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I enjoyed reading this book a ot of it was really informative and Prioleau writes about these women with a particular energy and enthusiasm that catches on to you I disagreed with a couple of the choices she made in subjects some because they weren t really much than sociopaths who managed to abuse their way to the top and one or two because I rejected her very optimistic take on them but ultimately it comes down to the fact that Prioleau was writing about women who got power They didn t have to be good people they didn t even have to be decent human beings They gained or regained power by their talents and skills and they influenced the time they Clay Yeagers Redemption (Trinity Street West, lived That is allAside from aot of the hurdy gurdy about goddesses there was only one point that seriously irked me The goddess stuff is normal if unfortunate very few people nowadays are able to conceptualize of a culture entirely outside of their own dichotomized framework and Prioleau managed not to dwell too much on her annoyingly monotheistic viewpoint on various goddesses throughout That point occurred in a very short synopsis of a Grecian courtesan s Dark Desires lifePrioleau basically does something absolutely unforgivable printing the subject s thoughts on how it was better to be anything except a courtesan she outright contradicts that and comes back with the biographer s euivalent of Nuh uh Seriously Elizabeth Prioleau you are not and will never be forced into becoming a prostitute in order to survive check the arrogant dismissal Regardless of your beliefs onegalization or de criminalization or whatever you contradicted one of your subjects someone who is too dead to refute you Respect your subjects and The Corporate Raiders Revenge (Suite Secrets, learn to resist the temptation to use theirives to support your ideology when they outright contradict itFor a feminist author it s than a Course of Action little inappropriate to silence and appropriate another woman sife simply so you won t have to deal with the cognitive dissonance We are naturally magnetized by powerful personalities with superior individuation wholeness and unconflicted psyches But men have deeper reasons to adore ueens of the hill Their Christmas Masquerades libidos were engineered at the beginning of time to swoon over sexy magnificas to uake in their presence and glorify honor and serve them Pushovers bubble brains and penthouse pets therefore disappoint them at a primal biochemicalevelVery interesting and empowering stories about seductive women from our history However did not Skylars Outlaw like the writing style and some other aspects of this book I was hoping for aot from this book something about feminism and seduction or how western culture and Christianity have worked against female sexuality Instead the first chapter was about ancient fertility goddesses and the next 67 chapters are about the reincarnation of said goddesses in the way of famous women that drove men crazy Essentially its a mini bio of famous women men that Blades Lady loved them and how they are the reincarnation of an ancient sex goddess The same thing over and over again for all the chapters I made it through the majority of the book read about Josephine baker and skipped all of chapter seven since I knew something about each of those women Final annoying thing about this book is that while its wordy and makes you feelike you re Learning Yii Testing learning something I didn tike that it wasn t cited at the bottom of the page Just a collection of further readings so I guess its something I really really wanted to ike this book but gosh it was terrible This book is my self esteem bibleThe title suggests using one s sexuality to gain power The book goes so much deeper than that though Our femininity is the source of our strength much as a man s physical build is his Rather than stifling this and resorting to either Madonna or whore archetypes Prioleau suggests we use the whole of our femininity from our innate empathy to our resiliency She cites neatly organized. In this road map to restoring feminine sexual power Betsy Prioleau introduces and analyzes the stories and stratagems of historys greatest seductresses These are the women who ravished the worldfrom.

Free download Seductress Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love

( FREE Seductress Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love ) author Elizabeth Prioleau – dedelicate.com

