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Having enjoyed the first book about a Pinkerton detective Lilly Long I was delighted to read er further adventures In this book she goes to New Orleans with a fellow agent and they pretend to be domestic staff as they try to discover why a doctor as ad Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity his wife committed to a menta Penny Richardsas again written a refreshing easy read story with well developed characters and interesting placesIn The Doughboys her second Pinkerton assignment former actress Lilly Long findserself unwittingly paired with investigator Cade McShane in the guise of usband and wife Their assignment To find out why a member of the wealthy New Orleans Fontenot family was committed to an insane asylum by er second Futurity husbandIntrigue betrayal voodoo curses and murder will keep you guessing the outcome of this story just as much as you will be wondering the outcome of the impetuous relationship of Long and McShane Richard s fans will love this second installment of the Lilly Long mysteries and will look forward to the 3rd book Murder Will Speak Such a well thought out plot I didn t see the twist coming at all Once again Penny Richardsas done a wonderful job of creating a story that feels real evokes true emotion and makes you want 15 stars rounded up for seemingly good intentionsI Ouija in Suburbia have mixed thoughts about this series so far On oneand the books main characters seem to subscribe to good principles and most of them are likable to varying degrees On the other Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism hand the author seems to get a lot of pleasure out of subjecting the female characters toorrific acts I was captivated by this book from the very beginning Once I began reading it I couldn t put it down Penny Richards Lenora has spun uite a web with Though This by Madness the second book in the Lilly Long Mystery series The complex characters of Lilly Long and Cade McShane Pinkerton detective agents were beautifully woven Richards is a talented author making me feel as if I were actually present in these scenes seeing what they saw smelling the wonderful Cajun dishes they ate and experiences all thearrowing moments with Lilly and Cade This book is so Caz Sanatı historically accurate on many social economic and personal details Richards includes in this book I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in Richards Lilly Long Mysteries Itelps that the first book in this series won the Texas Authors Best Historical Mystery of 2017 What an Desire Sensibility honor for Penny Richards and Lilly Long This second book in the Lilly Long mysteries suffers a bit of a sopho slump Lilly is assigned toer second case but being that she s still pretty inexperienced as an operative William Pinkerton er boss decides that it would be best for all concerned if she were paired with an experienced partner This is where Cade McShane comes in He was introduced in the first book as a formerly fired agent who is back on the payroll on a probati. Shakespearean actress turned Pinkerton detective Lilly Long and er reluctant partner Cade McShane travel to New Orleans to save a young widow from a fate worse than death 1881 Chicago Assigned to The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green her second case as a Pinkerton Lilly still needs to proveerself both as a novice detective and as a woman in a man s world Ordered to once again work with Lilly Cade needs to redeem imself for con.

(DOWNLOAD ã Though This be Madness) Author Penny Richards – dedelicate.com

Ent Cade McShane as been working for the Pinkertons for years and Practicing History he is less than thrilled to be saddled with a young inexperienced female agent Lilly isn t veryappy about the arrangement either especially since she and Cade will be posing as a married couple while working as servants in the wealthy Fortenot ousehold Mrs Fortenot an elderly widow believes that er grandson s widow Some Thing Black has been taken in byer new McClellans Other Story husband and thate Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? has senter to an insane asylum in an attempt to wrest away the Fortenot family fortune that Leonardo da Vinci his wife inherited whener first Enkätboken husband died It is up to Lilly and Cade to discover what is really going on in the Fortenot family Overall I mostly enjoyed THOUGH THIS BE MADNESS The case itself is interesting but with Lilly and Cade working as servants in theousehold it seems like the majority of their time is spent doing Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy household chores instead of investigating They alsoave a ten year old boy Play Me, Im Yours helping them which seems a little farfetched Robbie Jenkins main role in the novel is to do things that the adults wouldn t be able to do but it sard to wrap my Health at Every Size head around the fact that the adults are even allowing a child no matterow precocious and street smart The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy he is toelp them out While the plot does drag at times other sections of the novel make up for it The case which seems almost mundane at first begins to take twists and turns There is a lot going on than a nefarious man trying to get is ands on Wyoming Triple Heat his wife s formerusband s property and money The budding romance between Lilly and Cade is intriguing And Cade s run in with Lilly s ex An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery husband also adds something to the novel Disclaimer 1 I received an ARC of this book via a Goodreads giveaway Disclaimer 2 Iave not read the first book in this series 35 stars Overall I enjoyed this book I think it was fine that I ad not read the first book of the series prior to reading the second book although I likely would ave preferred going in order I generally do The book was not too exciting I would say it ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე had mystery excitement romance etc in doses which I do not consider a knock just a matter of preferenceThe only thing that irked me somewhat and why I decided to round down rather than round up is that while Lilly Long is our main protagonist and we are constantly told that she is spunky and modern and taking care oferself etc etc we get thrown lines like these Womanlike she was torn between anger that William thought she needed coddling and a purely feminine annoyance that Cade I, Claudius had no desire to work wither Umm what Made all the worse by the fact that these are written in third person omniscient and that one of the chief goals of the book is to say that Ms Long cannot be put into that kind of box Thank goodness there were not too many instances of theseI also found the issue of view spoilerMs Long s ex usband Timothy Warner ide spoiler. Her second Chicken Soup for the Soul husband She believes the man is attempting to wrest the family fortune away fromis new wife Soon behind the beautiful facade of the Fortenot mansion the detectives uncover secrets betrayal voodoo curses and murder Even as Lilly and Cade chafe against their roles they must work together to expose the true villain of this tragedy before the Misbehaving hapless widow faceser final curtain call.

