking it in the DNF pile But I forged ahead because it actually was a little interesting Felicity and Mason meet at the beginning of summer when he comes down to visit family and essentially work with his cousins and uncle on their charter boat where they go fishing nearly every single day Because of a past relationship that had drama than a Jerry Springer show Felicity is understandably wary when it comes to relationship In fact she just doesn t involve herself in one Instead she chooses to have summer flings with the guys who come down to visit during the summer time she likes to call them her Summer Boys Her insecurity level when it comes to anything serious than a fling is impressive and it makes my teenageears seem like a cake walk compared to the shit that she thinks about on a daily basis When she meets Mason there s an instant attraction a chemistry that zings off the chart but due to her insecurity and the fact that half the male population of the town are protective of her and apparently think that she still has some lingering feelings for her ex boyfriend getting together in any form just seems impossible After some trial and error they eventually start something although it s fraught with a lot of misunderstandings jealousy and some self esteem issues that are unwarranted I really liked the two of themI especially liked Felicity because in some ways she reminded me of myself especially her passion for photography that she hadn t really realized until the end Her insecurity issues are not unfounded however Her ex Brody really fucked her over so I understood the uncertainty that she felt about Mason and I understood her hesitance in starting anything with him It was really satisfying to watch her development throughout the book to go from someone who didn t know her worth to someone who understood that she was special and if no one appreciated that then it was their loss I loved watching her finally trusting herself with Mason and despite a fall back she learned to forgive him as well I guess she recognized that he was one of those once in a lifetime deals MasonMason Mason Mason I adored him I thought he was adorable He was charismatic and absolutely refused to give up on Felicity He struggled through her anxiety problems reassured her whenever she needed to and didn t push her to do anything that she didn t want to do with him He was pretty perfect But the author also showed that he had his own set of flaws that he was capable of jumping to conclusions and running away with assumptions just as badly as Felicity did and in that regard I liked him even because he recognized his mistakes immediately and apologized Granted there was a moment near the end of the book during a really horrible situation where I had to stop reading for a moment because I just wanted to strangle him I even made disgusted noises and growled at the air which earned me baffled looks from the husband s direction AND I got teary eyed I didn t expect that So Morse Code for Radio Amateurs yes this book was a complete surprise Siskel and Ebert give it two thumbs up Rating 45 Stars It s Mason s bookMason thought he was in love with Brinley thinking that his heart was broken he went to work for his uncle and cousins in the family fishing charter for the summer He wants to have some fun and perhaps found someone to med his broken heart You can t help but love Mason I adored him ever since and I was glad that he was finally going to have his happy ending I admire his patience and tenacity to stand by Felicity Because being with this girl was a piece of work a really piece of work but proved to be worth it But his patience has also some limits and when it did ah it was something else Something I never thought he was capable ofHeartbreak caused Felicity to build some walls around her heart to protect it From then on she just placed some silly rules that only summer boys are allowed in her life They re predictable and there was no way she was going to fall in love with someone in a short amount of time Her rules kept her life stable At first I thought Felicity was not good for Mason I mean all she wants was her summer fling She was a lost soul who didn t know what to do with her life She didn t want any help from anyone around her and that was the most frustrating thing of all Nevertheless our heroine does have some redeeming ualitiesThe chemistry was obviously there it was off the charts The sexual tension was just overwhelming as much as the emotions that were all over the page how can they be together with that kind of stubbornnessWell if Felicity is a runner Mason knows how to chase someone relentlessly It took a lot of running road bumps and twists and turns but it ended up pretty well This is the third book in the series that just got hotter and better with a lot of feels Good thing they can be read as stand alone with relatable characters that will surely winour hearts Review originally posted on my blogPurchase Links US BN iTunes KoboFollow me on Twitter Facebook tsu Instagram Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review More of my reviews Eets Felicity he wonders if he’s found the girl who could change thatWith her heart still in repair Felicity’s happy to have a distraction like Mason but her best friend thinks he could also be her ticket out of this town What’s the harm in using him to escape than just her boredom After all he is just a Summer Boy and they never stick around But after one kiss Felicity wonders if only one summer with Mason will ever really be enou.

