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Story I cared deeply about each of the children I also learned about shantytowns and how much the depression hurt everyone and sometimes turned neighbors against neighbors in their search for work and a means to support themselves and their families There are so many characters wonderfully described that I couldn t even begin to name them all or this review would be many pages longThis is absolutely one of the best books that I have read in the past ear I recommend it to everyone from teenagers looking to learn a little bit about the past to everyone else who want to revisit that time period and follow a wonderful adventureMany thanks to the author the publisher and Wendy Sheanin VP of retail sales for providing me with an ARC of this amazing novel Publication date is set for September 3 2019 don t miss it I d give this one than five stars if I could I am a huge fan of Willian Kent Krueger and absolutely loved Ordinary Grace I wasn t sure anything could top it Well hard to say if this is better but it s eually as good WKK is just such an amazing writer He s got it all well turned phrases engaging plot characters that draw Daddy Daughter Incest 2 Series Bundle you in immediately and feel so realou re convinced ou ve met them Home is where the heart is And Odie Albert Moses and Emmy are all looking for their own versions of home Odie Albert and Moses are all orphans at the start of the book and never really had homes Emmy loses her mother in a freak accident When they re all forced to flee they take to the river Told over the course of one summer the book paints a perfect picture of the 1932 Midwest farmers desperate to survive faith healers folks living in Hoovervilles This book tugs at our heart I will admit to crying than once It deals with loss in so many forms but also the faith to survive and move forward and the need to forgive Of all that we re asked to give others in this life the most difficult to offer may be forgiveness This book seems destined to be a modern day classic WKK cites Twain Homer Sinclair Lewis and Dickens as sources of inspiration He has done an inordinate amount of research which he outlines in his Author s Note But as he also states the river voyage upon which Odie O Banion and his fellow Vagabonds embark in the summer of 1932 is a mythic journey Or as Odie says at the end of the book in every good tale there is a seed of truth and from that seed a lovely story grows Some of what I ve told This Many Miles From Desire you is true and somewell let s just call it the bloom on the rose bush Run don t walk to buy this one as soon as it becomes available I truly can t tout it enough A huge thankou to netgalley and Atria Books for an advance copy of this book 5 AMAZING STARSThe story takes place in the 1930 s during the Great Depression in Minnesota Odie and Albert are two white orphaned teenage brothers who live at the Lincoln school It s a school for Native American Indian children who are forcibly separated from their parents and sent there to be educated Four and Albert are forced to live there as well with the Indians They were the only two white orphans in the school Mrs Brickman who was known as The Black Witch was the school superintendant This school was very abusive Albert and Odie escape from the school with their two friends Nose and Emmy They steal a canoe heading towards Mississippi They are so happy that they have their freedom and are on a journey They meet some lost souls and others They are on a great adventure This story was Amazing It was an epic adventure story I was glued to the pages from the very beginning I loved Ordinary Grace but I loved this one I loved the journey where this book took me It reminded me of the story of Huck FinnIf ou didn t like that story I think ou will still love this one I loved the characters and loved this book than Ordinary Grace This book had everything that I loved in a book This book was so long but I felt like it was very fast paced I cant believe I waited so long too read this I knew it was going to good but I wasnt expecting it to be as amazing as it was I just fell in love with the characters and he brought them to life This was beautifully written I felt that when the author writes he paints pictures I could see everything vividly in my mind while reading it It amazed me I think this is one of the best books I ever read Its so uniue and different from other books I was actually sad when it ended because I wanted I wanted this book to go on foreverThis was a Traveling Sister read and so far we all loved it and it was a fun discussionI want to thank Netgalley Atria Books and the author for the arc of this book in exchange for an honest review Available Now 5 glorious starsI have been waiting for a long time to say this about a book and now I can This novel is a masterpiece It is William Kent Krueger at his very best it is clear he threw his entire heart and soul into this book I will buy a hardback copy something I never do and keep it foreverSet during The Great Depression in 1932 in my home state of Minnesota we follow our protagonist 12 Sermons Not Spoken year old Odie and his three fellow travelers self dubbed The Four Vagabonds on their search for belonging and home The story is told solely through the eyes of Odie and the story line is linear The Four Vagabonds journey is not easy in fact it is difficult very difficult Along the way they meet a variety of different people many as bad off as they are but others that are very kind and willing to help them The Vagabonds endure much suffering but also display considerable strength and engage in a great deal of soul searching Odie finds it difficult to believe in a God who would let these things happen to him and his companions but he also can t help but think many of the unfortunate events are unintentionally due to his own actions He tries to do the right thing but carries much guilt when things go wrong This is a spiritual journey one that I almost felt honored