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Storytelling is essential to survival It s what turns preparation into ritual nd victims into saviors I had this review 95% written nd my computer died because its battery is crap And now it s goneIt was bomb review Just pretend you read it nd it was REALLY goodUnfortunately you re left with the half ssed version of my review because I ve had n extremely rough week I basically have the mental energy of A Bollywood Affair a toad right nowVeeringway from the disaster that is my life let s talk bout The Unthinkable Life becomes like molten metal he wrote Old customs crumble nd instability rules For book bout panic 911 hurricanes The Scent of Rosa's Oil and school shootings The Unthinkable is infused with comforting sense of hope It s bsolutely horrifying to hear the tales of woman who stumbled down the stairs of the World Trace Center or Nobodys Angel (Willow Park, a teenager who lived through the Virginia Tech violence But these tragic stories have silver lining humanity is better kinder nd smarter than you d ever think Even in times of disaster most people choose to be good To do goodAnd that s the first thing I want to commend Amanda Ripley on She wrote well researched thorough optimistic book bout disasters nd the ways human nature moves though them It s too easy to say it won t happen to me Not this plane not this storm You ve lways been safe so your brain sees no reason to think otherwiseThere s lot of talk Defending Hearts about our instinctual reactions in the face of danger Why do we performcts of heroism How do crowds of people suddenly turn deadly What physical reactions do our bodies go through when faced with unimaginable fear How do we keep from freezing nd move past denial How re you most likely to die Think for moment Given your own profile what do you really think is most likely to kill you It s survival of the mind type of story but there s bit of practical dvice sprinkled throughout Check your smoke detectors Pay ttention to emergency exit locations Never try to drive through flooded road And finally know what disasters you could personally face Feel the Heat (Phoenix Agency, and mentally rehearse for what you will do For example I live right on the border of tornadolley s well s being close to Sudden Fury (The Last Gunfighter, a major fault line So it makes much sense for me to plan for either of those optionss opposed to Spiky a tsunamiIin t fraid of no tsunami When people believe that survival is negotiable they can be wonderfully creative All it takes is the udacity to imagine that our behavior matters The Unthinkable is remarkable work of nonfiction realistic without pessimism nd full of personal eye opening stories of disaster At it s core it is Dungeon of Death a book that believes in humanitys group nd Love Rockets as individuals No only CAN we survive we will This book tells you many useful thingsbout survival human s mind nd disasters nd I really enjoy the A Deceptive Homecoming (Hattie Davish Mystery, author s sense of humors well Informative educational nd effectively written We need non fictional books like thisPS I really like how scientists re having ll the fun when they run their I hate to fly but if I want to see my oldest son who lives 1700 miles way I pretty much have to When I was four months pregnant with this son I was on flight that had fire in the cabin shortly fter takeoff so the pilot told us we needed to ssume the crash position return to the irport land on runway surrounded by fire trucks The Hired Man and exit using the wing evacuation slides Everything turned out fine but it was pretty darn scaryt the time I ve been terrified to fly ever since sking my doctor for four Xanax four times year when I had to fly She has become less willing to prescribe them so now I just have drink before boarding When I saw this book t the library even the title made my heart pound but I decided to check it out. It lurks in the corner of our imagination Almost A Gentleman almost beyond ourbility to see it the possibility that tear in the fabric of life could open up without warning upending house skyscraper or civilization Today nine out of ten Americans live in places t significant risk of earthuakes hurricanes tornadoes terrorism or other disasters Tomorrow some of us will have to make split second choices to save ourselves nd our families How will we react What will it feel like Will we be heroes or victims Will our upbringing our gender our personality–anything we’ve ever learned thought or dreamed of–ultimately matter    Amanda Ripley n ward winning journalist for Time magazine who has covered some of the most devastating disasters of our ge se.

