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RsWHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR Inherit the Bones s a well paced police procedural It has just enough twists and turns to keep the pages turning without making one s head spin too much I really enjoyed the Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes introduction to Gemma Monroe She s uite likable Emily Littlejohn did a great jobn rendering her as a well balanced character She s tough enough to thrive Follow Your Dreams in a male dominated profession She s compassionate enough to comfort grieving families Mostmportantly she s a competent fully Fractured Truth (Bone Gap Travellers invested cop who s going to making sure the perpetrators get what they ve got coming to themThe scene of the crimes a traveling circus The murder weapon could not be Maigret and the Wine Merchant immediately determined This was certainlynteresting than the clich partially clad strangled body hidden Knit Together in the woods not far from the roadside to be discovered by a manwoman walking a dog As for the rest of the details of the crime I don t do spoilers and I m afraid discussing the other characters or detailsn any greater length may prematurely Treacherous (Stepbrother influence the prospective reader I ll say only that there were plenty of suspects and thedentity of the murderer was not readily apparentThe secondary story He, An Irreverent Look At The American Male in this books Gemma s relationship with her boyfriend Brody He s a scientist who SELL IT LIKE SERHANT is absent through most of the story He sn Alaska for work where he may or may not be cavorting with some slut a woman with whom he had previously had an affair I must admit I didn t really care for him and was sort of hoping she was going to dump him halfway through the book Which leads me to this Inherit the Bones needs a seuel I m not sure how The Breakout Novelist it should be done A new crimen Cedar Valley A relocation Gemma s recruited by the FBI I ll leave that part to Emily Littlejohn I just want to read tMany thanks to Minotaur Books for providing me with a free copy of this book Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Czechoslovakia (Favorite Fairy Tales, Book 10) in exchange for an honest review In Emily Littlejohn s debt novel we arentroduced to Gemma Monroe a pregnant police detective A clown with a traveling circus that has stopped The Missing Link in Gemma s Colorado mountain town turns up dead This death unleashes Gemma s nightmare s about the bones she found of two boys who died over thirty years ago how does the death of the clown tie to what Gemma found three years ago Gemma s dogged persistence makes for a well tuned police procedural The books well written and plotted there Working Girls is an ease between the characters that works well I look forward to her second novel A Season to Lie due out later this year This review was originally posted on The Pfaeffle Journal I received a copy of Inherit the Bones through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Minotaur Books and to Emily Littlejohn for the opportunityIn my dreams the dead can speakAnd these dreams are turningnto horrendous nightmares for Lead Detective Gemma Monroe Cedar Valley Colorado was once a small ski town dotted with chalets and nestled Hands of Flame (Negotiator Trilogy/Old Races Universe inocentlynto the rugged terrain of the Rockies Daydreaming was uite the pasttime amid all this beauty until the bodies of two young boys were found along a secluded hiking trail Speechless in 1985 Some sayt was the evil work of the Woodsman who overpowered those helpless boys Some say that he s been waiting patiently to strike againEmily Littlejohn creates her character of Detective Gemma Monroe as a sharp minded very pregnant young woman with a voracious appetite She reminds me a bit of the female detective Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, in Fargo You okay down dere Marge Only Gemma goest alone while her boyfriend works as a contract geologist Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman, in Alaska No safety nets for Gemma She ll attack annvestigation like a double cheese ham on ryeBut Gemma had no expectations of a murder on her multiple listed menu A frantic call comes Stranded With The Tempting Stranger in reporting that a brutalized body of a clown has been foundn a back tent on the local fairgrounds Finding a motive and means will perplex Gemma and her partners Finn and Sam And the medical examiner will have a shocking detail The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase, in his reportLittlejohn does a fine jobn the setup for the story giving just enough background details to whet your whistle She weaves through this storyline with ribbons of uirky humor sharp dialogue and very human characterizations There s also the electric spark of the thrill as someone sets their focus on our pizza craving pregnant police officerInherit the Bones has all the makings of a well defined series It s the type of storyline that pulls you nto ts magnetic field when you re simply on the lookout for a good satisfying read It Mindhunter is my hope that Emily Littlejohn will once again band this troup of charactersnto another Gemma Monroe myster. Ds of a traveling circus to the powerful homes of those who would control Cedar Valley’s futureSix months pregnant with a partner she can’t trust and colleagues who know than they’re saying Gemma tracks a killer who will stop at nothing to keep those secrets buried.