to be on with our characters The story is extremely well written The prose is exuisite Mr Krueger has the ability to set a scene and a mood beautifully without excessive words I have always been awed by his ability to create just the right atmosphere in his stories and this one is no exception Of interest a chunk of the story takes place in the fictional town of New Bremen Minnesota the setting of Ordinary Grace which takes place twenty nineears later during the summer of 1961 This Tender Land flows seamlessly and the chapter lengths are just right As always Mr Krueger includes Native American characters in his book not something I usually look for but I always learn something by the inclusion of our Native Americans I came to care deeply for Odie but could not see a good end for him This along with being immersed in events of the odyssey kept me fascinated and glued to the pages Best of all the author includes a wonderful epilogue that gives us the highlights of our characters lives over the next several decades Some things intentionally remain a bit uncertain but that was fine with meAfter publishing his brilliant Ordinary Grace in March 2013 Mr Krueger embarked on the writing of a companion piece also called This Tender Land He finished the manuscript but was not satisfied with the end result and did not feel it represented his best work Much to the disappointment of his publisher he asked to have the project abandoned so that he could start over with an entirely different concept That was three Julia years ago The current version of This Tender Land is the result of the rewrite and is well worth the long six and a halfear wait Best of all as Dancing with Fireflies (Chapel Springs, you will see in the Author s Note Mr Krueger is deeply fulfilled and content with the new version I think it says a lot about the author that he is unwilling to put out something that was not perfect in his mind I doubt we will ever see a co writer on any of his books in the future Write whatou know I have the feeling that is what William Kent Krueger does here This Tender Land gives us insight into this man that we saw a glimpse of in Ordinary Grace I absolutely love his Cork O Connor series but I so hope we will see another stand alone novel in a similar vein to these last two I will happily wait six and a half The Little House in the Woods and Other Stories years to see that happen Ifou only read one book this ear make it be this oneMany thanks to Net Galley Atria Books and William Kent Krueger for gifting me an advanced review copy of this book Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. Orgettable summer these four orphan vagabonds journey into the unknown crossing paths with others who are adrift from struggling farmers and traveling faith healers to displaced families and lost souls of all kinds With the feel of a modern classic This Tender Land is an en­thralling bighearted epic that shows how the magnificent American landscape connects us all haunts our dreams and makes us who.

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VE WITH THIS BOOK STARSThis book was a beautiful symphony to my ears refreshing smell of nature to my nose healing hands to my soul heart warming emotional touch to my heart lyrical poetical nurturing elements to my brain There was not much words to express my feelings how I loved this book and how I enjoyed each word sentence each of the journey those orphans have taken each impeccably meticulously developed characters each chapter and of course the poetic ending I definitely savored it and thought I haven t read something such an amazing story for so long It s the best historical fiction I ve read on this earThis book made me cryThis book made me smileThis book made me rebel and scream This book woke up my anger against unfairness my unconditional love to the all children my concerns about never ending fight for the justice euality and changing the system to create a better world This is the moving heart wrenching journey of four Native American children narrated by Odie O Banion who was just 12 ears old but mature enough to take this long journey and a talented story teller Other children were Albert Mose who can only communicate by singing and another gifted lovely character Indeed after Odie she became my favorite it was impossible to adore her attributesEmmy Their hopes beliefs endurances strengths survival skills wisdoms are tested throughout the trip taken place between Minnesota to St Louis It was not only a road trip it was their trip to be grown up and learning the basic rules how to survive in their new world after Great Depression They encountered too many merciless mean savage people but also they met kind generous people who extend their helping hands which gave them enough joy hope to survive the hand the life dealtThis book is about friendship bravery faith struggle family brother and sisterhood and finally importance of acceptance the others differences It was such a pleasurable tear dropping saddening soul brushing reading I can happily admit that I enjoyed every second of it I ve poured the best of myself into this story and I invite ou to experience all of its remarkable twists and turns As Odie says in the very beginning Open ourself to every possibility for there is nothing our heart can imagine that is not so Blessings William Kent Krueger True to his word William Kent Krueger did pour his heart and soul into this book His writing is both moving and beautiful I found myself highlighting large sections of text He has the heart of a poet If Neverland (Adventures in Neverland, you have read one of his other books Ordinary Graceou will know what I mean He has the gift to make everyday events and ordinary people exuisite His main character Odie is also a storyteller and this book has passages where Odie is telling stories to his friends The tale I am going to tell is of a summer long ago Of killing and kidnapping and children pursued by demons of a thousand names There will be courage in this story