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Aitress in the small town who s good friends with his cousins Sparks fly and what starts as a summer fling turns into full blown romance happeningafter a few obstacles of course Ms Pizzitola s writing has appealed to me and I love how her little verse has grown book by book Mason s cousins deserves some love of their own and I sincerely hope we re getting a book for Isla Felicity s BFF and Colby Mason s cousin Besides the fact that Isla s Latina I loved the little scenes with her grandmother Felicity may want to escape but I liked visiting Port Lucia Soft spot for Mason Now Mason was the sweet best friend for Brinley the guy who didn t get the girl but to be fair he was never really in the running I like the fact that Mason realizes that uickly and bonus can tell the difference between a crush and love when he sees Felicity I ve wanted to see him get his own love and while she has her issues I think they do work well together and their banter about their old married couple status from the very beginning really establishes their connection He s a stand up guy knowing that to care for Felicity he doesn t have to protect her from the world She s capable of standing on her own Speaking of Felicity loves her Summer Boys Felicity prefers to hook up not all the way just fooling around with Summer Boys because it s simple fun and best of all over once they leave town She s already had a serious relationship that went wrong and she wants no of that thank The Ideal Muslim Society you very much Unfortunately Port Lucia is a small town and it seems like all the guys are determined to protect her whether she wants them to or not Felicity When she sees Mason she realizes how well they click and it s great Until it freaks her out When I read the first two books for some reason Mason s friends felt older than nineteen Here I really noticed it Felicity isn t that far out of high school and alot of her anxiety felt as if it stemmed from her age and life experience She s determined to control her life and wants to change but is paralyzed by the thought of it as well She s contradictory and frustrating at times but she has some measure of self awareness and when she screws up she does stand up Plus she s not the only one to screw up since Mason has his own moment Like I said it felt like their age and maturity level played a part in the conflict It made sense and they acted age appropriate That may or may not beour cuppa but Ms Pizzitola made it work for me3 starsI ve enjoyed Ms Pizzitola s Crush series and Mason could be my fave hero Felicity and Mason are the on Linux Networking Cookbook younger side of new adult so I d recommend for fans ofoungnew adult romances ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review 45 starsMason thought he was in love with his best friend Brinley When Brinley fell in love with her boyfriend Mason had a hard time and felt like he was loosing her so he took a summer job with his uncle on his fishing boat He wanted to get away from everything Felicity has lived in the same beach town her whole life She waits tables and lives on her parents broken down boat She wants out of life and knows she s not going to get it living there but she doesn t know how to make that happen Felicity had her heart broken and doesn t want it to happen again so she prefers Summer Boys those guys who come to town just for the summer for a little fun no commitments and are not permanent That works for her until Mason comes to town and what starts as a summer fling uickly turns into I really enjoyed this book It was a lot angsty than I was expecting and there were a few times I wanted to smack Mason and Felicity but this was so good These characters had fantastic chemistry from the first moment they meet and there is a lot of sexual tension This book was super hot with lots of steamy scenes I really liked these characters and hope that this series is going to continue with Mason s cousins would love Owen or Colby s stories ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Just A Little Kiss is the third Renita Pizzitola book I ve read having read the first two books in the Crush Series Just A Little Crush and Just A Little Flirt I loved the first two books in the series and part of me expected my luck would change That I d go into Just A Little Kiss and find it didn t hold up against the first two booksI was wrongI loved Just A Little Kiss Of the three books it was easily ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI d just luv a lil kiss from Mason Felicity live as been a lil al over the place the last Marcus Garvey yr she split up with her boyfriend who ended up have a baby with someone else after he had a 1 nite stand straight after they split up she ends up settin rules so her life can try an b stable again she only get with summer boys that come an go she live in a lil fishin town an everyone knows everyone s business she as a great family an friends so when she saw her friend Colby at the pier with his bro an sexy guy who is his cousin Mason who is work with them over the summer she was as a lil shocked at how this guy got her attention she thought he was really sexy but the only thing was Colby was her ex boyfriends best friend an al his friends wereour over protective of her an Just a little kiss okay so I than likes this one it may actually be the best of the series for me 4 than like FRIENDLY ENEMIES you starsthis one is just AMAZING so my review may up itself in rating while I digest this super sweet than summer romance book its much deeper than thatI happened upon this Crush trilogy by accident on Netgalley Each book is set up like a standalone but better ifou follow the story I love that it is truly an NA and not a YA flirting with the idea of NAIf Amok you have followed the story this is what happens when Felicity breaks up with her boyfriend after he has a kid with another woman during their break And she is lost and trying to find herself in a town that thinks Felicity and Brody will never be the past and will never let her let that go I wasn t in love with Brody any that much I knew Of course it took me almost aear to figure that out but it finally hit me one day Couldn t be currently in love with something that no longer existed Life wasn t meant to towkr thatway If I still loved anything it was the memory of him The relationship wed once had But it was no longer him I hadn t spoken to him in over a And a Bottle of Rum year Whose to say he hadn t change But it was no longer him And I would like to belive he felt th. Life until one decision changed everything Now as thisear’s tourist season kicks in to high gear Felicity realizes that whatever she wants isn't going to be found hereMason Hayes is the uintessential Summer Boy hot impulsive and born without strings attached While in town helping with the family fishing charter he plans to have a little fun and hopefully get over a certain girl He’s never had a long term relationship but when he