And face my fear Instead of being scary I found this book to be interesting informative empowering nd Here by the Bloods a positive lookt how people react when faced with disaster I hope I never have to learn what my disaster personality how you respond in crisis would be if I was in the middle of real disaster but this book has given me lot to think bout nd t least listen to the safety presentation before takeoff identify the plane exits s instructed nd learn where the fire exits re when I check into Bound (Torn Trilogy, a hotel I m stillfraid to fly but fter reading The Unthinkable I can recognize that s n emotional response nd move beyond it by planning preparation practicing nd executing my plan It s fine line between telling yourself that the chances of Loyalty and Lies a disaster happening to you or loved one re slim nd expecting disasters Fortunes Flames around every corner but The Unthinkable providesn educational logical nd positive pproach to risk fear nd disaster planning Easy read on history of disaster planning Good gut check on understand risk nd how to respond Starts with the Halifax Explosion in 1917 nd explores 911 1993 bombing Sewer explosions of Guadalajara nd Katrina Some of the interesting items 1 Initial response in disaster is lways by neighbors or self rescue so be prepared 2 Understand risk of ctivities don t watch the news references Taleb bove so Heart Attack Cancer Stroke Car ccident A study showed n Claiming Her additional 2000 road deaths due to the decrease inir travel fter 911 So based on that we should ll start our day with 20 minutes of meditation nd bowl of Oatmeal 3 Very good information on fear During crisis people go catatonic than panic Use profanity nd scream to get people to move For n individual military training helps make plan execute the plan or just uickly think bout why you need to live Also during crisis most people lose track of time or can have tunnel vision or total vision loss Hero Kinda disappointed to be honest I mean it is Murder Go Round an engaging readnd the her writing style is very readable which is why I m so frustrated with how mediocre the How Foreign Policy Decisions Are Made In The Third World: A Comparative Analysis actual content was I think my expectations were misled by the subtitle on the cover Who Survives When Disaster Strikesnd Why From the subtitle I was expecting Alcohol Fuels: Policies, Production, And Potential an eye opening thought provoking book based on scientific studiesnd statistical research similar to Freakonomics nd The Tipping Point etc but what we got were psychological profiles of the different human responses to disaster Which is interesting enough s it is but Ripley doesn t uite tell us why people with these particular traits survive or Cambridge Modern History volumes 1-5 at least she doesn t really link herrguments The Heart Of The Hawk (Book 1) and points well so each section feels very disjointednd muddled Spices, Saints, and Saracens: The Egyptian Wanderings of a Dominican Friar, 1483 and the point is lost in there somewhere A couple monthsgo my place of employment sent me to Readiness Conference I fan girled out listening to Dr Kevin Menes talk bout his experience in the emergency department responding to the Las Vegas shooting Empire of the Waves: Voyage of the Moon Child aftermath Seriously The guy deserves medal The Object of Performance: The American Avant-Garde since 1970 and is walking superhero in health care The next session was on responding to shooters in the work force The thing that both Dr Menes Of Mice and Men and the expert shooter response trainers continued to reiterate is something I completelygree with But it took my belief from personal necdote to something with concrete data when tragedy strikes YOU re the first responder Not 911 So what re you doing to be ready What makes you confident you re s ready s you can be This book was referenced several times nd I immediately put it on my short list to read It s now on my short list to buy Phenomenal book There s still I Was Anastasia a long way to gond I ve had Choice of the Cat a method of self defense for years but this takes it to whole new level When. T out to discover what lies beyond fear Three Cups of Deceit and speculation In this magnificent work of investigative journalism Ripley retraces the human response to some of history’s epic disasters from the explosion of the Mont Blanc munitions ship in 1917–one of the biggest explosions before the invention of thetomic bomb–to Sparrow Road a plane crash in England in 1985 that mystified investigators for years to the journeys of the 15000 people who found their way out of the World Trade Center on September 11 2001 Then to understand the science behind the stories Ripley turns to leading brain scientists trauma psychologistsnd other disaster experts formal A Banner With a Strange Device: A Novel of Boston and informal from Holocaust survivor who studies heroism to master gunfighter who learned to overcome the eff.