and cowardice There will be love and betrayal And of course there will be hope In the end isn t that what every good story is about The book opens as an old man Odie O Banion is looking back at his life specifically back to Minnesota 1932 when he his older brother Albert and their friends Moses and Emmy embark on a journey A journey to escape the horrors that exist at the Lincoln School a home where Native American children are being educated after being separated from their families Although Odie Albert and Emmy are not Native American they all under the care of the woman who runs the school As they make their escape the four meet some interesting people Some good some bad but all with stories of their own Stories are the sweet fruit of my existence and I share them gladly The beauty in this book is not just in the wonderful writing but in the descriptions of the people and the timeera in which they live in I felt as if I was right there in the canoe as a uiet observer as they made their escape and had their interactions with others Odie is a Invisible Darkness young teen when he goes on this journey and matures along the way as he confronts the harsh realities of life He is not the only character who changes and grows The others change and grow as well There are discussions about God in this book God as a tornado God as a savior and God as being part of the land There is a level of spirituality that runs through the book but this book is never preachy or overbearing Some of the characters in this book have faith while other s uestion theirs The author is not asking the reader to have it nor is he trying to cram anything down the readers throat Ask me God s right here In the dirt the rain the sky the trees the apples the stars in the cottonwoods Inou and me too It s all connected to God Sure this is hard work but it s good work because it s part of what connects us to this land Buck This beautiful tender land I savored every page of this beautifully written book This book has a little bit of everything It has a little bit of magic a little bit of drama some history some romance coming of age and learning about and knowing B. Altman and Cos Enlarged Store, 1914 yourself It s also about acceptance courage responsibility friendship family and love Family comes in all forms and these children created a loving cohesive family unit which was a joy to readI highly recommend this book READ IT Whenou are done with this book do The Space Race yourself a favor and pick up Ordinary Grace and read that as well Thankou to Atria Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The thought and opinions expressed in this review are my own THIS MASTERPIECE OF ADVENTURE NOW IN PAPERBACKAfter reading this book I think there should be a separate genre for incredibly well written books that will endure the test of time this is truly a masterpiece It is literary fiction adventure mystery a lesson in morality and forgiveness and so much To understand this book The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces you really MUST READ it and I seldom say that about a book It is every bit as good as Ordinary Grace by this authorThe time frame for the book is during the Great Depression it s 1932 and we will follow the exploits and adventures of four vagabonds which they named themselves All four of the children were orphans one a Native American In the author s notes Mr Krueger states The river voyage upon which Odie O Banion and his fellow Vagabonds embark in the summer of 1932 is a mythic journey The reality of the Great Depression landscape that serves as it s backdrop however was etched into the memory of many The Great Depression was hard on almost everyone but it was particularly devastating to families The story opens at the Lincoln School for Native American children The idea for this school was to take children from their families have them be boarders at the school and take the Indian out of the childrenThey were stripped of their heritage in every way they were forbidden to speak their native language taken from their families and the homes in the wilderness that they had known The reality of the school however was that there was a lot of physical and mental abuse wrought upon these children There was little good food and clothing and lots of punishment The four travelers who decide to escape the school are Odie and Albert O Banion who were in this school because the county school for orphaned children was full Mosie is a Native American who cannot speak for reasons I will leaveou to discover then there is six Yalnız Tatil (Genconun Yalan Dünyası year old Emmy who is terrified of the Brinkmans and beg the group to take her with them when her mother was killed in the wake of a tornado The novel is narrated by Odie They travel the Gilead river in Minnesota and meet many people some kind some terrible who use the children as farm labor and The children endure much suffering and do a lot of soul searching trying to find what they are really looking for which for Odie is home They are also constantly aware that the Brinkmans who run the school are trying to find them by all means it is little Emmy that they really want back to raise as their own They also want the money and papers that the children took as insurance against the Brinkmans if they are ever caughtAs I read this book I felt as Odie stated in the book With every turn of the river since I d left Lincoln School the world had become broader its mysteries complex its possibilities infinite This is a beautifully crafted novel the prose flows like the river and I truly felt myself getting lost in the. Of Native American children at the schoolAfter committing a terrible crime Odie and Albert are forced to flee for their lives along with their best friend Mose a muteoung man of Sioux heritage Out of pity they also take with them a brokenhearted little girl named Emmy Together they steal away in a canoe heading for the mighty Mississippi in search for a place to call homeOver the course of one unf.

