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A textile factory or something There s no story it was just included to underline that Duke the main character from the terrible We Are Robin series is the new Robin who s also black Le sigh Diversity is fine but can we not forget that the reason most people read superhero comics is for ntertainment rather than pat themselves on the back for being PC The backup does have a curious panel though where Batman talks about someone he once tried training and failed and it s not Jason Todd Hmm John Romita Jr and Declan Shalvey s art is fine Dean White and Jordie Bellaire s colours are better and Scott Snyder s no hitter streak continues All Star Batman 1 is a disappointing start that tells me to trade wait this title rather than pick up the monthlies or bi weeklies whatever the daffy schedule is on this one Oh well Anyways congrats to Declan and Jordie on their Cannibal engagement i don t think that it d be wrong to say that Scott Snyder s return wit All star Batman was the most anticipated Rebirth Title and one was starting to fear whether or not the anticipation andxpectation will weigh the author s story down Good for us it didn tScott Snyder had told that he s gonna try and make Two face cool again and maybe Mastered (The Enforcers, even Surpass Jo What the fuck was this I m sorry but Ixpected better than what this gave me considering Snyder s New 52 Batman run The art was confusing the story if you can call it that was so i don t Man, Son of Man even know but I stopped reading after like five pages I m taking this off of my pull list for sure Maybe once this arc is over I ll put it back The only like I liked was Duke s costume All Star Batman 1 by Scott Snyder with art by John Romita Jr is the beginning of a series where the villains of Batman are reimagined In this issue it s Two FaceThe issue starts with Batman on the run and two hired killers Firefly and Killer Moth out to catch him We then flashback to recent time 22 minutesarlier to a scene that will be referenced later in the issue Then we get a flashback two hours before that There has been an acid rain attack on Gotham and Batman is about to Alter Ego enact a crazy plan with Two Face Most of the rest of the issue cuts between Batman and Two Face on the run and people trying to catch BatmanThe flashback within a flashback within a flashback was an interesting device I loved an unusual choice of weapon that Batman makes at one point The art is just brilliant I like the look of this Batman He s got substance to the way he looks This is a man who has trained and is not going to go downasy Two Face is a great character and how he is portrayed here is goodI received a review copy of this issue from DC Entertainment and NetGalley in xchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this comic book. D ordinary citizen with something to hide is on their tails with one goal kill Batman Handcuffed together on the road to hell this is Batman and Two Face as you’ve never seen them before.

Good art work Great story lots of action Batman trying something new A genuine OMG moment on the last page The psychology game between Two Face and Batman A great start to the series Very good So Snyder said a while back he s leaving batman and I was uite sad then I saw in the previews he was writing this instead Story wise its very good its setting a pretty interesting batman story heck ven I don t know where its going I m not really a fan of John Romita Jrs art but it works for this story I still miss Capullo s art but this will do I will recommend this book but only when the trade comes because 5 for Uncommon Wisdom every issue Come on DC you can do better then that This may not be Snyder s best work but it is way tooarly to judge given that All Star Batman has only one issue out DKIII was too bad for its first four issues and issue 5 was a huge improvementIf Capullo had drawn this the issue would get a higher reading Nope Romita Jr s art isn t bad it just takes a bit of time to adjust But I too wish that some issue or issues would bring back the dynamic Snyder Capullo duo The writing style is no doubt Snyder s with nice to know facts drizzled all over the pages And I would love to see how he handles Two Face and other Batman charactersBatman not in the dark Gotham is also a refreshing sight to see Farm scenes and colors are usually associated with Superman so Batman literally out in the field is gonna be interestingDuke is uite a charming character and I know he s going to do great things His yellow palette costume with a helmet tells you that he is Robin and at the same time he s notAnd yeah I want to see what that Unseen City enormous Batarang is for That s one hell of a story What does H Dent have in store for Batman A lot of troubleloved the art and thevents sounds promessing I was relieved that this didn t suck as a friend and I were joking was the conservative level that we wanted to set our Art expectations Actually it was a pretty good start and I don t think that it could really be terrible with Scott Snyder writing and the all star cast of artists involvedIn Snyder Batman style there s a little bit of camp a little bit of serious and great action which is what I m generally looking for in my superhero comics I can txplain it particularly well but the beginning of this title was somewhat jarring to read because this is Batman intentionally outside of Gotham and so much of Batman is rooted in Batman reflecting Gotham and vice versaThis slightly God Is in the Crowd expanded length issue was a little choppy between the flashbacks and two storylines but I can forgive that since we got pages This issue was definitely an intriguing start to me with allusions to Alfred s secrets Who doesn t love Alfred and theventual reveal of what Lark not Robin. “My Own Worst Enemy” part one Superstar writer Scott Snyder xplodes into an all new Batman series alongside legendary artist John Romita Jr reimagining some of the Dark Knight’s gre.

S primary bad pun colortrait is Interesting new reboot here Harvey Dent is pretty scary and the Batman very badass The particular dition with the Director s Cut of notes while Snyder and his team write the scenario helps to tie the pieces together Looking forward to see where they take this Also appreciated the bw artwork Harvey Dent s split personality might be cured if only the Dark Knight can get him somewhere fast before his The Matriarchs (The Family evil side dominates Except Bruce is too late Harvey s taken a hit out on him andvery crazy is crawling out of the woodwork to claim the reward It s a race against time on the road trip to hell for Two Face and the Goddamn Batman Heh just kidding there s no Goddamn Batman moment in All Star Batman if only Where s nutty ol Frank Miller when you need him Notes for the Everlost ehScott Snyder returns to Batman without his usual partner in crime Greg Capullo for a new series with the new art team of John Romita Jr Dean White Danny Miki Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire withven to follow After the disappointing When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) end to his good than bad New 52 Batman run with that Bloom nonsense I was hoping All Star would be a return to form and unfortunately it s not Thankfully the status uo is reinstated with Bruce back as Batman and Gordon back as Commissioner including full tache and glasses with nary a Mecha Batsuit in sight Good let us never speak of that again This time around Snyder s turned his attention to Two Face one of the few famous Batman rogues he s yet to tackle and he s a tough one to write I can t recall any great Two Face comics Except Snyder s basically done a ground up revision of the character and it feels very flawed and contrived He has to give Harvey so much he s never had before to make him appear threatening now Two Face apparently has scads of gory info onveryone who s anyone in Gotham as well as access to the top gangs cash reserves How Snyder s Two Face seems less like a character and like the No Biggy! embodiment of the plotlements needed to make this story workAlso instead of being good and Crush It! evil from one moment to the next Harvey now goes through periods of good andvil Wouldn t he kill himself during one of his good phases after realising what he s like when he s Mr Hyde ing it up And since when is there a magic location that ll somehow cure him There s really no part of this issue that wowed me Batman fights a couple of B listers ordinary people stupidly believe that Two Face a known liar and crook will make good on his cash reward and act like idiots and what the hell is Batman holding on the cover That s the most unwieldy Batarang I ve Attracting Birds to Your Backyard ever seen unless it s bat themed climbing gear I m sure it fits real snug into his utility belt The backup isven worse Batman and Duke discover cut up victims in. Atest villains First up Two Face Batman must take Two Face to a destination out of Gotham City but the duplicitous villain has a two of spades up his sleeve Every assassin bounty hunter an.

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All Star Batman #1 ☆ DOWNLOAD Author Scott Snyder – dedelicate.com

Scott Snyder is the Eisner and Harvey Award winning writer on DC Comics Batman Swamp Thing and his original series for Vertigo American Vampire He is also the author of the short story collection Voodoo Heart published by the Dial Press in 2006 The paperback version was published in the summer of 2007