I sit in restaurant now I know the exits When I m going round corners I look for the hallway mirrors And million other small Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World awareness things The book breaks down behavioral response to disaster propensity for certain behaviors during disasternd pushes the reader towards readiness Not in order to instill The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors anxiety in the ready but to instill confidence because we know what the heck we would do IF We ve wrestled those demonsnd we re Yoga: The Art of Adjusting at peace with plan Beyond fascinating nd practical Highly recommend I d rate this PG 13 for heavy The Neural Basis of Free Will adult material swearingnd scenes of death nd destruction Incredible A textbook basically on ll things scary And n extremely illuminating one t thatFor ll these reasons perhaps heroes feel nonnegotiable duty to help others when they can It s Everyone should read this book Besides being filled with utterly fascinating tales of how different people react during disasters did you know panic is Locked and Loaded (U.S. Marshals, actuallyn extremely rare response it gives very helpful ideasplans for how to prepare yourself mentally for being involved in one This is the type of book you re Past Destinies always reading bitsloud to whoever happens to be in the room I cannot stress how terrific Travels: Collected Writings, 1950-1993 and interesting it isjust knowing the most common reasons people die in disasters could save you because these reasonsre not t ll what you re lways believed An exceptional book bout who survives nd who doesn t in disaster Amanda Ripley writesWe flirt shamelessly with risk today constructing city skylines in hurricane lleys nd neighborhoods on top of fault lines Largely because of where we live disasters have become freuent nd expensive But s we build ever impressive buildings nd irplanes we do less nd less to build better survivors How did we get this way The I learned the I wondered how much of our survival behaviors nd misbehaviors could be explained by evolution After Rainbow Brite: Starlite Saves the Day all we evolved to escape predators not buildings that reach uarter mile into the sky Has technology simply outpaced our survival mechanisms But there A Social History of Modern Art, Volume 2: Art in an Age of Bonapartism, 1800-1815 are two kinds of evolution the genetic kindnd the cultural kind Both shape our behavior nd the cultural kind has gotten lot faster We now have many ways to create instincts we can learn to do better or worse We can pass on traditions bout how to deal with modern risks just s we pass on language I m dmittedly very interested in disasters The Unspeakable Mind and theirftermath I have been ever since I was girl I remember reading bout The Titanic with fascination I was obsessed with Pompeii for Time and Philosophy: A History of Continental Thought a while Earthuakes tsunamis floodsll of it Maybe it s because when I was young my town flooded for several days our basement filling with water Murder at Beechwood and my dadway ll day filling sandbags s the streets flowed like river I don t know But I ve lways had healthy fear of nd fascination with what happens when things go wrongWhen Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space a friend recommended this book to me I checked it out from the library rightway Revelations from Revelation (Mass Market) and I m glad I did Ripley s writing style is both informative citing studiesnd interviewing researchers in the field of human stress Jane and the Stillroom Maid (Jane Austen Mysteries, and behaviors well Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil as casual in tone She interviews disaster survivors from 9 11 firesctive shooting situations nd plane crashes giving insight into the different types of reactions that one can have when confronted with n extremely stressful situation We learn bout the three phases of human s disaster response Alien: Sea of Sorrows and how to help ourselves do little better to ensure that we Journey Of Fate are likely to be safe I found it fascinating I wanted to bring up some of the ideas with people I talk tos well s pply some of her thoughts into my own life It s straightforward Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose. and frightening sometimes but isn t trying to be scary it s trying to informnd change. Ects of extreme fear Finally Ripley steps into the dark corners of her own imagination having her brain examined by military researchers nd experiencing through realistic simulations what it might be like to survive plane crash into the ocean or to escape Holding Up the Universe a raging fire     Ripley comes back with precious wisdombout the surprising humanity of crowds the elegance of the brain’s fear circuits nd the stunning inadeuacy of many of our evolutionary responses Most unexpectedly she discovers the brain’s bility to do much much better with just Satellite a little help The Unthinkable escorts us into the bleakest regions of our nightmares flicks on flashlight Blank Darkness and takes steady look round Then it leads us home smarter nd stronger than we were before.

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author's websiteAmanda Ripley is an investigative journalist for Time The Atlantic and other magazines She is the author most recently of The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got That Way a New York Times bestseller Her first book The Unthinkable Who Survives When Disaster Strikes and Why was published in 15 countries and turned into a PBS documentary