The best historical fiction doesn t just take me to the time and place depicted in the story It takes me into the heart and soul of people who lived there and then This is precisely what William Kent Kruger has done in this beautifully written story of four orphans on their journey to find safety home and love while discovering themselves along the way He does this with characters who are everything to this telling of history whose stories tell of the extreme hardships of the Great Depression of the injustices and harm done to Native American children in the government sponsored boarding schools a blemish on our history with characters whose faith is tested in the meaning of home of friendship of family of forgiveness of God Twelve The Book of SHE year old Odie O Banion is a story teller and what a storyteller he is conveying what happened to him and his his older brother Albert along with Mose the strong American Indian boy who can only speak by signing and little Emmy who is special in so many ways when they escape the harms done to them at Lincoln Indian Training School This book is over 450 pages and there s not a wasted word I ll leave plot details to others but just say that on their journey from a small town in Minnesota to StLouis they encounter dangerous situations and trials mean spirited people like the ones they are running from but also kind and generous people who will restore theirs and the readers faith in humanity They find people suffering the losses of the Great Depression some of whom have lost homes reminders of the awful things done to Native Americans but there will be the beautiful music that Odie plays on his harmonica and the fabulous stories he tells of The Vagabonds to help get them through some of the harder days While the book reflects so much that is true it is a work of fiction and there will be times whenour imagination will be tested but it is worth the testing You shouldn t skip the author s note in the end which describes his research process not just reading books but by traveling to places where the characters traveled In a letter to readers at the beginning of the book Kruger writes In asking Iosif (Bratva Blood Brothers Book 7) you to read This Tender Land I am in a way offeringou my heart What can I say to that except thanks to Kat (Darkest Powers, you for touching mineThis ARC was provided by the publisher Atria via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review NO SPOILERS This Tender Land is a mesmerizing tale with wonderful characters rich themes extraordinary storytelling delicious writingwith dialogue that sprinkles gold nuggets in our hearts gut and mind A couple of times I thought Stand By Me meets Deliverance meets Huckleberry Finn It has those type of a feelings I m pleased as a pickle to say this novel is every bit as good as Ordinary Grace another book by Krueger that s one of my favoritesstarting with a wonderful note to the readers by the authorto the very endand the wonderful Epilogue The experience of having read this novel is pretty special Its definitely one of the best books thisear Twelve The Return of the Crazy Ladies year old Odie Banion narrates the story Albert his brother is fourears older than Odie We get to know these brothers well as well as many other charactersThe heart of this story focuses on four children the VegabondsMose and Emmy are the other children that are part of the gang There are so many great things to say about this book the charm of the kids Odis s gift for storytelling himself his harmonica playing music gives him and others solacehis grappling with God and religion there are many scenes about God believing or notThemes of griefloss of parentscoming of ageinjustice abuse and crueltyfamily love faith hopeforgiveness sacrificeracial ineuality economic hardshipsself identitythe basic understanding of human natureand kinship of protecting those we loveI discovered symbolism wisdomeven from a little rat named Faria So much to enjoy about the charactersAlberta s intelligence and awareness Emmy s sweetness and incredible wisdom for such a little girl all of age six Mose who can t verbally speak rather speaks sign language the other children are also fluent in sign languageA rich mixture of adventure tragedy and healinginfused with transformative verities William Kent Krueger s novel moves in a current slow or as tumultuous as whitewater rapids ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE A BOOK COMES ALONG THAT HAS SUCH WONDERFUL CHARACTERS AND MARVELOUS PROSE that we read it as much for the pure joy it offers on every page as to find out how it ends THIS IS THAT BOOKOdie LOOKING BACK From the height of a certain wisdom acuired across many decades I looked down now on those four