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At her as bad or worse than her first husband With the help of Emma her maid and Lord LeBran s abused sister they attempt to break out of the castle Lord Geoffrey and some of his friends come to rescue them Will Serena get caught before she gets rescured Will they all survive What of Serena s dastardly brother I found that I liked all the characters enough that I cared what happened to them Will read by this author I received this book from Net Galley and Wild Rose Press for a honest review and no compensation otherwise Sandra Masters has hit it out of the park in her debut novel Fell in love with the sexy Geoffrey and seductive yet playful Serena Felt heartsick for them at the trials and tribulations they endured and cheered at their happy ending I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review Enjoyed the book Serena and Geoffrey s story is interesting and well written The love story has a HEA ending but not before there is a lot of drama and danger involved The writing in the book flows along nicely until about the last two chapters and parts of them seem like they were written by someone else The language is rather sappy and out of place with the rest of the writing Other than this it is a good book and I would recommend it for a good read WonderfuilA strong heroine a determined rake and not one but three villains to revile Excellent job by a read worthy author We all want a Duke like this oneI loved this book the HH fell in love and it took a while the Duke saw how much his father loved his mom but she didn t live his father so it took him a while to realize how good Serena would be Her brother was a mean man and tried to hurt her but she overcame that once and forgave him you will have to see if she for gives her brother the second time This is a HEA and I recommend it Off to buy the next book. N he learns she has been forced into an engagement with another He vows to save her even at the cost of his own life Will Geoffrey’s gallantry prove he truly loves Serena If he survives will Serena surrender all to him.

Bring regency romance into your life with Once Upon A Duke Each book in the Duke Series stands alone for your reading pleasureWarm realistic characters in book one bring the reader back to London 1817 Lady Serena Worthington Durand is a strong independent woman ahead of her time but she faces demons from the past I uote If Lady Serena When Geoffrey and Serena meet the attraction is immediate and strong Serena has endured and survived an abusive marriage She wants and needs to be loved and cherished Geoffrey treats her with gentle care While Geoffrey is in London Henry Worthington Serena s brother and guardian forces her to accept a betrothal to a man who is likely to be as cruel as her first husband Henry arranged that one as well Lied to by Henry and believing Serena has chosen to marry and played him false Geoffrey returns to London hurt and angry Serena is captive in her betrothed s home Serena nows what he has been told How can she contact him to tell the truth and that she needs him Will Geoffrey be willing and able to storm the castle and rescue herOnce Upon a Duke is a story full of action intrigue and danger There is a great cast of characters Serena is talented ind and caring Geoffrey is strong and protective and maybe a little emotional Emma and John are capable and supportive Henry and his cohort are nasty pieces of work due a comeuppance This story is a page turner and holds your attention start to finish A good story I recommend it I received a preview of this book via NetGalley then purchased a full copy My review is voluntary This regency puts you right back in the early 1800s The duke is transformed from arrogant arse to yummy hero Lots of heart melting moments and peril too A great debut novel for this author Sandra Masters weaves a story of two wounded souls who find their way to each other Trus. Serena an artist and widow has no desire for another husband When she meets Geoffrey Austen attraction sizzles to a scorch Stolen days and nights ignite forbidden passion Geoffrey asks Serena to be his mistress but she

T is sometimes a hard emotion to believe in when the past has shown it cannot be believed Serena a widow is still controlled by her brother who is her guardian Having lived through a horrific marriage she desperately needs love and care But when Lord Geoffrey visits her brother they meet at the lake where she is sketching A sizzling spark seems to ignite in their attraction and the inevitable happens It seems they are meant to be Geoffrey has to travel to London and while gone her brother forces Serena to accept the hand of a man who would be as cruel as her dead husbandAs Geoffrey returns he thinks Serena had just led him onThis fast paced story is full of all the elements that make a historical romance great Intrigue danger to Serena when she is held captive and all the emotions to make me turn the pages uickly See if these two can come together and find their happy ever after I very much enjoyed readind this book and cant wait to try of them recommended I Recommend This Book StronglyI loved this book and the way everything came together Serena is a widow and must do what her brother wants her to do as he is her guardian Serena has a house and money that was gifted to her by her grandmother She meets Lord Geoffrey who is visiting her brother while she is at the lake sketching There is instant attraction between them but he is a fake and her first husband beat her leaving mental and physical scars She agrees to paint Lord Geoffrey and an affair and love lies between them Lord Geoffrey has to go away for a short time and when he comes back he finds that she is betrothed to someone else without her consent He believes that she was playing him and never wanted him until he gets a note that explains that she is being held prisoner in Lord Leland LeBran s castle and will have to marry him against her will and he will tre. Ants commitment love and marriage not an affair with a notorious rake Geoffrey realizes Serena might be the one woman who can care for his tortured soul and maybe release his demons The magic they shared is shattered whe.

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Once Upon a Duke Duke #1 MOBI Þ Kindle Edition By Sandra Masters Þ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

From a humble beginning in Newark NJ a short stay at a convent in Morristown NJ to the board rooms of NYC and a fantastic career for a broadcasting company in Carlsbad California to the rural foothills of the Sierras of Yosemite National Park Sandra Masters has always traveled with pen and notebook It’s been the journey of ten thousand miles with a few steps left to go She left her corpo

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