ebook free Inherit the Bones – dedelicate.com

Inherit the Bones Flawd is author Emily Littlejohn s debut about a 30 year old murder mystery of two boy cousins Detective Gemma Monroe narrates the novel As the story opens shes six months pregnant and Sweet Stallion investigating a gruesome murder of a clown from a traveling circus Gemma worksn a small town The County And The Kingdom in Colorado and works with a crew of politicallyncorrect law enforcement officersHow does the death of a clown and the disappearance and murder of two cousins tie Summer Heat! in together Do they even tie together Littlejohn provides clues to her murders and the readers kept Crushed Ice involved The beginning of the novels a bit slow The last third s a page turnerDecent story decent writing It was okgood Inherit the Bones s a riveting and beautifully written police procedural Gemma Monroe Risking It All is a young pregnant deputy with a partner she doesn t trust and nightmares from her discovery of the bones of two missing children who were murdered 30 years previously When a circus comes to the small Colorado ski town and a clowns savagely killed she has no Dog Food 2 idea thatnvestigating his death Santa In Montana (Calder Saga is going tontensify her nightmares and uncover 30 years of lies and deceit Twist and turns make this compelling story difficult to put down Can t wait for Littlejohn s next book Save your time and read something elseThe gaps The Moonshiners Daughter in facts and logic the misdirections never explained the MC s obsession with a pastnfidelity of an absent baby daddy the failure to Emmas Orphans interview than three circus employees when a murder of a circus employee occurs on circus grounds plus the pedestrian writing All added up to an annoying forgettable I hope readview spoilerLittlejohn never explains how the culprit was able to get upstairs to Gemma s bathroomn the dark write neatly with lipstick on Gemma s mirror again Saints on Stage in the dark and escape the residencen the period of time that the lights were out In a small town between 6 and 8 pm no one witnesses the culprit slashing not one not two but four tires on Gemma s car The reused lights out gimmick Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, in the librarys for what purpose How does the culprit get childhood happy hours in and out of a secured basementn the library with no one seeing her How exactly did that ncident advance her goal Why other than to set up a scene where multiple characters tell us the author s explanation for the various murders does Gemma go to the home of the killer having dentified the killer at that point alone eg without her partner She Publish and Perish isn t going to arrest her she won t kill her She didn t Mirandize her so nothing saidn that kitchen s admissible hide spoiler When I saw six months pregnant female lead and police procedural I knew this book was for me Minotaur Books has published some seriously uniue concepts n the past few years another favorite series of mine that they produced The Book of Lamentations is the Brigid uinn novels by Becky Masterman featuring a femalen a mature stage of life after retiring from the FBI Since I love those books so much I figured Guide Through the Old Testament it was a safe bet that this new series would be for me Whilet too me about 50 pages to really get absorbed The Best-Case Scenario Handbook in the story I appreciate the author s dedication to setting up the characters and detailing little snippets that would come back latern the story for big ah ha moments If you have always liked the The Last Days of the Romanovs idea of reading a Karin Slaughter book but find the graphic violence just too much this might be the perfect read for you The writing style and detailings very similar and while there The Fate of the Romanovs is some violencets much tame and muted and limited only to necessary scenes Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, instead of the gratuitous 400 pages of blood and guts you d find elsewhere For those who love the nasty darkness though fear not don t mistake the lack of constant gory violence for boring This book was heavy on the police procedural with scenes chuckedn of hold your breath suspense OMG the bathroom scene LOSER in the middle of the night John please don t ever travel again I always like a series that has some aspects of continuation throughout the books withndividual plots as well and this was no different I m not 100% sure how the author will choose to press on but she gave great closure to the case pertaining to this book and even to many aspects of Gemma s life If I didn t know this was a series I might have thought this was a standalone However knowing t s a series has me looking back at smaller details thinking Oh yeah she could definitely go somewhere with this I m really excited to see where Finn and Gemma s partnership goes and I m hoping we get to see how Sam Exterminating Angel is doing as well I m stillffy on Brody but we ll see Culture and Customs of Norway if he can win me overn the fut. Secrets and lies can’t stay buried forever The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, in Cedar ValleyIn the summer hikers and campers pack the small Colorado town’s meadows and fields Andn the winter skiers and snowboarders take over the mountains Season by season year after year time passes and the lies li.