children traveling a meandering river whose end was unknown to them Even across the distance of time I hurt for them and pray for them still Our former selves are never dead Thank You Netgalley Atria Books and William Kent Krueger My favorite thing about reading books is when I connect to the characters We don t have to be anything alike but I have to care about them or sometimes hate them so much that the people seem real and I want to know what happens next in the story and with the characters I cared about Odie Albert Mose and Emmy but also I cared about so many other characters in this book The story takes place during the summer of 1932 right before Odie turns thirteen He and his sixteen Hes So Shy (Bad Boys, year old brother Albert are the only white children at the Lincoln School an institution for Native American children who were forcibly removed from their families in order to eradicate as much of their culture from them as possible The school is a horrible place with the children doing manual labor of all kinds for the benefit of those willing to take advantage of free child labor Also included in the school experience were beatings sexual abuse and lock ups in a primitive cell Odie was a freuent visitor to that cell because he couldn t abide by the harsh ways of the school and spoke up on numerous occasions That summer several things happen that lead to Odie killing a man and the Odie Albert Mose and Emmy must go on the run They plan to find their aunt who lives in St Paul and ask her to take them in but the journey is fraught with danger hunger and often a feeling of hopelessness that rivaled their time at the home The characters make this story for me that and Odie s story telling which may or may not be always accurate as he tells the story in his eighties Published September 3rd 2019Thankou to Atria books and NetGalley for this ARC When one reads a book that is almost 500 pages and upon completion is not ready for the book to end in fact could continue on for another 500 pages then ou know a book deserves 5 stars At least for me Four children three horribly mistreated at the Lincoln school for Indians make a life changing journey Although only one boy is a Native American all are orphans All have no choice but to be on the run All will change in big and small ways during this journey Although this may sound like a YA novel it is not it deals with adult issues It takes place in the shadow of the Great Depression when many are homeless and finding different ways to live These children each have a different talent and have formed themselves into a new family called the Vagabonds They crawled into my heart and nested there are still there this morning though I finished this last evening On their journey they find those who will help and those who would hurt Riding the rails Hoovervilles and a traveling healing show are some historical happenings during this time period All the main characters in this book have their own stories are all interesting characters good or bad Although Odie is our main narrator telling this story when he is in his eighties one gets a good sense of what each character is made out of who they are Watching them change on their journey is a joyIt can be likened to Huck Finn and his journey on the river A little Wizard of Oz because these children are looking for a home and meet many who offer them different things Yes some are even evil with evil intentions But ultimately it is about finding family in different places about loyalty finding oneself and finding a safe place to land It left me feeling hopeful a little nostalgic bittersweet and just a little sad For me it was an amazing reading experience one I hope future readers will shareARC from Edelweiss FIVE I NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF IF I GIVE LESS TO THIS FANTASTIC JOURNEY and I OFFICIALLY DECLARE THAT I M IN LO. In the summer of 1932 on the banks of Minnesota's Gilead River the Lincoln Indian Training School is a pitiless place where Native American children forcibly separated from their parents are sent to be educated It is also home to Odie O’Banion a lively orphan boy whose exploits constantly earn him the superintendent’s wrath Odie and his brother Albert are the only white faces among the hundreds.

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Raised in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon William Kent Krueger briefly attended Stanford University—before being kicked out for radical activities After that he logged timber worked construction tried his hand at freelance journalism and eventually ended up researching child development at the University of Minnesota He currently makes his living as a full time author He’s been married for