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Ebook Epub His Australian Heiress ô Margaret Way – dedelicate.com

Review Posted at HarleuinJunkiecomLosing her parents wasn t asy for Charlotte Mansfield and if not for her grandfather taking her in her life could have turned out very differently She s done very well for herself following in her grandfather s footsteps with her dream of pursuing law Yet the rest of her family her aunt uncle and cousin are angered by the fact she became the beneficiary of her grandfather s Snowy River Man estate Luckily she has her good friend Brendan MacMillan to protect her from their nastiness Read More Once again the reader is swept to Australia with the sights and sounds described vividly Charlotte inherits from her grandfather and must survive the family and persevere with friend Brendon s help to build her future Alwaysnjoy reading books by this author and looking forward to Ebook from netgalley and publishers with thanks For some reason I felt I had fallen into a historical romance although I knew it was contemporary I am not sure if it was the style of writing or the way the characters behaved or just what it was but it had a different feel to it. In this passionate saga set in present day Australia the passing of a wealthy patriarch leaves one young woman with a chance to change her life if it doesn’t bring her world crashing down first   After losing her parents in a tragic accident young Charlotte was taken in by her grandfather Sir Reginald Mansfield Despite his tyrannical tendencies he cherished her above all a fact made clear by his surprising beuest In her arly twenties she intends to follow in his illustrious footsteps in.

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S a love story that was somewhat predictable but a pleasure to read and I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for the copy to read in xchange for my honest review There s a lot packed into this short novel It s well written and Les brumes d'avalon : roman entertaining and the setting in Australia is terrific You ll find yourself rooting for Charlotte Is Brendan a good guy or a bad guy Will there be romance THanks to netgalley for the ARC You will like this if you are looking for romantic suspense Main Guy BrendonMain Girl Charlotte How I got through this one is beyond meI hated the characters and found them sooooo boring and so martyr ish that I was hoping a piano would fall on them and liven things upAnd her family ugh like seriously you re loaded you don t need this they re aholes just hit delete and be rid of themNow as I m a sucker for friends to lovers I have to give props for thatRating 2 out of 5 ReadBookNetgalley ARC A big thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC for my honest reviewI have to admit I havenjoyed reading Margaret Way for a long time. ??s longtime friend seems genuinely happy for her despite the bitter scandalous history between their families Charlotte’s dream is to use the funds to open a shelter for abused women and Brendon intends to support and protect her But often money means betrayals secrets and lies and as Charlotte tries to determine who she can trust she may be a woman in danger herself   “If you’ve never read Margaret Way before you’re in for a treat” New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer.

From most contemporary romances that I have read recentlyan interesting feel that kept me turning page after page to find out what would happen Charlotte had loving parents and a wonderful life until she turned 12 Then her parents died and her life was turned upside down Put in boarding school ignored by most of her family and left to her own devices she became stronger through adversity Her one mainstay was Brendan and though their families were Malakai (Wicked Games, enemies their friendship never waveredFive years later when her grandfather died her life changed again She was suddenly an heiress with money than others in the family received they were not happy For four years she continued to study and work and wait till her money would be in her own hands and not be overseen by others A young beautiful heiress has dreams but she also has responsibilities She planned toventually marry and have a family She was plotting her future while dealing with much going on around her Charlotte must have been an old soul because she had the strength of a lioness and an indomitable will This The field of law And now she is the beneficiary not only of his vast financial assets but of Clouds the stunning sandstone house in New South Wales with a breathtaking view of the Blue Mountains and a bountiful garden of fragrant flowers Unfortunately not The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone everyone is pleased for her   Charlotte’s grasping aunt and uncle as well as her controllingntitled cousin cannot hide their fury As rivalries simmer and naked greed roils the socially prominent clan only Brendon Macmillan Charlotte?.

Margaret Way was born and educated in the river city of Brisbane Australia Before her marriage she was a well known pianist teacher vocal coach and accompanist but her hectic musical career came to a halt when her son was born and the demands of motherhood dictated a change of paceOn a fortuitous impulse she decided to try her hand at romance writing and was thrilled when Mills & Boon accept