Ure The Shake, Rattle and Roll individual mystery I felt was good whilet was pretty standard and straight forward t wasn t simple The author put a good deal of careful consideration and detail nto tying multiple people The Weavers Idea Book in different places together to bring a cold case and recent murdernto the limelight The Mission of Mooney Rooney in similar timing I can onlymagine how difficult The Road to There it was to get everything just right and have nothing slip through the cracks and contradicting the author did a fantastic job of liningt all up and clearly did great research nto making everything as believable as possible I m really excited to see where this series goes t has 5 star potential Used (Getting Inside of V, in my book Greatest of thanks to Minotaur Books for my copiesn exchange for an honest review In addition to my review copy they sent a finished copy that you can enter to win on my blog next weekI couldn t find a place to add this where Inside a Barn in the Country it flowed well but wanted to mention I loved reading about the circus and all that goesnto making those performances happen Full review on wwwnovelgossipcomThis The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums is the second really good mystery debut that I ve read this week I would say I m on uite a roll When Chelsea at The Suspense Is Thrilling Me talked of a similar feel to a Karin Slaughter bookn her review of this one I was Athena intrigued I can definitely see why she felt this way as I could feel a similar vibe there just wasn t uite as much violence and gore here I felt the need to mention this straightaway as I know I have some readers who don t like that type of stuff and I think this one would be a better fit than some of the darker books I read You guys just aren t as sick and twisted as me Gemma Monroes a detective Tales from the Toolbox in Cedar Valley CO She s six months pregnant and stressing over her relationship with the baby s father Her life gets a lot complicated when a traveling circus comes to town and one of their workerss murdered The killing reveals some dark secrets related to a 30 year old cold case Gemma will discover that digging for the truth when t means revealing past dark deeds can be very very dangerousI really like this series I accidentally jumped n at book three Lost Lake a few months ago and finally backtracked to read the first book I like Gemma Monroe as a main character She s very good at her job She s ntelligent thorough ethical and determined but being driven comes with a price The unsolved murders of two young boys Det ordnar sig in 1985 haunts her She has nightmares about the dead boys Her determination to solve the case and get justice for the victims almost breaks her at times The mystery moves at a nice pace with plenty of suspense I figured out some of the clues but the ending surprised me I lovet when a book holds a few surprises back until the very end Nicely done I m glad I finally jumped back to re start this series at the beginning It The Admiral isn t necessary to read the booksn order but I do understand the characters especially Gemma a lot better now that I ve read the first book There are three books The Homunculus in this series with a fourth book Shatter the Night coming outn December 2019 I can t wait For now I m moving on to the second book A Season to Lie The coincidences of life scary clowns have been all over our news stations lately so I was surprised to find when I started reading this that the case begins with the death of a carnival clown Only this Basic BASIC (Hayden computer programming series) is not just any clown thiss a young man who has been thought dead for the last three yearsSo enter Gemma a young very pregnant detective and she soon ties together this case with the death of two young boys from past years Has dreams about Socialist Construction and Marxist Theory it Gemma herselfs an appealing character feisty committed refuses to give up her theories despite conflicting views Finn her partner for this case at least was harder to like but he grew on me A good start to a new series first novel by this author I believe and t s an evenly paced very well written police procedural Looking forward to seeing how she develops Gemma s character and wonder how her relationship problems work out will wait and seeARC from Netgalley You can read all of my reviews at LitWitWineDineI ve always thought there are currents running through our world and our lives threads The Bitchy Waiter: Tales, Tips Trials from a Life in Food Service if you will that touch and connect all things Events years after they ve happened leave faint fingerprints that linger and change the surface of places over timeA murdered clown An unknown murder weapon A surprise ID A pregnant leadnvestigator Her partner with uestionable professional ethics A wealthy family with generations of secrets Murders that have gone unsolved for forty yea. Ke the aspens and evergreens that surround the town take root and spread deepNow someone has uncovered the lies and t s his murder that continues a chain of events that began almost forty years ago Detective Gemma Monroe’s nvestigation takes her from the seedy groun.

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