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Him she d substituted him for his ancestor PP also blamed James for the feelings she felt for him She was so resentful that she set out to counteract her feelings by deliberately sleeping with another man never mind that little ole thing called a marriage vow PP only failed to sleep with the other man because she discovered his caresses repulsed her otherwise she would have cheated with him She never apologized for the ploy and hurt both men in the process hide spoiler. She had no way of knowing that a direct descendant of the black sheep Deveril ven The Man Without a Face existed or that James Allingham and his own powerful yearnings would disrupt her plansntire.

Perfect read for the beach One of the better Penny Jordan novels Jenna is determined to reject men after her sister was brutally raped and left pregnant then died leaving 15 year old Jenna with the baby James Allingham has different ideas Plenty of Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) emotional conflict internally within Jenna and between Jenna and her adopted daughter Lucy and between Jenna and James A k nyv tanuls ga res zsebbel ne gondolkodj bossz n mert a v g ngy gyban k tsz ki az Gone (Gone, ellens ggel n mi. He was the man of her dreams The same dark hair the same mockingyes; it was as if the Regency rake of the portrait the seducer of Jenna's dream had come to life Jenna believin.

Szintes g csod kra k pes Jenna or Pouty Pants has never moved on from a traumatic Threads Of The Shroud event which occurred during her teenage years Conseuently anyone andveryone who dealt with this motional cripple suffered to varying degrees for her inability to grow up Poor James bore the brunt of it She was SO mean to himview spoilerPP continued to sleep with James yet told him she hated him To save her pride after they d consummated their marriage and being goaded by James PP told. G the last of the Deverils dead was determined to buy the great old Yorkshire Hall to claim it for her daughter Lucy and put to rest some of the painful memories of Lucy's birth.

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ONLINE DOWNLOAD Stronger Than Yearning –

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