Onary basis The case involves investigating whether a doctor in New Orleans falsely committed is wealthy wife to an insane asylum in order to gain control of er inherited wealth So far so good The story Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, hits a significant snag in momentum when as part of their undercover identities Lilly and Cade enter into theousehold service of the wealthy family in uestion It s an authorial choice that didn t really work in my opinion Both Cade and Lilly are kept far too busy doing domestic chores to ever really get much sleuthing done and the story loses too much traction I still liked the book and plan to read the third book when Cade and Lilly travel to my Forensic Science home state of Texas for their next assignment Start with a young female rookie Pinkerton agent add a bit of a loose cannon male agent trying to redeemimself who The Penguin History of Early India has been instructed to teacher the ropes of being an agent while Exploring with Frémont hopefullyer presence keeps Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out him out of further trouble It is a partnership neither of them wants Throw in a precocious 10 year old orphan who knows way about the ways of the world than a 10 year old should know andang on for the ride Thoroughly enjoyed it I swear at times I could smell food cooking beer and Beauty and the Beast (Demon Tales, hear the sounds of wagon wheels on brick streets along with the soft rich patois of southern Louisiana speech Though This Be Madness Book 2 in Penny Richards Lilly Long Pinkerton Agent series The first one was good this one is even better Set in the 1880 s in New Orleans the location the details even the backstory of theistory swirling around the characters is lush and believable And if you are even vaguely familiar with the The Secret Life of Callie McGuire history of women s rights in this country you will find it deftly woven in to this story of greed perseverance and justice And a bit of simmering romance thrown in for spice I started this book yesterday and finished it this morning Yes people it is a big thumbs up of a read This well craftedistorical mystery is the perfect read The characters are well drawn the setting is very good and the plot is excellent Lilly Long is a Pinkerton agent and is assigned to Kuzuların Sessizliği her second case with another operative Cade McShane with whom she is notappy to be working The two work things out When We Left Cuba however as their case proceeds They also take on aomeless child who Enlightenment Now : The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress has been following Cade ever since Cadeelped in the past The three of them prove to be a great team when they solve the crimes using all of their individual and collective abilities I will definitely be reading from this author THOUGH THIS BE MADNESS the second novel in the Lilly Long Mystery series begins almost immediately after AN UNTIMELY FROST leaves off Pinkerton detective Lilly Long Protecting Your Parents Money has just wrapped uper first investigation for the agency and she barely Escape from Shadow Island (Max Cassidy, has time to breath before she is sent off on an undercover operation in New Orleans along wither new partner Ag. Duct unbecoming to a Pinkerton a grief driven drunken brawl As if their forced partnership wasn t bad enough the agents must pose as Snap husband and wife servants in the troubledousehold of a wealthy New Orleans family An acting challenge if ever there was one The elderly matriarch of the Fortenot family is convinced er grandson s former widow as been unjustly committed to an insane asylum by.

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