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Now come with me and let me show you the worldWell that was different And so very shortAs always Garrett Leigh s writing is impeccable The story was descriptive without becoming overly poetic There isn t much in the way of worldbuilding but there was enough for the short scene being toldShe also does angst very well and I m impressed that she wrote angst and redemption in to such a short story without it feeling rushed Daniel and Luca are both outcasts in their own way alone in the world I liked seeing how the two make a conscious choice to be together despite their circumstances It set them apart in what is clearly a violent and dark worldIf it was only longer I m sure Shadow Bound would have been a 4 star read I needed character development and a better understanding of this world Even so I enjoyed this short and I m hoping the author writes wi. OUT OF PRINTBroken and bleeding on the forest floor a wounded warrior must choose between the finite end of his supernatural existence and an undeniable bond with the healing hands of an enemyAfter a fearsome battle with a pack of rabid werewolves wounded vampire Luca is aba.

Ebook Download Shadow Bound – dedelicate.com

Th these two Definitely intriguing enough to make me want to read Fated Hearts Whelp This story just oes to show that even the best authors stumble occasionally Garrett Leigh s foray into paranormal short stories felt like a creative writing experiment that should have been relegated to the author s junk drawer but wasn t Case in point there was actual magical life saving come in this story There s no coming back from that shakes my head sadly Come with me and let me show you the worldDifferent and intense but just wanted This wasinteresting And different And I m lad I read it after Fated HeartsIt makes me happy and sad knowing them a little bit better One thing is for sure I m stoked for whatever else Leigh brings with her Shadow Bound world Really I ve been agging for a reat shifter book and knew I had to read this before I read Fated Ndoned by his coven His wounds are many and with the aping The Horse in Celtic Culture gash of a werewolf bite poisoning him from the inside out he has no hope of healingHe lies on the forest earthyround watching his crystalline form disintegrate Addled by pain his mind wanders as one by one his sen.

EartsOk I am inThis was so little but so very much If this is the world I m about to enter I m ready and oing nowJust wow for so little I need to know It s very short 19 pages so it s perfect to relax for a while as it s paranormal there are things which are left unexplained The author mentions previous battles and recoveries so I don t exactly understand why this one is so debilitating it threatens view spoilerLuca s life hide spoiler If ever a short story needed to be written as a full book it s this one The tease at the world building and characters fascinated me and left me CLAMMING for of their storyDear Author please hear my plea and ive me on Luca and Dash s love story Pretty please with a cherry on top Free at US today I wish this had been longer I don t know what else to say really I liked it I think I mean it was so short But I lik. Ses begin to fade Then a stranger appears in the clearing casting a new light over Luca a light that warms him from the inside outDashiel offers Luca a chance of survivala chance to live but first Luca must decide if his brittle heart is ready for the life Dashiel is offerin.

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