I became a fan of Renita Pizzitola s writing after reading and loving Just a Little Crush last Crochet year The second book in this companion series Just a Little Flirt solidified that And now with Just a Little Kiss I m convinced that Pizzitola Just Can t Miss At 19 Felicity feels like her life is stalled in her small hometown Sheearns for and is also desperate to escape the inevitable run in s with her ex But change doesn t come easy for Felicity To avoid messy entanglements she keeps things simple no life altering decisions and definitely no relationships When it comes to guys she sticks to the summer boys who are temporary distractions But what if there is out there for her beyond her small town Just because I was interested in Mason didn t mean I had to lose myself in the process The rules were in place for a reason To keep myself from getting hurt and avoid hurting others in the process Keep things light simple fun Mason is in town for the summer helping his uncle on his charter boat It s just the distraction he needs from his own life Getting over his unreuited love for best friend Brinley hasn t been easy but he s ready to move on Meeting Felicity has him considering that a summer fling just might be the real thing If Playhouse you thinkou re going to be able to hide behind some ridiculous rules ou have for ourself and never plan to let go then this is probably a waste of our time My lips returned to her jaw as I slowly made my way to her ear and my free hand lowered down her thigh Because if there s one thing I can promise Desire and Deceive you it s thatou re about to lose all control I loved watching the relationship between Felicity and Mason unfold They both had been hurt in the past but one was willing to take a chance while the other was determined to avoid another possible heartbreak I loved as they slowly found their way and navigated this new relationship It was easy to pull for Felicity and hope for so much for her And Mason was completely charming and so patient with Felicity and her doubts and fears I mentioned in review of the two previous books in the series how gifted Pizzitola is with dialogue and it s still evident here I loved the banter between Mason and Felicity and the way they used humor to lighten a mood or get to know each other better I was truly pulling for these two and their road was not without its bumps along the way They both made mistakes and seeing them each hurt because of it was heart breaking Mason and Felicity and their story felt completely realistic and I loved every minute of it But what I never expected to happen while running away from my problems was finding my solution My answer My Felicity Because I knew hands down without uestion that there was no one in this world perfect for me than this girl right here Pizzitola writes that kind of New Adult that I love Characters that are never cookie cutter story lines that are completely believable without unnecessary drama and sweetswoony romance She strikes the perfect balance between character development plot and romance I hope this series continues because as long as Renita keeps writing it I ll keep reading itJust a Little Kiss is the third in the Crush companion series but can easily be read as a stand alone ARC kindly provided by NetGalley and Random HouseLoveswept in exchange for an honest review This was cute but the conflict was a bit underwhelming and I didn t feel the connection between the MCs ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Original review can be found at I received an advanced readers copy from Random House Loveswept via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, youHaving read both of the books in the Crush series before this I was eager to get my hands on Just a Little Kiss which is the third book in the series I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books and was anxious to see where Mason s story would goFor people who have not read Just A Little Crush and Just a Little Flirt the first books tells Brinley s story and the second one tells her roommate Fallon s story In Just A Little Kiss we get to read Mason s story who is Brinley s best friend The books do not have to be read in order Each one can be read as a stand alone but in my opinion I would read them all because the characters are fabulousI was hooked right away with this story I remembered really liking Mason and in fact mentioned that in my review for the first book Yes I liked him but I absolutely LOVED him in this book He was completely swoon worthy and I m pretty sure he may even be short listed for the book boyfriend category that I keep in my head His demeanour and sensitivity with Felicity was pretty incredible and the hopeless romantic in me was loving every minute of their attraction and restlessly anticipating the moment they would throw caution to the wind and give in to their desiresAs with any new adult book it wouldn t be complete without the hot and sexy factor Pizzitola delivers on that front but what I actually enjoyed most was the chemistry and interactions outside of the bedroom There was something about the attraction and build up of Mason and Felicity s relationship that I was drawn to Just like Felicity was anticipating the first kiss with Mason so was I I might have even gotten a little teary eyed a couple of times SighThis book was about letting people in moving on letting downour guard and learning from our mistakes It was about two people trying to overcome fears and insecurities in an effort to come together It is filled with complications and obstacles that challenge Mason and Felicity every step of the wayUsually by the time I get to the third book in a series I find that my interest dwindles and the stories get monotonous This is absolutely NOT the case with this series I have enjoyed each one eually for different reasons The characters that Pizzitola creates have something to do with it I think They are all so different but interesting at the same time This was another job well done I loved every minute of itI sense a great story with Isla Is it possible we will get to read her story next Full 3 star review posted on Sweet new adult series This is the third book in Ms Pizzitola s Crush series and focuses on Mason Brinley s the heroine from Just a Little Crush BFF He s getting over his own crush on Brinley so he volunteers to go to Port Lucia and work for his uncle s fishing boat service for the summer There he meets Felicity a In the sizzling new novel of Renita Pizzitola’s Crush series Felicity knows that “Summer Boys” are only good for one thing But what if hooking up with the right guy could lead to a fresh startLike most of the residents of her dead end beach town Felicity Daniels doesn’t know what she wants from her future Instead of college she’s waiting tables at the local grille where she’s likely to run into the guy who was the love of her.

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Renita Pizzitola is the author of New Adult contemporary romance and Young Adult fantasy When not writing she can be found feeding her caramel macchiato addiction and reading just about anything she can get her hands on She lives in Austin Texas