A few peop I first read about this one on Salon and was intrigued Unfortunately the tone of the book is a ittle too You Go Girl for me Prioleau spends too much time cheerleading both the courtesans and her readers I tend to prefer a drier mix of scholarly tone and juicy gossip Alison Weir Antonia Fraser I think I would have iked this book a ot better if it had been a simple encyclopedia of seductresses throughout history There are so many fascinating women in this book and their stories are full and rich I want to write plays for at Communicating Effectively least ten of them However the surrounding tissue of the bones of those stories was really hard to wade through It s the author s contention that any seductress is a personification of the goddess of Inanna and she found a multitude of ways to claim that this or that historical figure was following in Inanna s footsteps Now I ve got nothing against Inanna She s one kick ass goddess no doubt One of my favorites actually But what about all the other goddesses from all the other cultures the different aspects of the goddess Alsoso Maybe it s because I m a mythology geek but I found the author s attempts toink the historical to the mythical pretty feeble and simultaneously facile I also resented the The Philosophical Journey lessons she kept trying to teach us about seduction She seemed to be saying that women should beike these historical seductresses take back the power or something Sure fine but I wish she d et me come to my own conclusion about that I d much rather have gotten inspired by the stories of Isabella Stewart Gardner or Agnes Sorel and taken what I wanted than be told I might want to incorporate their traits The rebellious one in me the one most aligned with many of these women in the book wants to do the exact opposite of what she s told and thereby nullifies the book completely An interesting read Although the content is subjective however you view it there is a arge amount of fascinating historical information imbedded in the conjecture Much of this is an assumption of what really was happening in places and times that any historical nuances can only be conjectureThe presumptions throughout are interesting in the context of the subject Having been written by a woman and me reading it as a man added an additional Enzymes Enzyme Therapy level of conspicuousness to the entire subject matter I found in the interpretation of the male of the species that she conveys a plausible if not remarkable understanding of what sexuality means to menWhy did I give it 3 stars I am glad I read the book The book is an historical timeline for aevel of femininity that deserves the revelation However there were too many women and much of their story was not written in depth enough for me Some as Gloria Steinem was marvelous I think this book was written for women than men so the target investiture for the most part didn t strike a communal chord in me I d say it was often a mechanical read rather than a page turning read All that said as I have said I enjoyed the historical view into varied dimensions of the subject matter I cannot say in an overall evaluation that I found any errors that would deviate from the institution of the sexes in the rolls of humanity I read it while reading the Feminine Mystiue alternating between reading periods The two together made a great combined instruct into the psyche of women in general For twenty five thousand years before there was a male deity mankind probably worshiped a goddess More than merely a swag bellied fertility idol she was a cosmic sexpot the be all and end all who created heaven and earth and reigned supreme over human destiny She gave and took Blindsided life revived the dead raised the tempest ripened the grain conferred civilization and reduced her servant man to fearust and sublime rapture He propitiated her with gifts and prostrated himself before the divine one and her wonder working womb Elizabeth Priolea. Lped these At Land love maestras claim the men of their choice and keep them fascinated forife Through an exposé of their secrets Seductress provides an authoritative empowering guide to erotic sovereign.

And well researched examples of several different types of women nonbeauties seniors intellectuals artists government On the Run leaders and adventurers These women are all towering examples of self possession there s not a damsel in distress in sight Prioleau doesn t sugarcoat either every mini biography gives a clear view of all of the subjects formidable strengths but includes their myriad of failings SIDE NOTE Seductress is written with enough erudite diction to reuire even the most avidogophile someone who The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, loves words keep a dictionary handyRepeatedly Prioleau circles back to the ancient goddesses and how women in history have channeled them I m not well versed in matriarchal history orore and I was at first a bit of a cynic about this Stepping out of the mental habits and opinions formed by my upbringing and opening my mind to the ideas rather than the Russian Winter lore allowed me to distill the underlying message from this book If you have strong moral opinions or a strict religious upbringing or belief that is hard set you re probably not going toike this book The author crushes the double standards of men and women in power that go outside a monogamous relationship and Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, lauds the women for using an intoxicating blend of mind body and heart to get what they deserve JFK FDRso many powerful men carried on a sordid affair or several but they re still venerated Women who do so are attacked and insulted Rather than mire herself in the debate around morality Prioleau rises above it She states the facts and enumerates the effects Some have said that these women are master manipulators I find that s only true in as much as every human being is a manipulator These aren t scheming social climbers or gold diggers These are women that knew what they wanted what they needed and suffered no bull to get itRegardless of upbringingooks age original social standing or Pregnant Man lack of money these women rose to notoriety and gained the respect and adoration of their peers No matter who you are or what youook ike this book proves over and over the truth of the old cliche Looks aren t everything If you ament that you re getting old your face is plain your pockets are empty or your body is far from the ideal READ THIS BOOK Instead of plaintively or aggressively wailing that society accept you as you are you own who and what you are Society can hang itself Slights and barbs don t hurt so much because they are the weak arrows of the unfulfilled and the insecure Don t think this is a matter of just suddenly thinking you re self possessed False bravado won t cut it insecurity isn t hidden by sassy statements and a bitter attitude It can only be found by brutally assessing ones self and staring into the parts both beautiful and hideous Prioleau understands that which is why her examples are so vivid Of the thousands of women she researched she mined the most formidable figures that impacted society and sometimes history by fair means or There are a Kawaii Manga limited number of times and places where the word razzmatazz can be used without irony and this book was not one of them Ioved the subject matter but the tone of the book is absolutely intolerable Can someone else please read this and tell me what you think I think the author pushes her theory a The House Girl little too much Don t get me wrong Iove her adjectives and use of words The Accursed like Shero instead of hero but I don t think that if the world had peopleike Wallis Simpson and Josephine Baker it would be a better place How many people ike that can the world takeIt s so hard because part of the thesis is Everything you ve read about these women before is shit because it was just the patriarchy putting them down But what is the truth Do vamps and seductresses or just plain seducers ive wonderful fulfilled ives or are they empty shells I guess it depends on the person but in that case she should have written a shorter book and concentrated on. Such classic figures as Cleopatra and Mae West to such esser known women as the infamous Violet Gordon Woodhouse who ived in a ménage with four men Smarts imagination courage and killer charm he.

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